Hire a Private Jet to Verbier

When you’re looking for a beautiful vacation destination that isn’t crowded with tourists throughout the year, Verbier is the perfect spot for you. A not-so accessible location, you can get to Verbier through a private jet easily.

With festivals and other events held throughout the year, especially during winter, Verbier is a bustling small town that is the dream spot for any vacationer. Whether you’re there to ski, relax, or explore the cosmopolitan lifestyle, this picturesque town is sure to have it all.

How to get to Verbier from Sion, Bern, Geneva by private jet, helicopter, car transfer.
How to get to Verbier.

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What can you do in Verbier?

Regardless of whether you’re travelling during winter or summer, there are a host of activities and sightseeing opportunities you can pursue while you’re in Verbier. Many of the activities in this town resort are suitable for active individuals of all ages.

Hiking and Biking

Hikers hiking during the summer in the mountains if the Swiss alps that surround Verbier, Switzerland's largest skiing destination
Go hiking

The Great Aletsch Glacier is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can enjoy the natural beauty, flora, and fauna while hiking to the Eggishorn vantage point. Biking can be done only during summer through popular hiking trails with picturesque views.

Appreciating the Alps through Mont-Fort

Sunset with mountain landscape on the top of Mont Fort, Verbier, Valais Switzerland
Discover an amazing 360° view

From an altitude of 3300m, appreciate the 360-degree panorama view of the 4 valleys from the highest peak, Mont-Fort. It is especially a treat for those who get to experience the sunrise and sunset from this location. Don 't miss the zip line linking the Mont-Fort to the Col des Gentianes, Europe's highest zip line as of 2020. Alternatively, in the winter, enjoy the 2km-long ungroomed black slope connecting Mont-Fort to the same Col des Gentianes. 

Visiting Sion

People in pedestrian laneway on sunny summer day with dramatic light in Sion old town Switzerland
Go visit Sion

Just a short ride away from Verbier, Sion has many historic marvels for you to enjoy and learn about. Popular stops include Chateau de Tourbillon, House of Supersaxo, and Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Glarier. Enjoy a day outing to this medieval-era town.

Where to ski in Verbier?

Ski in winter season, mountains and ski touring backcountry equipments on the top of snowy mountains in sunny day, Verbier Switzerland.
Go skiing in Verbier

A glamorous and luxurious winter experience awaits you in Verbier. Famous for its skiing slopes, it’s perfect for enthusiastic beginners and serious experts.


One of the best ski resorts for beginners, it offers gently sloping terrains ideal for anyone learning how to ski. You can find harder slopes like the Col de Chassoure that has a steep inclination at this spot too.

La Tzoumaz (Savoleyres)

For a fun family skiing trip with lots of sunshine, going to La Tzoumaz is your best choice. For beginners and intermediates, this area features one of the longest sledge runs in the Swiss Alps. You can witness the beautiful, lush forestry of the Alps as you’re whizzing past them.


A great skiing spot for beginners and intermediate skiers, it is ideal for good and bad weather alike. Most of the terrain is dotted with trees, so you’ll be able to have a great view no matter how foggy the weather is.


The highest point among the 4 valleys, skiing here offers breath-taking views that are easily reachable by advanced skiers.  If you’re up for a challenge that rewards you with amazing 360-degree glaciers and mountain peaks, this is the ideal ski resort for you. Don't miss the challenging black slope down to the Col des Gentianes.

Where to Stay in Verbier?

W Verbier

W verbier hotel in verbier
Stay at the W-Verbier (image from www.marriott.com)

You can walk to the main Verbier ski lifts from the proximity of this hotel. Open all year round, they offer multiple cuisines, gyms, pools, and much more from an altitude of 1500m. You can even bring your furry friends to this luxury location.

Hotel La Cordée des Alpes

Hotel La Cordee des Alpes in Verbier
Stay at the Hotel La Cordee des Alpes (image from www.kvhotels.com)

A luxurious cottage experience awaits you at Hotel La Cordée des Alpes. From suites to apartments, this location is ideal for individuals, couples, and families. Their spa, gym, pool, and culinary services will leave you wanting more.

Le Chalet D’Adrien

Le Chalet D’Adrien hotel in Verbier
Stay at the Le Chalet D’Adrien (image from chalet-adrien.com)

A charming and unique chalet that offers scenic views of the Alps. The culinary options and wellness packages will reinforce the warm and affectionate environment of the hotel.

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Verbier?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Sion Airport for travel to and from Verbier.