Jet in, jet out: why governments and NGOs choose LunaJets as their preferred private jet partner

Swiss-based LunaJets understands needs of governments and NGOs

As a Swiss company headquartered in Geneva, LunaJets has a particular affinity with international organisations. We understand the very specific needs of embassies, consulates, UN organisations and government agencies and their unique requirements when transporting personnel quickly, discreetly and safely around the world.

We recognise the complex travel arrangements of politically influential players and the value of their time. We help our government and NGO clients meticulously arrange government-related flights and diplomatic trips, and offer fast, flexible private jet charter services for not-for-profits and NGOs that need to quickly react to global and humanitarian events. We understand that timing is essential when intervening in emergency situations or reacting to humanitarian disasters. As a LunaJets client, planes can be chartered and ready within two hours, and boarding can take just 15-minutes. As standard, we organise a luxury vehicle to collect staff from their home, hotel or office, and transport them directly to the private airport terminal.

A small aircraft landing on a rough, dry field
Private aircraft enable officials to reach remote locations

“For our NGO clients, we understand that timing is essential when intervening in emergency situations or reacting to humanitarian disasters.”

As some of our not-for-profit clients are charitable or privately funded organisations, we understand the importance of cost-effective and reliable private air charter, as well as the necessity for utmost discretion, speed, accessibility and convenience. We pride ourselves on a ‘no hidden extras’ approach to pricing, and offer a no-nonsense loyalty programme simply based on frequency of usage.

Discretion: avoid the scrutiny of the public gaze

Although many governments and NGO organisations place cost as a high priority, many of these entities simply cannot travel on commercial airlines for security reasons, or for reasons of discretion, speed and confidentiality. Private jet travel offers ultimate discretion, which is why it is the transport mode of choice for celebrities and figures in the public eye. By flying private, you avoid not only crowds at the airport, but the scrutiny of the public gaze - essential in times of heightened news stories and media attention. With LunaJets you will be transported either to a separate private airport, or to the private airport terminal within a standard commercial airport, only available to private jet clientele.

Take off within two hours

With a deep understanding of the unique and demanding needs of government and NGO personnel, LunaJets’ agents are available 24/7 to cater to your full range of travel service needs, and flights can be organised within two hours. 

Close up on the nose of a sleek business jet against the backdrop of winter mountains
Avoid the scrutiny of the public gaze by flying privately

Travel on your terms: your aircraft waits for you and your entourage

Travelling by private jet is the most efficient way to travel for governmental or agency personnel, enabling key figures to not only efficiently visit multiple destinations in one day if needed, or to quickly fly in and out to meetings, and return in time for other essential engagements. Quick and efficient check-ins, which usually take just 15 minutes, including verification of documents and a passage through security. Of course, our passengers avoid lengthy queues and time lost at crowded airports. Travel with LunaJets and your aircraft is at your disposal - pilot and crew will wait for your key personnel and entourage even if you are severely delayed or held up by meetings that run over schedule. If necessary planes can be diverted mid-air, and delegates can take off, land and depart from different locations.

Good to know:

  • Very fast boarding process: security and check-in takes around 15 minutes

  • Avoid queues and crowds

  • Aircraft is on your schedule - it will wait, even in case of severe delays

  • Aircraft can be diverted mid-flight if your schedule changes

  • Use your aircraft to take in multiple destinations in one day

A business jet ready to board, on the runway, later afternoon
Your LunaJets aircraft is on your schedule: the pilot and crew will wait even if you are late

With the LunaJets fleet, access hard-to-reach areas or post-disaster zones

Senior ministers and leading governmental figures operate on exceptionally tight timeframes and are often called to travel to strategic or far-flung places at a moment’s notice. Many aircraft in the LunaJets fleet are light and small enough to reach hard-to-access destinations such as mountain resorts or private locations, which may be necessary for high-level or intimate meetings and conferences, as well as far-flung destinations or disaster zones.

A small plane ready to land on a dry rough field
LunaJets’ fleet includes light jets that can handle tricky terrain

Specific models in the LunaJets fleet can handle tricky terrain

The LunaJets fleet, which includes Light Jets and Super Light Jets, can travel long distances to remote places and land in difficult terrain. Models such as the Pilatus PC-24, Pilatus 12 or Cessna planes, for example, can often land in such circumstances. This is invaluable in times of humanitarian emergencies, when flying into flooded areas or negotiating terrain following a natural disaster when usual landing areas and terminals may be damaged or hard to reach.

The PC-24 is the only business jet that can land on unpaved runways - the certification of the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) covers sand, gravel, grass and snow runways. In addition, the Pilatus PC-24 can handle much shorter runways, giving travellers access to many small airfields, and the interior seats can be easily removed and the cargo compartment divider can be moved flexibly, allowing the aircraft cabin to be adapted to passenger needs.

The Pilatus PC-24 plane on a short runway
The Pilatus PC-24, an ‘off-road’ aircraft and part of the LunaJets fleet

“If required, private aircraft, such as a Light or Very Light Jet can land on unusual terrain such as beaches, fields and non-standard runways.”

Large groups or long range? Charter a Super Large, Long-Range or Airliner

LunaJets has access to over 4,800 aircraft around the world and can also provide exceptionally comfortable, state-of-the-art larger jets in the Large, Super Large or Long Range category (typically seating 10 or more passengers), as well as VIP Airliners, which comfortably accommodate groups of 19 or 22 passengers. LunaJets is also proud to include the Boeing BBJ VIP Airliner in our fleet, an exceptionally luxurious aircraft, seating 44 passengers.

Our Long Range jets include models from Dassault, Bombardier and Gulfstream, with an exceptional range of up to 13,000 or 14,000 kilometres. This includes the Gulfstream G700 Long Range Jet, and the Bombardier Global 7500 - the largest business jet in the world, with the longest range.

Inside the sumptuous cabin of the Gulfstream G700
The Gulfstream G700 is one of the most spacious cabins in the industry

Helicopter transfer for onward travel to hard-to-reach destinations

LunaJets’ service also extends to arranging helicopter charter, wherever needed in the world. This is exceptionally convenient for rapidly reaching urban areas or more isolated destinations.

A helicopter approaching a city roof helipad
LunaJets can organise helicopter charter for onward travel

Good to know:

  • LunaJets operates across the world, from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean and Asia, with a global fleet of more than 4,800 aircraft.

  • View the destinations we travel to, or speak directly to a LunaJets representative to enquire about locations that may be off the beaten track.

  • LunaJets can also organise helicopter charter as part of your travel arrangements.

Keep connected to keep on working

Senior officials, key personnel, NGOs in rapid response mode and their support teams need seamless connectivity and to continue working and responding whilst in the air. Thanks to connected cabins and state-of-the-art technology, teams can continue working and making use of onboard WIFI, satellite telephony, connected IPads and televisions with a cable connection, to access news and other channels. Most private jets have WIFI, but please check with your LunaJets agent to discuss and confirm the technology available on board.

The cabin of a luxurious private jet showing televisions and screens
Executives can stay connected thanks to state-of-the-art technology onboard

Staying refreshed and in peak condition with food on board

When travelling in high pressure situations which require sharp decision making and clear mental focus, good food is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Catering options onboard are as numerous and diverse as the LunaJets fleet of aircraft, although do note that Light/Very Light jets typically do not have galley kitchens on board, thus snacks and meal options are restricted on these types of aircraft. Consult with your LunaJets representative if special or group meals are required, or if you wish to order in from your favourite, trusted restaurant. LunaJets can ensure that crew teams cater to specific dietary requirements, such as halal, vegan and gluten free or vegetarian options.

Competitive pricing structures

Many NGOs and government agencies are particularly sensitive to pricing costs. Costs depend on the size of jet, destination and range and LunaJets prides itself on offering cost effective pricing, with no hidden extras.

For frequent flyers, governments and ministerial departments may wish to explore LunaJets’ loyalty programme.

For private jet flyers who need flexibility, on-demand charter is the best option.

Take a look at LunaJets’ pricing structures based on destination, flight time and aircraft:

Good to know:

LunaJets can usually offer savings such as: