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The sunny town of Sion is thick with culture and history, being one of Switzerland’s oldest towns. It is home to more than ten sites that are categorized as Swiss Heritage Site of National Significance. Visit this medieval-era town with your helicopter charter to experience incredible landscapes.Sion is the capital of the Valais region in Switzerland, which has made it the bustling and thriving town it is today. Being situated close to the French border, you will find an amalgamation of Swiss and French residents in this area. Treating yourself to a good vacation means that you need to have the most spectacular destination in mind. If you’re looking for a private jet charter to a destination that is good for sightseeing, sports, and cuisine, Sion is the spot for you.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Sion?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Sion Airport for travel to and from Sion.

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What can you do in Sion?

Whether you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Sion (Switzerland) or want to challenge yourself by going on a treasure hunt, there are many options available when you’re vacationing in Sion.

Try Wine Tasting

Happy people tasting wine in a vineyard in Sion
Discover new tastes

The town of Sion is surrounded by luscious vineyards that provide nine different types of wine. A guided tour that involves hiking to different wine estates and sampling their wines will put you in a fun mood while exercising.

Explore the historic sites of Sion

The medieval castle Valere and the town of Sion (Switzerland)
Visit some magnificent castle

Sion is more than 7,000 years old and is a wonder to explore for those interested in history and architecture. From castles, fortresses, to the oldest playable organ, indulge yourself when you decide to take a day out for sightseeing in this beautiful town.


Aerial picture of the golf of Sion
Go golfing

Boasting one of the biggest golfing grounds in the Valais region, enjoy a relaxing day golfing while you’re surrounded by beautiful mountains all around. You can enjoy wine and meals at your golfing spot too.

Where to ski in Sion?

Sion, Switzerland - 8 November 2018 - ski slope in Switzerland
Go down the slopes

Switzerland is renowned for its famous and popular skiing resorts, and Sion is no exception when it comes to having amazing ski areas with jaw-dropping views. For beginners and experts alike, skiing grounds around Sion can offer an enjoyable experience.


Situated within one of the largest skiing areas globally, you can have access to 300 km slopes that are suitable for all types of skiers. The mountains are shared by France and Switzerland, and you can leapfrog between the two at this destination.


Consisting of multiple ski resorts, you can find different terrains to ski in when you’re visiting Chamonix. Whether you want to ski in lush alpine forests or challenge yourself on steep inclines, you can find it here. This area is suitable for intermediates and experts, but a few slopes are catered for beginners too.

Les Arcs

With more than 400 km of ski slopes, enjoy an exceptional experience at Les Arcs. The altitude varies from 1200m up to 3000m. You can enjoy forest skiing, freestyle skiing, and picturesque landscapes suitable for all skiers.

Where to Stay in Sion?

Chetzeron Hotel

Chetzeron Hotel in Sion
Chetzeron Hotel in Sion

Situated in a remote area some distance away from Sion, this is the perfect spot when you’re looking for a peaceful and idyllic stay. Original wall stones give an old-world charm and sophistication to the hotel that has a variety of Alpine cuisine, enjoy the break-taking view of the Alps here.

Hotel des Vignes

Hotel des Vignes in Sion
Hotel des Vignes in Sion

Offering a cozy atmosphereHotel des Vignes not only offers amazing rooms but a variety of activities you can indulge in while you’re there. Its central location is ideal when you’re planning to go skiing or sightseeing.

Hotel Magrappé

Hotel Magrappé in Sion
Hotel Magrappé in Sion

Located at an altitude of 1400m, an authentic mountain experience awaits you at Magrappé. From brilliant cuisine to a range of events hosted by the hotel itself, you’re bound to have an exciting stay with their engaging staff.

Where to eat in Sion?


The SITTERIE Garden-Restaurant is located north of Sion. A little intimate corner of paradise where you find the same joy in the kitchen as in the dining room, to the delight of all the guests.La SITTERIE is an old house built at the beginning of the 20th century, it now houses a pretty contemporary restaurant.

Damien Germanier

Chef Damien Germanier's gastronomy is introducing a new approach to cooking. This story is discovered through a surprise menu rather than a traditional menu. Damien takes you on a gourmet cuisine journey that will surely delight your palate with this one-of-a-kind approach. More than 90% of the dishes at Damien Germanier's restaurant are gluten-free or lactose-free. Everything is made with local ingredients and harvested with care for the environment.

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View of Sion

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an airport in Sion for jets?

Sion International Airport (IATA: SIR, ICAO: LSGS) is located in the heart of the Alps, close to some of the best world-class ski resorts.

Can I travel with my skis?

You can fly to Sion airport with your equipment, but it depends on the size of the aircraft as well as whether the skis come with boots and other accessories.

When is the best time to go skiing in Sion?

Large amounts of snow will fall in November. The best time to ski in Sion is usually around November 18-19th, when the fresh powder is at its deepest in this region of Switzerland