Why THE ARTS choose LunaJets as their private jet charter of choice

The Arts is a niche sector, encompassing the leading lights of opera, dance, ballet and music, as well as jazz, theatre and musicals.

At LunaJets, we look after key figures of world-renown that offer their wonderful creativity and artistic flair to the world, and we ensure that leading troupes, entourages and whole theatre, musical and dance casts are catered for as they travel and tour the world.

Double basses on their side in an empty orchestra pit
LunaJets understands the particular demands of artists on tour

Private jet travel is a guaranteed way to ensure that world-class artists, ballet troupes, musicians, opera singers and performers - not to mention orchestras, ensembles and their precious instruments - travel in a manner that preserves their physical and mental condition, and reduces stress and down time.

At LunaJets, we understand the special imperatives for world-class singers, performers and professional dancers to maintain optimum physical health, and believe that private jet travel is the ideal way for these treasured artists to travel in peak condition, and arrive rested and relaxed.

The moulded wooden interior of the Sydney opera house
LunaJets understands the specific needs of the Arts world

LunaJets is proud to be the private jet operator of choice for many global musicians and performers. We can also transport whole orchestras or ensembles around the world, as well as carefully handling musical instruments.

  • For musicians, the UK’s classical music station has these tips on travelling with a musical instrument.

“We understand the special imperatives for world-class performers to maintain optimum physical health, and private jet travel is the ideal way to travel”

Air quality and circadian lighting

Perhaps one of the primary concerns for musicians and singers is staying well and preserving their vocal chords. Air quality in the cabin of a private jet is superior to that of a commercial aircraft, not least because private passengers are not travelling with a crowd of other people; this alone greatly reduces the chance of being exposed to bugs and viruses, or catching a cold or sore throat due to poor air conditioning and air filters.

Fresh, filtered air keeps performers at their peak

In a private jet, the cabin air is particularly fresh: it is recirculated and refreshed with air every two minutes, avoiding stale air that can cause a dry throat or stuffy nose. Many private aircraft are fitted with HEPA filters, to ensure optimum freshness in the cabin. Furthermore, on longer flights, many Global and Large jets are equipped with circadian lighting, which mimics natural daylight and night, ensuring that passengers get restful, quality sleep.

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High comfort for peak performance: beds and bathrooms for your performers

On longer flights, our exceptionally comfortable global jets means that your performers can truly rest and enjoy beds, bathrooms and showers to remain in peak condition. For example, these can be found typically found on the ultra-long-range Bombardier Global 7500 or the sumptuous Gulfstream G650 aircraft - the leading business jet.

  • The Global 7500 is extraordinarily spacious with four living spaces and a separate resting area for the crew.

  • The G650 is ideal for luxuriously transporting larger groups on longer-haul flights and even the most distant destinations.

Luxurious seating configurations within the cabins of many of the LunaJets private jets enable passengers to stretch and move during the flight, to rest comfortably or to use these areas for meetings and discussions.

A male opera singer in a dramatic performance on stage
Private jet travel ensures performers remain in peak condition

Our Geneva airport terminal links to international cities and concert halls

As a Swiss company, and with headquarters in Geneva, LunaJets is an ideal private jet partner to fly performers in and out of the key cultural hubs across Europe, the USA and Asia. Groups can quickly and easily jet in or out to Paris, Vienna, London or Berlin, meaning less time wasted in ques and crowded commercial airports, and more time rehearsing.

As an example, ensembles, orchestras and performers can reach the following international cultural destinations very quickly:

Paris to Geneva (flight times differ between Very-Light and Large Jets)

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
Paris - GenevaCitation Mustang (Very Light Jet) 401h 00
Paris - Geneva Phenom 300 (Super Light) 700: 50
Paris - Geneva Challenger 605 (Large Jet)1300: 55

London to Geneva (flight times differ between Very Light or Large Jet)

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
London - GenevaCitation Mustang (Very Light Jet) 401h 45
London - Geneva Phenom 300 (Super Light) 701h 20
London - Geneva Challenger 605 (Large Jet)1301h 23

New York to London (flight time differs between Large and Long Range Jets)

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
New York - LondonFalcon 2000LXLarge Jets1007h 35
New York - London Gulfstream VLong Range Jet1407h 25
New York - LondonGlobal 6000 Long Range Jet1407h 15

This is in addition to the exceptionally quick check-in times for private jet charter, which usually take around 15 minutes for passport control and security checks.

To save even more time, LunaJets organises a luxury private vehicle transfer as standard from your home, hotel, concert hall, opera or theatre and directly to the private airport terminal, both for departure and the return journey.

“LunaJets organises luxury private vehicle transfer as standard from your performers’ home, hotel, concert hall, opera or theatre.”

Take off within two hours

With a deep understanding of the unique and demanding needs of leading global performers, LunaJets’ agents are available 24/7 and flights can be organised within two hours, from phone call to wheels-up. Check-in within a private air terminal usually takes 15 minutes, including verification of documents and a passage through security.

Tour managers and music directors have the peace and quiet to plan in the cabin

Tour managers and music directors responsible for coordinating large groups of musicians, artists or whole orchestras coordinate hectic schedules and are responsible for large groups, audience commitments, and special luggage. We keenly understand that these logistics can quickly become stressful, which is why we invite music directors to make the most of the luxurious surroundings of the private cabin to check on last minute details, and even make telephone calls and stay connected to WIFI. Rest assured that superlative technology is available on-board, with superior connectivity in all cabins.

Access luggage during the flight, such as music, instruments or a change of clothes

Luggage can usually be accessed mid-flight, providing useful access to sheet music, instruments or a change of clothes.

Enjoy seamless connectivity in the air and continue working and responding, thanks to connected cabins and state-of-the-art technology. Technology differs from aircraft to aircraft, but typically, aircraft in the LunaJets fleet are equipped with the following:

  • Onboard WIFI and satellite internet

  • Satellite telephony

  • Connected iPad

  • TVs with a cable connection, to access news and other channels

To view specific in-flight technology for a particular aircraft, view the LunaJets fleet and click on the aircraft details.

To request or confirm whether specific technology is available onboard, speak to a LunaJets representative (available 24/7).

Compare jets with our Jet Comparator Tool.

Less travel, more time dedicated to rehearsals and rest

Performers with a hectic schedule can leverage the convenience of private jet travel with LunaJets to get a head start on their schedule. Private jet travel is particularly stress-free, so musicians and groups could easily travel to their next destination, after a performance, without experiencing the fatigue of regular commercial flight. This means that if they finish at the Opera de Paris, the entourage could easily fly into London in preparation for the next day, saving valuable time that can be better used in rehearsals.

Dancers in black clothes rehearse in a large airy studio
With private jet travel, troupes can spend more time rehearsing

“The convenience of private jet travel means less down time and more time for fine tuning and rehearsals”

On your schedule: planes wait in case of delays or rehearsals that run over

We also understand that those working in the arts work to an intensive schedule packed with rehearsals and opening nights. Your LunaJets’ aircraft is dedicated to your schedule, and pilots and crew are at your disposal. This means that if rehearsals run over schedule or performers or your cast is severely delayed, your aircraft simply waits. If you need to re-route, you can change course mid-flight.

An extensive network of accessible destinations and fleet of 3,800 aircraft

With a fleet of over 4,800 aircraft, LunaJets’ network of jets extends across the globe. We cater to international flights within Europe, and have luxurious aircraft to carry a whole cast on a long-haul trip to destinations in the USA or Asia. Charter a private jet with LunaJets and comfortably fly in a key team to a longer-haul destination, and still arrive refreshed and ready for world-class performances. For exclusive engagements in private venues such as a personal estate, chateau, resort or in far-flung locations, we have exceptionally reliable aircraft that can land on short runways, ideal for urban areas or island landing strips.

Helicopter transfer for onward travel to urban concert halls or private venues

When time is of the essence, LunaJets can also provide onward transfer by helicopter charter, ideal when transporting key figures to a central city destination or to a private location, such as a hotel, private estate or country house opera venues. Helicopter transfer is particularly useful in congested urban areas or for direct access to key venues such as a theatre district or opera house.

“Helicopter transfer is particularly useful in urban areas and direct access to venues such as a theatre district or opera house.”

Good to know:

  • LunaJets operates across the world, from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean and Asia, calling upon a global network of aircraft and charterers.

  • View the destinations we travel to, or speak directly to a LunaJets representative to enquire about locations that may be off the beaten track.

  • LunaJets also organises helicopter charter anywhere in the world

Ensure performers remain in peak performance with gourmet dining

In addition to comfort and clean air onboard, the exceptional fine food on board all LunaJets aircraft will help cast and performers stay healthy and stage-ready. Note that full dining menus are not available on the smaller aircraft (Light or Very Light Jets), as these planes are not equipped with a full galley kitchen. However, delicious snacks and beverages are available on these smaller planes, and clients also choose to order in their favourite food to be delivered to the aircraft for their flight.

Consult with your LunaJets representative if special or group meals are required, or if you wish to order in from your favourite, trusted restaurant. LunaJets can cater to specific dietary requirements, such as halal, vegan, dairy and gluten free or vegetarian options.

Read all about gourmet food options onboard, and the types of catering and equipment for various categories of private jet.

Charter on-demand or frequent flyers can join our loyalty programme

For flexibility and guaranteed times and their desired aircraft, our clientele within the arts may prefer to charter a private jet on-demand or join LunaJets’ loyalty programme.

The LunaJets Loyalty Programme rewards LunaJets frequent flyers in a simple, straightforward way. We don’t count miles and there is no jet card to sign up for. We simply keep track of your flights and automatically credit your account according to your completed number of flights.

For example:

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 2nd booking

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 5th booking

  • Receive €2,000 off on your 10th booking

  • Receive €3,000 off on your 15th booking

Read more about LunaJets’ loyalty programme or call +41 22 782 12 12.

Cost efficient pricing options

Ensembles, orchestras or troupes that may charter a jet less frequently may like to explore some of our cost-efficient pricing options, which include:

  • Saving up to 50% by choosing a re-routed empty leg

  • Saving up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • Saving up to 75% by booking an empty leg

Read more about LunaJets’ pricing structures, which are based on which destination you choose, the type of aircraft you require, and flight times: