From Happiness Retreats to Traditional thermal spas : make the most of a relaxing wellness retreat and travel by private jet

Whether you’re looking for a digital detox or a serotonin boost, luxury regenerative travel can enhance your mind, body and spirit. Charter a private aircraft with LunaJets and kick-start a week - or even a weekend away - sampling the extraordinary wellness retreats that Europe has to offer, and return rested and restored.

Take time out for a much-needed wellness reboot
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What type of luxury health and wellness retreats are available in Europe?

There’s a wellness retreat to match every mood. Whether you want to work on your mind, body or soul, connect to nature, explore some life coaching, learn a new skill, or improve a medical condition, you’ll most likely find a wellness retreat for it in Europe. LunaJets can collect you from your home in a luxury vehicle, transport you in a private jet to a lush wellness and detox retreat surrounded by natural beauty, and transport you back home all within the ease of a few relaxing breaths.

“Whether it’s working on mind, body or soul, connecting to nature, getting some life coaching or learning to surf, there’s a retreat to suit you.”

What are the luxury health and wellness trends of 2022?

In a post-pandemic world, pent-up people are itching for travel, and to experience something a little (or a lot) different. Something special, luxurious and perhaps even once in a lifetime. Sustainability is on our collective minds, with an increase in nature and nurture trips, including forest bathing retreats and water therapy, with some retreats even prescribing doctor-recommended nature walks. People are on the hunt for better nutrition, a better understanding of their bodies and mind, and a detox from hectic lifestyles, with gut retreats, immune boosting escapes and ayurvedic treatments on the rise. Whether you’re looking to simply switch off from the buzz of everyday life with a digital detox or relax with a massage surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, we’ve highlighted some of the best European retreats that are easy to reach thanks to the convenience and speed of a private jet.

> Already have a retreat in mind? LunaJets can fly you to and from anywhere in the world, but check our destination finder to identify the closest private airport.

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The post-pandemic era is the ideal time for an energy reset
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Why should I travel to a wellness retreat in Europe by private jet?

If you’re looking to swap the pressures of everyday life to revitalize and rejuvenate your entire being, health and wellness retreats are the way to go. Travelling to a luxury wellness retreat by private jet will give you that extra dose of tranquility that is simply not available with commercial air travel. Flying by private jet saves time and stress: there’s no need to turn up early at the airport and join queues with hundreds of other people. (With LunaJets we recommend booking your trip with ample time in advance, but flights can still be scheduled in just two hours). You can decide your schedule, stay as long as you like, and you are collected from your home or hotel thanks to Lunajets’ luxury transfer service, which comes as standard. Travelling by private jet allows you to visit multiple retreats in just one trip, meaning you can soothe your mental health, try out yoga and turn your hand to a more experimental treatment, within the space of a few days, by chartering a jet that is on your schedule.

“Travelling by private jet saves time and stress, so you start your spa or wellness break in the right frame of mind.”

Stunning medical spa resorts in Europe

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa combines luxurious pampering and spa treatments with a thorough medical and well-being check-up.

Charter a private jet and rejuvenate at stunning medical spa resorts in Switzerland

Switzerland is not only known as the home of quality, luxury and breathtaking scenery but is also a pioneer in the pharmaceutical, medical and wellness industries. Visit the stunning Clinique La Prairie located on the banks of Lake Geneva, in Montreux, a state-of-the-art, opulent facility with over 50 medical specialists and 200 wellbeing experts on-hand, surrounded by breathtaking beauty. The Clinique La Prairie medical spa has been offering longevity programmes since 1931 and are pioneers in treating physical, emotional and psychological needs. Clinique la Prairie also offers guests the chance to stay in a private chalet as part of a private retreat.

> To reach Clinique La Prairie, charter a private jet with LunaJets from wherever you are in the world, to Geneva Cointrin Airport, and take a private transfer to the resort. Guests may also fly into Sion airport.

> Pressed for time? Enquire with LunaJets about chartering a helicopter transfer from either airport.

The renowned La Prairie Clinic on the shores of Lake Geneva
La Prairie Clinic building near to Lake Geneva

Just an hour from Zurich, give your mind and body a full MOT at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the 200-year-old spa town built around the ancient Tamina Gorge hot spring. A one-of-kind experience, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz uses science-based therapy and, of course, lush thermal spa treatments to provide holistic healing. This stunning resort is awash in natural resources, using the natural purifying and detoxifying qualities of the thermal spring water to soothe avid guests. \

“This luxurious thermal resort is awash in natural resources and uses the purifying qualities of water to soothe tired souls.”

Usually associated with world-class skiing, the legendary resort of St Moritz enables mind and body to unwind at Badrutt’s Palace of Switzerland. The luxurious Bradrutt’s Palace luxury hotel stands in the centre of the glamorous ski village of St. Moritz. Relax in the state-of-the-art spa, featuring an infinity pool with mountain views, then indulge in a full Ayurveda treatment plan and create lifestyle changes to restore balance and create harmony.

> To reach Badrutt’s Palace, charter a private jet with LunaJets to Zurich Airport, and take a private transfer to the resort, or to Egandin Airport, with a quick 10-minute private transfer. Badrutt’s Palace also has a private charter plane for hire, too.

> Contact LunaJets to discuss a bespoke itinerary for your luxury health and wellness spa in Switzerland.

The private airport at St Moritz is ideally situated not just for winter sports, but for luxury spas
Private planes in the St Moritz resort with mountains and snow

Immune-boosting vacations for the health-conscious private traveller

What are the benefits of private air travel for those who are health conscious?

Travelling by private jet is especially beneficial to those who are health conscious or health weary in post-Covid times. A luxury private vehicle will take you from your home or hotel to the plane, and the speedy, 15-minute boarding time means no waiting around in crowded, hot and stuffy public spaces. On board a LunaJet aircraft passengers experience hygienic, freshly-circulated air that is continuously renewed during your journey, keeping the atmosphere fresh and clean.

> Read more about which private plane would be most suitable to charter, and the specificities of in-cabin air quality.

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I need a detox for mind and body: where’s the most luxurious place in Europe?

From fresh food and soft sandy beaches to specially tailored massages and medical programmes, boosting your immune system is about more than simply squeezing more vitamin C into your diet.

Everyone feels better after a wellness break
Couple after a spa session

Join the SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, in the heart of the Sierra Helada Natural Park for a real journey into healthy eating and detoxification. It claims to be one of the world’s most stylish spas and offers doctor-recommended sessions on communing with nature, encouraging you to get outside to soak up the Spanish hills and salty sea air. At the heart of the wellness spa is a team of experts with a rounded approach to wellness that blends genetic testing, traditional Chinese medicine and a macrobiotic diet to completely revive your lifestyle.

> Tempted by SHA? Fly into Alicante Airport (commercial airport with a private passenger terminal), and LunaJets will organise onward luxury transport to the spa.

A retreat for the brain in Ibiza

Reset your brain with the Six Senses Ibiza wellness programme. Have you ever wondered how healthy your brain is? Your brain affects everything you do, feel and think, so why not take it to a wellness retreat for an MOT? With the Six Senses Ibiza wellness programme, you reconnect to your brain through ancient practices such as yoga, meditation, and biohacks like brain games and binaural beats. It claims that the treatments are great for brain fog, being stuck in a rut, anyone suffering from bad quality sleep, fuzzy short-term memory or stress and mental fatigue.

This reset retreat in Ibiza takes just one day, meaning you can fit it into your private travel itinerary with ease, by visiting at the end of a vacation or even after a business trip.

“The one-day brain reset in Ibiza to clear brain fog and mental fatigue can easily slot into a private jet schedule.”

Try a ‘Happiness Retreat’ on the beautiful coastline of Italy

Borgo Egnazia in Italy is a treatment spa like no other. They claim to use the science of happiness to create a personalised path that will match your exact desires and needs, utilizing a talented team of therapists, artists, musicians and local dancers. All while soaking up the healing powers of the sea breeze and olive trees. Sounds like happiness, right?

I want something a bit different from my wellness vacation. Where can I connect to nature, heal my mind and body and experience the ultimate luxury in private travel?

Ever wondered how it would feel to go forest bathing? Forest bathing has become much sought-after ever since the Duchess of Cambridge designed a 'Back to Nature' garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Rather than wandering into your local forest and hugging a tree, take a short break and visit multiple destinations of natural beauty, combined with being hosted at some of the finest locations in the world.

The Lifeco Bodrum Wellness retreat in Turkey offers daily nature walks to help you reset and refresh your mind, claiming to help you ‘enter a new era in your life, where your decisions will be more conscious in your everyday life’. Combined with a body composition analysis, daily oxygen therapy and daily luminette light therapy, you’ll have time to rejuvenate and discover a new you.

My life is so busy. Why should I travel to a health and wellness retreat by private jet?

It’s time to slow down. But how do you fit wellness retreats into a busy life? Charter a private jet. A private jet will enable you to zip away to a stunning location and indulge in some self-therapy between business meetings or family commitments, and even better, you can treat your mind, body and spirit all in one trip by visiting more than one of the top-rated wellness retreats in a single weekend.

Charter a private plane with LunaJets and be immediately on your way to peace and tranquility
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How do I know which type of private plane to charter?

The type of private aircraft you charter depends on how many people you will be travelling with. If you’re escaping for a bit of TLC alone or as a couple, clients tend to choose a Very Light or Small Light Jet. If you’re taking the whole family away to explore the stunning backdrop of European nature while you check in on your wellness, you may want to take a Super Light Jet. Browse our jet comparison table or call LunaJets for personalised advice.

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