Hire a Private Jet to Sion

When you hire a private jet to the picturesque city of Sion, a wealth of cultural and luxurious experiences await you.

Sion is instantly recognizable due to the towers of Castle Tourbillon and the Castle of Valeria. 7,000 years old, the region offers an entertaining city atmosphere against the beautiful backdrop of the Alpines. Its layout lets you enjoy its full history and popular landmarks while providing easy access to nature.

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A Rich History

Sion is the capital of Valais and offers year-round sights and amenities. You can relish Switzerland’s lush valleys and vineyards during the summer months and take advantage of the ski and spa resorts during winter. A popular activity is taking a helicopter flight, which travels directly from the airport to the resorts and gives you beautiful views along the way.

What makes Sion charming is its combination of history and modernity. Visitors can enjoy the monuments in the old town, as well as the new, convenient municipal facilities and the shopping area closer to the south.

Sion is located in the middle of one of the most important wine-growing regions of Switzerland. Fendants, the region’s white wine, is particularly popular. To enable watering the vines and fields in the sunny and dry valley, irrigation channels were carved in the Sides Mountains. These channels are known as the Bisses, and are a specialty of the Valais. Tourists enjoy walking along them and taking in the scenery of the surrounding vineyards.

What Luxurious Experiences are Available in Sion?

Stunning view of the Valere Basilica, an ancient fortified church in Sion, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Visit the Valere Basilica

Venture just a short distance through the hill facing the Basilique de Valere, and you'll find yourself in a Swiss heritage site of national significance: the Tourbillon castle. It is the perfect place to enjoy a full view of the city of Sion and explore a fortress that's been standing since the middle ages.

As a city rich in history, no trip to Sion would be complete without a visit to historical museums such as the Museum of Archaeology. Its exhibitions showcase the fascinating history of Sion-- you'll get to walk past artifacts that have been in existence for thousands of years, such as household items, military uniforms and statues.

Finish your day in Sion with a meal at one of many of its high-end restaurants: the Le Cube Varone. This old Winegrowers’ hut offers a sophisticated, globally-based menu and connoisseurs that can expertly pair your meal with the right glass of wine.

What Are The Best Places to Stay in Sion?

The Guarda Golf Hotel in winter with snow on the roof,  Sion, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Stay at the Guarda Golf Hotel

Sion is home to several luxurious hotels, including the Hotel Guarda Golf Hotel. It offers a key location in the heart of Crans and is just a five-minute walk to the local city center. The region is known for its intricate golf courses in the summer and its fun ski mountains in the winter. The hotel offer twenty-five rooms and suites, two gourmet restaurants, a lounge and a spa.

Other luxury hotels in Sion include the Hotel des Vignes, Hotel du Castel and Hotel Elite.

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Sion?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Sion Airport for travel to and from Gstaad.