Bombardier Learjet 45: Rent the popular Super Light Jet

The Bombardier Learjet 45 is a medium-sized business jet, normally equipped with two cabin zones and with a maximum range of 4,074 kilometres. It is categorised as a Super Light Business Jet. The popular jet was manufactured by the Learjet Division of Bombardier Aerospace at its production facility in Wichita in the US state of Kansas. A total of 239 were produced and delivered between 1998 and 2008.

The Learjet 45 was the first redesign since the original Learjet (Model 23) of 1963 and heralded a new era for the super-light jet family. The redesign was overdue to make Learjets more competitive again with newer designs from rival manufacturers.

Bombardier Learjet 45 parked at airport in darkness
Long-range super light business jet: A Learjet 45 with lighting parks on the tarmac

With its four main variants - Learjet 45, Learjet 45XR, Learjet 40 and Learjet 40XR - the private aircraft was the main product of Bombardier's Learjet Division from the 1990s until the introduction of the Learjet 75 in 2012.

The Learjet Model 45 was positioned in the market in the late 1990s primarily as a competitive rival to the popular Cessna Citation Excel / XLS. Unlike the Cessna, Bombardier's Learjet dispensed with a stand-up cabin, but cruises at a higher speed.

The first flight of the prototype took place with media attention on 7 October 1995, the 32nd anniversary of the first flight of the original Learjet 23. FAA certification was delayed and finally granted in September 1997. The first aircraft were delivered to customers from mid-1998. The Model 45 was the first Learjet to be certified under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Rule Part 25. Compared to previous models, this means more robust system redundancy and guaranteed performance specifications in the aircraft's operations manual.

Bombardier has announced the end of Learjet production on 11 February 2021. The company cited a shift in demand to other newer business jet categories as the reason for the decision to discontinue the iconic Learjet brand. The Learjet was produced for over 60 years and was known for its speed and sleek design.

Learjet 45 flies over coastal landscape
Performant and modern: A Learjet 45 flying over an uninhabited coastal landscape

Advantages of a Learjet 45 as a rental aircraft:

  • Blazing fast: The Learjet 45 is a fast business jet that can fly at a top speed of Mach 0.81. This means it can cover long distances quickly. This makes it an ideal choice for time-critical business travel to more distant destinations.

  • Long range: With a maximum range of around 4,000 kilometres, the Learjet 45 can fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles or from London to Moscow. This gives passengers the opportunity to fly long distances without having to refuel.

  • Excellent cabin comfort: The Learjet 45 has a spacious cabin that can comfortably seat up to nine passengers. The aircraft cabin is also equipped with a range of amenities, including a fully equipped galley, a private lavatory and a contemporary entertainment system. Even long flights are possible in the Learjet without sacrificing comfort.

  • Fuel efficiency: The Learjet 45 is renowned for its fuel efficiency. Compared to other business jets of similar size, this results in lower variable travel costs - especially on longer flights. Not infrequently, this performance feature also has a positive impact on rental costs.

  • Short runway capability: The Learjet can also take off and land from short runways. This makes it a versatile business jet that can fly to a wider range of airports compared to other business jets. This includes many smaller regional airports worldwide.

Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft cabin
Comfortable and spacious: The aircraft cabin of the Learjet 45

Disadvantages of a Learjet 45 as a rental aircraft:

  • Limited storage space: The Learjet 45 has a relatively small luggage compartment. For travel groups with a lot of luggage or bulky items, this could be a weighty disadvantage.

  • High operating costs: Although the Learjet 45 is known for its fuel efficiency, its operating costs are high compared to other business jets of similar size. This can be a disadvantage for cost-conscious buyers or charter customers. Especially for short-haul flights or low utilisation of the aircraft, this disadvantage is more significant.

The following three jet models are possible charter alternatives should no Learjet 45 be available:

  1. Cessna Citation XLS

  2. Phenom 300

  3. Pilatus PC-24

The Learjet 45 was developed as an alternative to the Cessna Citation XLS. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Cessna has similar performance features. It offers a spacious cabin where travellers can even stand comfortably. Unlike the Learjet, however, it travels a little slower. Overall, Cessna Citation XLS is also a versatile and reliable aircraft that is a good choice for those looking for a high-performance rental alternative. Compared to the Learjet 45, the Embraer Phenom 300 scores particularly well in terms of range. Travel destinations can be a proud 650 kilometres further away, which the Embraer can fly to without a layover. In addition, the Light Jet is characterised by impressive fuel efficiency. This makes it a cost-effective alternative for those for whom a slightly smaller jet is sufficient. Overall, the Embraer Phenom 300 is a stylish, efficient and reliable aircraft that is a good alternative to the Learjet 45.

The Pilatus PC-24 is the first business jet produced by Pilatus and was hailed as a great success. The business jet from the Swiss manufacturer is characterised above all by its versatility. Therefore, it is difficult to assign it to one of the usual business jet categories. The jet combines the versatility of a turboprop aircraft with the cabin size of a medium-sized jet and the performance of a light jet. As a Learjet alternative, it is particularly suitable when flying to small airports or those considered difficult with unpaved runways.

The Learjet 45 is still an exceptional charter jet today. With a top speed of 861 km/h and a range of over 4,000 kilometres, it is perfect for both short trips and long-haul flights. The business jet's cabin is spacious and comfortable, with room for up to nine passengers and ample luggage space. With advanced avionics and a range of modern entertainment options, the Learjet 45 offers a luxurious flying experience suitable for both business and leisure travel. Its reliability, performance and range continue to make it an industry leader. It is rightly one of the most popular charter jets in its segment.

Aircraft data / Technical data

Aircraft categorySuper Light Jet (SLJ)
ManufacturerBombardier Aerospace
ModelLearjet 45
Number of units produced642
Production period1995 - 2012
Engine2 x AlliedSignal TFE731-20 Turbofans
Price13 million US dollars (list price variant 45XR)
Crew2 pilots
Toilet1 x rear


Take-off route1.536 m
Landing distance811 m
Maximum speed861 km/h
Range4.074 km
Maximum flight altitude15.545 m


Passenger capacity9 passengers
Maximum payload with full tank714 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant7 seats


Cabin volume11.61 m³
Cabin (length x width x height)6,00 m x 1,55 m x 1,50 m

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Learjet 45 cost?

Currently, the average price for a used Learjet 45 is around 4-5 million US dollars. A new aircraft cost between 13 and 15 million US dollars during the production years, depending on the equipment. The actual cost of a used Learjet 45 depends on current market conditions as well as age, condition, total hours of operation and any optional equipment.

How far can a Learjet 45 fly?

The Learjet offers a range of 4,074 kilometres. This enables efficient and comfortable private flight connections between the destinations New York and San Francisco, Madrid and Moscow, Delhi and Oman or London and Cairo, for example.

How does the Learjet 45 differ from the Embraer Phenom 300?

Both the Learjet 45 and the Phenom 300 are powerful business jets with impressive speed and range. The Learjet 45 is the larger and more expensive option, while the Phenom 300 could be a slightly smaller but often less expensive alternative with comparable comfort.

How many Bombardier Learjet 45s were sold?

According to figures published by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), 511 Learjets of the Learjet 45/XR models were delivered between 1998 and 2013. From 2007 onwards, the statistics also include the Learjet 40/XR models.

Does the Learjet 45 have single-pilot certification?

The Learjet 45 is not certified for single-pilot operation. The aircraft may only take off with two pilots on board: One pilot in command and one co-pilot.

Bombardier Learjet 45 XR

Cabin Specifications




Length: 6.04 meters

Height: 1.5 meters

Width: 1.56 meters



Range Map

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