Hawker 700/750/800/850/900: Rent the durable Light Midsize Jet

Available as early as 1977, the Hawker 700 and its successors have stood the test of time thanks to their durability, spacious stand-up cabin and competitive prices.

The Hawker 750 is a variant with a shorter range, larger cabin and additional baggage capacity. The aircraft made its maiden flight on 23 August 2007 and was certified on 19 February 2008. Deliveries began the same year. The jet is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-5BR engines.

The Hawker 800 has been a favourite among owners of medium-sized business aircraft since its introduction in 1995. Modelled on the popular De Havilland/Hawker Siddeley and British Aerospace 125, the Hawker 800 remains the private jet of choice for many top executives.

Hawker 750 parked at the airport at dusk
Light Midsized Business Jet with good sales history: A Hawker 750 parked on the tarmac at dusk

​​Development continued until the Hawker 850XP was certified on 3 February 2006, a model that had been improved yet again. The main new feature was the winglets developed by Raytheon Aircraft. Powered by two Honeywell 731-5BR turbofans, the luxury jet reached a top speed of up to 827 km/h. This variant was the next evolution. This variant was described as the next evolutionary stage of the 800 series and was part of a series of strategic upgrades to the Hawker fleet.

A completely new development was the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, which improved the 800 series in terms of payload, performance and user-friendliness of the avionics in the cockpit. The traditional jets are powered by Honeywell Aerospace TFE 731-50R turbofan engines. The model was unveiled at the NBAA convention in October 2006 and US certification followed in October 2007. First deliveries to expectant customers began in 2008.

Advantages of a Hawker Beechcraft 700/750/800/850XP/900 as a rental aircraft:

  • Longevity: Many Hawker jets are older models that are still widely used in the market. One therefore also regularly encounters the aircraft with refreshed paintwork and new cabins. This shows that it is still a perfectly viable option for those looking for a proven charter aircraft. Thanks to its durability and reliability, the Hawker 750 and its sister models remain popular private jets for short-term business trips.

  • Attractive value for money: The Hawker 750 offers unbeatable value for money, which also makes it an attractive option for private jet charter customers. The aircraft offers the comfort and amenities of a midsized jet at a cost that is more in the light jet segment. This feature distinguishes the entire Hawker series and makes it an excellent choice for cost-conscious business travellers.

  • Competitive range: The Hawker also reaches many more distant destinations without a stopover. With a maximum range of almost 3,900 kilometres, it flies further than many other midsize jets. Even with a full passenger load, the jet can reach many destinations without a stopover. And when travelling with fewer passengers, Hawker jets can cover an even greater distance.

  • High distribution: There are many airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where the private aircraft is available. This means that this type of aircraft can also be chartered more frequently than average and is available for use at short notice. Thanks to special check-in desks for private aircraft, which allow for quick and easy registration, often only a few hours pass between booking and departure of a Hawker jet.

  • Excellent passenger comfort: Hawker business jet cabins are extremely comfortable and spacious. This is an absolute plus when hiring a business jet, as travellers can choose to relax or concentrate on their work. High-quality materials and surfaces underline the luxury atmosphere. Thanks to the pressurised ventilation and state-of-the-art air conditioning, travellers arrive at their destination maximally refreshed.

Hawker 750 flies over misty forest landscape
Absolutely postcard-worthy: a Hawker 750 flying over a mist-covered forest landscape

Disadvantages of a Hawker Beechcraft 700/750/800/850XP/900 as a rental aircraft:

  • Lack of external baggage access: Hawker jets lack external hold access, which makes loading and unloading more time-consuming than on comparable jets. In expert forums, this is regularly cited as one of the most missed improvements. For travellers with little or light luggage, however, this disadvantage is of no consequence.

  • Not an efficiency champion: The Hawker 700 jets are not efficiency world champions. Mainly due to the age of the series, they have not benefited from the latest innovations in fuel efficiency. This affects both the environmental footprint of the flight and the variable fuel costs. The shorter the journey, the less this disadvantage matters.

The following four jets are possible charter alternatives if no Hawker 800 series jet is available:

The Cessna Citation Excel is a good option when a smaller jet is sufficient. The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a good choice when a little more space is needed. The Learjet 45 is a good choice for travellers who value high speed. If luxury is paramount, the Embraer Falcon 900 might be the preferred Hawker alternative.

Hawker Beechcraft 750 Aircraft cabin
Only recognisable as an aircraft cabin at second glance: The interior of the Hawker Beechcraft 750

The midsize Hawker jets continue to be a popular option for charter flights thanks to their combination of long range and competitive performance. With a flight time of up to 5.5 hours, these aircraft are perfect for flights to intra-European and selected intercontinental destinations. The newer models in particular are among the most modern aircraft in the midsize jet category thanks to advanced features. The flight stability and robustness of Hawker aircraft make them a good choice even in demanding flying conditions.

Aircraft data / Technical data (Model: Hawker Beechcraft 750)

Aircraft categoryLight-Midsize Jet
ManufacturerHawker Beechcraft Corporation (formerly: Raytheon Aircraft)
ModelHawker 750
Number of units produced48
Production period2008 - 2012
Engine2 x Honeywell TFE731-5BR
Price13 Millionen US-Dollar (List price at launch of the model)
Crew2 Pilots
Toilet1 x hinten


Take-off route1.889 m
Landing distance808 m
Maximum speed863 km/h
Range3.919 km
Maximum flight altitude12.497 m


Passenger capacity9 Seats
Maximum payload with full tank997 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant6 Seats


Cabin volume17,1 m³
Cabin (length x width x height)6,50 m x 1,83 m x 1,75 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a Hawker 700, 750, 800, 850 or 900 series private jet cost?

The prices for a used Hawker private jet vary greatly. At the lower end of the price scale is the Hawker 700, which was produced until 1984. Depending on the condition of an individual copy, it is available from as little as US$500,000. The newer 900XP, which was produced until 2012, costs considerably more. Its average used price at the end of 2022 was around 5.75 million US dollars.

How far can a Hawker Beechcraft 700/750/800/850/900 jet fly?

There are about 35 years between the launch of the Hawker 700 and the production stop of the 900XP. Newer and more efficient engines have improved the range with each new model. The Hawker 900XP, for example, has an impressive range of 5,219 kilometres, while travellers in the Hawker 700 can only travel to destinations around 2,000 kilometres closer. For most intra-European flights, however, this difference does not matter.

How does the Hawker 800XP differ from the Cessna Citation Excel?

Both the Hawker 800XP and the Citation Excel have a lot to offer: Both of these medium-sized jets have a spacious cabin and a high cruising speed. The most striking performance difference between the two aircraft is range: the Hawker flies from the west to the east coast of the USA or vice versa under ideal conditions. The Excel's range is almost 25 per cent less. The Hawker also plays to its advantages in terms of comfort and space: It is the roomier of the two aircraft. In addition, luggage is stored in the Hawker between the cockpit and the cabin and is therefore easily accessible during the flight.

How many Hawker Beechcraft 700/750/800/850/900 aircraft have been sold to date?

In the almost 30 years of their production, the models of the Hawker 800 series have sold over 650 times. The jets are therefore justifiably among the most popular business jets in the world. They also sold significantly more than the competing Challenger 300 and Learjet 45 models from Bombardier and the Embraer Falcon 900 of comparable size.

Do the Hawer Beechcraft 700/750/800/850/900 jets have single pilot certification?

No, Hawker private jets are not certified for single-pilot operation, which could be considered a disadvantage compared to single-pilot-certified aircraft in this class. However, the presence of an additional pilot on board can make a charter flight safer.

  • Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft

    Speed: 445 kts | 825 km/h

    Range: 3038 nm | 5626 km

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Hawker 700/750/800/850/900

Hawker Beechcraft 850XP in the air
Hawker Beechcraft 850XP cabin
Hawker Beechcraft 800 interior

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Hawker Beechcraft 750XP private jet

Length: 6.5 meters

Height: 1.75 meters

Width: 1.83 meters



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