Private helicopter charter

LunaJets offers comprehensive private aviation services including helicopter charter, at the best price on the market.

When planes cannot land close enough to your event’s venue, your home or hotel, and driving means wasting precious minutes of your time on the road, chartering a helicopter with LunaJets is the best solution.

Helicopter flying through the skyscrapers


VIP airport transfers by helicopter can easily be booked with LunaJets. We can fly you from any London airport to Battersea airport, from Teterboro to Hudson Yards or from Le Bourget to Bercy for instance. Flying by helicopter turns the hassle of travelling amongst crowds into a delightful sightseeing opportunity.

An helicopter flying over a beach

Remote and exclusive locations

Our planet counts several corners where commercial aviation can’t go. In order to reach remote and exclusive destinations, our clientele charters private jets and helicopters. The latter allow travellers to land as close as possible to their final destinations, like Nice to Monaco, Napoli to Capri or White Plains to the Hamptons.

Helicopter to private events

Public and private events

Concerts, art fairs, festivals, sporting or private events: our team helps you land directly at the chosen venue, refreshed and excited. Major events attract crowds from all over the globe causing their surroundings to be jammed with visitors. Don’t waste time in traffic, charter a helicopter with LunaJets.

An helipad on a yacht

Islands and yachts

LunaJets can help you land directly on your yacht or private island. Every year, our team arranges helicopter charters to summer hotspots such as Ibiza, St. Tropez, Corsica, Sardinia, Elba, Capri, Pula and all localities along the Croatian coast, as well as to the Greek islands, the Caribbean and the Maldives.

A businessman walking towards an helicopter

Professional visits

LunaJets’ corporate clients often use our helicopter charter services, especially when professional and scientific missions must be accomplished quickly. Indeed, our team assists corporate travellers with helicopter flights over plantations to carry out essential verifications, as well as for visits to shipyards or mines, remote factories or offshore platforms.

Winter sport heli transfer

Ski resorts and extreme sports

Fly to and from exclusive ski resorts like Gstaad, Verbier or Kitzbühel by helicopter to save hours of travel, gain precious slope time, and experience breath-taking views over stunning mountain ranges like the Alps. LunaJets caters to extreme sports enthusiasts too, offering helicopter rentals for heli-skiing, heli-surfing or rafting adventures.

A helicopter flying over a city

Sightseeing tours

Sometimes, the best view is the one you get from above. LunaJets arranges helicopter rentals for panoramic tours over epic mountain ranges, famous must-see spots and sensational natural marvels such as: the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Great Barrier Reef, Napa Valley, Iceland, Manhattan, Versailles, Hong Kong, Hawaiian volcanoes, and much more.

Emergency helicopter on a helipad

Emergencies and evacuations

We help NGOs and private clients charter helicopters in case of urgent situations such as medical emergencies and air ambulances, humanitarian and relief missions, or military extractions with immediate relocations for instance. We source helicopters to transport vital supplies to remote locations or to assist with evacuations and repatriations.