Charter a Luxury Private Jet to the Scenic Sion Airport (SIR) with LunaJets

Step into a realm where comfort meets luxury, where convenience is the standard, and your journey is our mission. Welcome to LunaJets, your ticket to experiencing the Swiss skyline in a uniquely personal manner with our Sion Airport private jet service.

Discover the Essence of Swiss Luxury: Private Jet Charter to Sion

Charter your own private jet and savor the exclusive comfort and personalised service on your way to the hidden gem of the Swiss Alps, Sion. Our dedicated team ensures your journey is seamless from departure to landing.

Luxurious Journeys to Sion: Private Jet Routes and Rates

Our comprehensive fleet is ready to take off from various prime private jet airports across Europe. Check out some popular routes below:

Departure AirportDestination AirportAircraft ModelFlight DurationCost in €
Nice Côte d'Azur AirportSion AirportLearjet 751hr 15mins9,000
London Luton AirportSion AirportCitation XLS+1hr 45mins12,000
Moscow Vnukovo AirportSion AirportLegacy 6503hr 30mins25,000
Ibiza AirportSion AirportFalcon 2000LXS2hr 20mins16,000

Prices are subject to availability and may change. View our complete price guide for more details.

Sion Airport at a Glance: An Exclusive Look into Your Destination

Here's what awaits you at Sion Airport:

GPS Location46.2196° N, 7.3268° E
Elevation1,585 ft / 483 m
Number of Runways1
Number of Terminals1

Experience Unrivalled Privacy and Convenience at Sion Airport

A luxury private jet, ready for charter at Sion Airport, offering exclusive travel to the Swiss Alps with LunaJets
With LunaJets, Land and Take Off Safely and Comfortably at Sion Airport

Your journey with Sion private aviation starts with unparalleled privacy and expedited services. With a single terminal and runway, the airport promises a hassle-free travel experience that rivals larger airports. As a LunaJets client, you can bypass the regular airport hassles, step out of your vehicle, onto the tarmac, and board your aircraft within minutes.

Furthermore, Sion Airport hosts dedicated spaces for private jet travellers, ensuring comfort and discretion at every step. The staff are well-trained in maintaining your privacy, and every detail is thoughtfully attended to. From seamless baggage handling to customised onboard services, everything is tailored to your unique needs.

LunaJets: Elevating Your Private Flight Experience to Sion

At LunaJets, we offer exclusive charter services to Sion Airport, promising an extraordinary travel experience. With our extensive network of aircraft and unwavering commitment to excellence, we guarantee a journey that's not just about reaching your destination, but experiencing a truly premium journey.

Our private jet services are bespoke, catering to your individual needs, preferences, and schedule. We don't just arrange a private flight for you; we curate an experience that reflects your lifestyle, delivering the level of comfort and luxury you deserve. With LunaJets, every flight is a step towards a journey filled with excellence.

Your Journey: Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Hire to Sion

What is the best time to book a private jet to Sion?

The best time to book your private flight to Sion is 2-3 weeks in advance.

What amenities can I expect on board?

LunaJets offers an array of amenities, from luxury catering to in-flight entertainment, depending on the aircraft model.

Can I customise my flight schedule?

Absolutely, at LunaJets, we offer complete flexibility to suit your needs.

What are the luggage restrictions on a private jet?

Luggage restrictions depend on the size and type of the aircraft, but we aim to accommodate all your essentials and more.

Still questions? Ask our team!

Tamsin Ayris Private Aviation Advisor

Tamsin Ayris

Private Aviation Advisor


Erwann Provost Regional Sales Director Bordeaux

Erwann Provost

Regional Sales Director Bordeaux


Our Private Jet Advisors are available 24/7 to help you through every step of your booking process.


Your Next Luxury Private Flight to Sion with LunaJets: A Decidedly Elite Experience

Your journey is just as important as your destination. With LunaJets, your private flight to Sion will be a sublime experience, defined by luxury, efficiency, and exceptional service. We invite you to book your next private jet with us and indulge in a travel experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Photos: Sion Airport

Sion Airport

A helicopter at the airport of Sion, Verbier.
A classy lady leaving the helicopter at the airport of Sion, Verbier.
An aircraft landing at the airport of Sion, Verbier.
A classy couple leaving the helicopter at the airport of Sion, Verbier.
The lounge at the Sion FBO with a couple talking and relaxing
The lounge at the Sion FBO
The lounge at the Sion FBO
View of the runaway at the Sion airport with a Pilatus PC-12
View of the runaway at the Sion airport with a Pilatus PC-12  and a pilot walking away