Hire a Private Jet to Gstaad

The city of Gstaad in Switzerland is one of the most desirable flights in the Swiss Alps, in part because of its proximity to fresh mountain air and plenty of recreational opportunities, and in part because of the sheer amount of luxury found in this resort destination.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Gstaad?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Gstaad Saanen Airport for travel to and from Gstaad.

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Taking a private jet to Gstaad ensures that you will enjoy plenty of skiing, shopping, fine dining and culture on your own time. You can travel via private jet to and from Gstaad in the same opulence that you will find upon arrival.

What Can You Do In Gstaad?

Gstaad is a remarkably diverse town that offers world-class skiing and beyond. From shopping to museums, there is plenty to do in this popular Swiss destination.

Visit an authentic cheese grotto

Cow milk cheese, stored in a wooden shelves and left to mature
Cow milk cheese, stored in a wooden shelves and left to mature

The Fondue Caquelon Cheese Grotto is a must-see during a visit to Gstaad. There are more than 3,000 Swiss cheese wheels found here. One of the most unique parts of this grotto is that it is situated 25 meters underground, which makes it a cool stop on your Gstaad itinerary - literally. It can only be accessed on foot, and it is a short hike from the promenade or train station.

Walk the shopping mile

The boutique of Louis Vuitton
Indulge in luxury shopping.

Known as the Pedestrianized Promenade and the Shopping Mile, this area of town offers some of the best in luxury brand shopping. All of the top names in fashion can be found in this part of Gstaad, from Louis Vuitton to Moncler to Dolce & Gabbana. In between some of these top brand names include local wares, eclectic finds and funky cafes. There are tons of homemade cheese and sausages sold at shops in this area, all of which makes it one of the best walkable areas in Gstaad.

Channel your inner figure skater

Wispile ski resort
Wispile ski resort

A visit to Gstaad would not be complete without a go-around Kunsteisbahn Gstaad. This ice skating rink becomes a volleyball court during the warmer months. There is also a complimentary rink found at the Park Gstaad hotel, which offers ice skating daily throughout the winter months and is next to the Ice Dome Bar, which offers warm beverages for skaters.

Ski the slopes

Top station of the Wispile ski resort, Gstaad. Ski slopes and mountains.
Top station of the Wispile ski resort, Gstaad. Ski slopes and mountains.

Some of the best skiing in Europe can be found in Gstaad. The Diablerets glacier provides skiing aficionados with the opportunity to ski at almost any time of the year and has options for those new to skiing as well as people with plenty of experience. There are more than 150 miles of trails down which people can ski and six different sectors to check out.

Where Should You Stay in Gstaad?

There are plenty of luxury lodging options for a stay in Gstaad, from boutique properties to well-known hotel brands.

Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad

Room in Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad
Rest in Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad

Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad is surrounded by huge trees that create a picturesque Alpine view when covered with snow during the winter months. The Le Grand Spa offers a full menu of spa services, while several on-site restaurants and bars create such an elegant atmosphere, visitors won't even have the leave the property to enjoy some of the finest dining in Gstaad.

Ultima Gstaad

suite in ultima gstaad
Rest in Ultima Gstaad

Ultima Gstaad is a luxury boutique property that provides an indulgent lodging experience for Gstaad visitors. This five-star property offers bonafide vacation retreats, with on-site wellness and dining services catering to the most decadent of experiences.

The Alpina Gstaad

Stay at Alpina Gstaad
Rest in Alpina Gstaad

The Alpina Gstaad is a five-star property in the heart of Gstaad with an Alpine theme to match the region. The property boasts an on-site gourmet food truck, an on-site spa and an underground heated pool. Additional luxury amenities found at this property consist of fusion fine dining, a fireside lounge area and concierge services to accommodate guest needs.

Gstaad Palace

Mountain views from the gstaad palace
Rest in Gstaad Palace

Gstaad Palace is widely considered one of the top luxury properties in Switzerland, with its sweeping Swiss Alps mountain views, elegant furnishings and extravagant amenities. Guests can enjoy scheduled activities, a heated pool and on-site fitness facilities to stay well during their visit to Gstaad.

Rent a helicopter for your journey to Gstaad

To complete your journey from one of the nearby airports to Gstaad we suggest you fly by helicopter which can drop you off at Saanen airport only 5km away from the centre of Gstaad.

Helicopter cockpit flying on mountain landscape and cloudy sky, with pilot arm driving in cabin. Spectacular aerial view of Alps.
Helicopter cockpit flying on mountain landscape and cloudy sky, with pilot arm driving in cabin. Spectacular aerial view of Alps.

Which helicopter to use to travel to Gstaad?

Which is better when you look at single-engine vs twin-engine helicopters?

Both can carry multiple passengers (4 to 5 passengers for single-engine machines and 4 to 6 on twin engines) and are some of the best options for accessing remote destinations but what is the difference?

One of the major difference is pricing. Most commonly, single-engine helicopters are smaller in size and consequently have a smaller fuel consumption.

Twin Engine Helicopter generally has more sophisticated avionics such as an auto-pilot, terrain awareness, and weather radar, which can add to safety.

FromToEngineStarting Price*

*The price may vary depending on the number of passengers and pilots.

Charter a flight to and From Gstaad with LunaJets

Flying to and from Gstaad is easier and more convenient when taking a private jet. Given that this area of the Swiss Alps is a popular vacation destination, a private jet as a mode of travel ensures that you can luxuriate during your time here without worrying about adhering to clogged commercial flight schedules.

Whether you are travelling in a large group or just two, LunaJets has the experience necessary to ensure a smooth and luxurious flight.