Hire a Bombardier Learjet 75 Super Light Jet

The Learjet 75 was announced at EBACE 2012 in Geneva and its production started one year later, in May 2013. The 100th model has been delivered in June 2017, model which was also the 3000th Learjet to be delivered. Replacing the Learjet 45 series, the Learjet 75 provides improved avionics, winglets and engines, allowing for better fuel efficiency, increased range and reduced cabin noise.

It has an operating ceiling of 51,000ft, enabling smoother and faster flights. With a 940kph high speed cruise, this private jet has one of the fastest cruising speed among Super Light Jets. It can reach destinations up to 3,778 km away when flying with four passengers and two crew, and has a maximum capacity of 9 passengers.

The Learjet 75’s most typical layout is the 8-seater double-club, the only flat floor cabin in such a configuration within Super Light Jets. Since 2016, the Learjet 75 is also the only aircraft within its category to be equipped with a pocket door separating the cabin from the cockpit and the galley area. This reduces noise level inside the cabin even further and creates a distinct private living space for passengers.

Bombardier Learjet 75

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Bombardier Learjet 75 private jet

Length: 6.04 meters

Height: 1.5 meters

Width: 1.56 meters



Range Map

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