Why chartering a private jet is the ultimate addition to your incentive event

Incentive events, incentive trips and incentive programmes are special one-off events or trips that encourage individual employees and teams to reach - and smash - a specific, ambitious goal. In these post-pandemic times, employers are eager to return to incentive programmes that not only add some buzz back into the workplace but bring that dash of excitement and novelty that everyone is still craving. More critically, incentives can help with staff retention and satisfaction as executives the world over continue to reconsider their options and their shifting priorities as post-Covid chaos starts to ease off.

The importance of incentives: helping companies to meet and overcome obstacles

According to a US-based incentives solutions company, the psychology behind employee motivation runs deep, and goes beyond simply making employees happier.

“Employee motivation in the workplace is more than just a “nice thing to have,” it is the foundation of successful business. For companies on the path of continuous growth, challenges arise not only in managing a growing number of employees, but in finding ways to motivate groups of varying personalities, priorities, backgrounds, and worldviews.”

The company lists incentive travel as a way to ‘inspire the best’ in employees, citing the example of an all-expenses paid trip as an ideal way to reward ‘above and beyond work.’

Corporations are putting travel incentives back on the map

Post-pandemic, firms around the world recognise the importance of employee retention and wellbeing via incentive benefits, and are putting travel incentives back on the map.

According to the Incentive Travel Index, 67% of North American buyers have returned to post-pandemic travel, and 50% of the rest of the world is also returning to pre-pandemic trips.

A female employee boarding a private plane for her incentive trip
Companies are putting travel incentives back on the map

Employees reaching for the moon? Give them the stars (from the comfort of a jet)

This is why at LunaJets, we believe that employees that reach for the moon deserve to reach the stars. What better way to reward real effort than with an incentive that includes a trip on a luxurious chartered jet? With LunaJets you can help stellar executives jet off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip or simply fly them to eternally popular crowd-pleasing destinations such as Paris, New York, Milan or Barcelona. There’s not much that can beat the allure of travelling on a private jet to make the most of your incentive travel package.

“A bold goal merits a big reward, and a trip on a private jet is just the ticket.”

The prospect of a private jet is hard to beat!

The prospect of a trip in a private jet, either for an overnight stay, a weekend away or as a luxurious way to travel to a special evening or day event, will make your rewards programme all the more enticing. And the costs may be pleasantly surprising, too.

Incentives by their nature are big and bold, taking the form of important business goals, ambitious sales targets or key organisational targets. And a bold goal merits a big reward. At LunaJets, we know that a trip on a private jet is the perfect incentive: travelling by private jet is one of the goals of a lifetime that many people want to fulfil, as it holds that tantalising mix of excitement, thrills and sophistication.

“A trip on a private jet is the perfect incentive: it is one of the goals of a lifetime and boasts a tantalising mix of thrills and sophistication.”

Incentive trips can serve as powerful motivators and can improve the performance and morale of individuals and whole teams. Everyone enjoys being recognised by their company, and reward-oriented feedback is a proven driver for achieving goals and targets.

Travel remains the most popular incentive: 96% effective

Incentives typically include bonuses and gifts or paid meals out and gift vouchers, all of which are highly welcome. But travel, perhaps more than any other incentive, is a huge motivator. The travel group ITA cites a recent survey stating that 96% of respondents said that incentive travel was “very effective or effective in achieving program objectives”. As such, many people are keen to get back out into the world after the COVID-19 pandemic, and appreciate more than ever being able to be on the move. Most have had to put travel on hold for at least a couple of years and will be thrilled at the thought of a change of location after such restrictions.

“Travel incentives are more of a draw than bonuses, time off or gifts”

A smiling female executive onboard a private jet, toasting champagne
Travelling by private jet is the icing on the cake for incentive travel

So how can private jet travel be used in an incentive package?

At Lunajets, we help organisations - typically multinationals, international organisations or private firms - celebrate and incentivise employees in all sorts of ways and a trip on a jet from our fleet of world-class aircraft plays a star role in creating an enticing proposition.

Looking for ideas? Browse our trending destinations for ideas.

Browse the LunaJets fleet

Interior cabin of a private jet with coloured celebratory lighting
Ask LunaJets about customising your in-flight experience

What are some ideas for private jet incentive trips?

Examples of corporate incentive trips to celebrate team achievements and reward employees could be as simple as flying into a major city for a night at the opera or as luxurious as a week away on an island resort. A round-up of some ideas include:

  • Cultural trips: an evening at the theatre, opera or ballet, with travel by private jet (and luxury vehicle transfer to your onward destinations)

  • Sporting events: tickets to the races such as Ascot, or a tennis open such as Wimbledon or the French Open, with your guests and star executives transported by private jet (or helicopter)

  • Hiring a private jet to get to a glittering TV or film award night or premiere, for the full VIP experience

  • Organising a private jet to take select teams and star employees on a special away-day or off-site event

  • Major concerts: fly select staff into a capital European city for box tickets at a stadium concert, with flights by private jet or helicopter

  • Making use of a private jet for special team-building trip, land in the privacy of the hotel grounds and or fly in close to your destination, to save time

  • Reward individual employees with a luxury trip aboard, enjoying the comfort of private jet travel

  • Transport a whole team with a trip on a private chartered jet to and from a popular destination abroad

  • Reward a team or star employees with private jet travel to an exotic location or exclusive resort

A private jet flying close to a jetty off an exotic island over turquoise waters
Jet off to an exotic island by private jet to incentivise employees

What are the benefits of flying my team by private jet?

The benefits of flying by private aircraft are endless. Once converted, you never look back!

  • Your team will be on its own schedule, and they won’t lose precious time in airport queues, check-ins or delays;

  • You can create a celebratory atmosphere on the jet - which, in its own right is sumptuous, luxurious, and a real treat even for frequent flyers;

  • You can add special perks such as gourmet snacks or champagne, on-board;

  • You can plan your schedule and itinerary precisely to your demands

  • You can access hard-to-reach locations such as a small island beach or mountain resort

  • Your executives enjoy a smooth, quick, check-in and can quickly start to enjoy the experience

  • No need to worry about luggage being lost or delayed and holding up the group

How do I organise my incentive trip with LunaJets?

LunaJets’ agents are well versed in catering to demanding clientele, and partnering with corporate clients, who make up a large percentage of our customer base. Simply express your request to your LunaJets agent, who will advise on which jet to charter from our extensive selection, and other elements that can be included into your incentive travel package.

How do I know which plane to charter?

Your LunaJets advisor will recommend the most suitable private aircraft according to the size of your passenger group, schedule and preferred destination.

Can LunaJets organise the whole trip, including hotels?

LunaJets teams up with trusted partner recommendations for hotel, venue and restaurant bookings to provide a customised incentive package for your employee rewards trip. Just enquire with one of our LunaJets agents, available 24/7 who will be delighted to discuss with you ways to build a memorable trip.

What is available on board for my guests?

Different catering and service options are available on board the LunaJets’ private aircraft: these vary depending on the size of jet you choose to charter with us. Some smaller aircraft have limited dining options (drinks, snacks), whereas larger jets can cater to full gourmet in-flight dining.

What are the costs involved in hiring a private jet with LunaJets for my incentive event?

Costs vary depending on your passenger size and preferred destination, date of travel and itinerary. LunaJets guarantees the best price for private jet charter, with no additional or hidden costs. Choose from three different pricing options, and we can usually offer savings such as

  • A saving of 50% on a re-routed empty leg

  • A saving of up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • A saving of up to 75% on an empty leg