Hire a private jet to the United States

Business, nature, culture, and entertainment attract millions of visitors to the United States of America every year, no matter the season. New York’s Wall Street attracts top executives from the financial sector, while Hollywood stars and film crews travel to and from Los Angeles’ private jet terminal. Performers and connoisseurs fly to the exciting American music scene, going from lavish opera productions at New York’s Lincoln Centre to legendary jazz tracks in New Orleans’ French Quarter; and art collectors and curators travel to Manhattan to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), or the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue, for instance.

America’s diverse natural settings represent endless options for sports and nature lovers, too: from red-rock deserts and breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon to the green rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, New England’s charming seaside and Hawaii’s world-famous surfing spots.

The US is also home to Washington, D.C. and the White House, diplomats and government officials use our private aviation services for their travels.

How can you hire a private jet in the United States?

At LunaJets, we stand to our pillars; simple, fast and reliable and will ensure the best travel for you and your loved ones. With our long-standing history and being the market leader in this sector, we have an extensive fleet of 4800 aircraft. Moreover, we will adapt to any of your needs, whether a cargo charter a group charter or a last-minute charter.

We invite you to download our new LunaJets App and follow the steps for your dream charter.

The advantages of the App are:

  • Book a flight anytime and anywhere

  • Store manage and retrieve documents

  • You will have geolocation with directions to the respective airports

  • Compare all the pricing options online

  • Compare the aircraft and their features

  • Maintain informed thanks to live updates

If you prefer contacting us the old-school way, call any of our aviation advisors today and get the best private jet charter option.

Some of the advantages of charter flights are:

  • You get to choose your own schedule, with no delays or long queues

  • You get to choose your route, with no annoying layovers

  • The flight is tailormade to all your preferences (be it dietary, additional luggage etc)

What are the best cities to visit by private jet in the United States?

The United States is a vast and diverse country, spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Its cities are some of the most iconic in the world, ranging from the bustling metropolis of New York City to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, to the political hub of Washington, D.C. Other important cities include Chicago, known for its architecture and deep-dish pizza, San Francisco, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, Miami, a vibrant city known for its beaches and nightlife and Las Vegas. The United States offers something for every type of traveller, whether you're seeking big-city excitement, natural wonders, or cultural experiences. Below are two of our client's favourite cities when in the USA.

New York

city of new york by night
Visit New York

New York City, also known as the "City That Never Sleeps," is a vibrant and exciting destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. With its iconic skyline, world-class museums, and diverse culinary scene, there's something for everyone in this bustling metropolis. One Michelin-starred restaurant that's worth a visit is Gabriel Kreuther, which serves up contemporary French cuisine in a sleek and sophisticated setting. The menu features a mix of classic and modern dishes, with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. For a truly luxurious stay in New York, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is an excellent choice. This historic property is located in the heart of Manhattan and features elegant guest rooms, a range of dining options, and world-class amenities, including a spa and fitness centre. From the moment you step inside, you'll be transported to a world of luxury and sophistication, making your stay in New York City an unforgettable experience.

Getting there:

The 3 airports serving new york are the following:

  1. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK, KJFK) - Located in Queens, JFK is one of the busiest airports in the country, serving both domestic and international flights.

  2. LaGuardia Airport (LGA, KLGA) - Also located in Queens, LaGuardia is primarily a domestic airport, serving flights within the United States and Canada.

  3. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR, KEWR) - Located in New Jersey, Newark Airport is a major hub for both domestic and international flights.

Los Angeles

los angeles birdview
Visit Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that embodies the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, as well as the laid-back lifestyle of Southern California. With its endless sunshine, palm tree-lined streets, and stunning beaches, LA is an ideal destination for travellers looking for a mix of relaxation and excitement. For those looking for a culinary experience, a must-visit restaurant is Providence. This two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Hollywood is known for its creative and sophisticated seafood dishes that highlight the best ingredients of the Pacific Ocean. From its elegant decor to its impeccable service, Providence is the perfect place to indulge in a memorable fine-dining experience. When it comes to accommodations, the Beverly Hills Hotel is an iconic property that exudes old Hollywood glamour. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the hotel has played host to countless celebrities and VIPs over the years. From its pink-and-green decor to its lush gardens and pool area, the Beverly Hills Hotel is a true oasis in the heart of the city. The hotel offers a range of luxurious rooms and suites, as well as a variety of dining options, a spa, and a fitness centre. Staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel is a quintessential LA experience that is sure to make your visit to the city unforgettable.

Getting there:

The two main airports in Los Angeles are:

  1. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX, KLAX) - Located in the southwestern part of the city, LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving both domestic and international flights.

  2. Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR, KBUR) - Located in Burbank, which is about 20 kilometres northwest of downtown Los Angeles, this airport primarily serves domestic flights, especially for travellers visiting the entertainment industry.

The Best event where you can fly in by private jet in the United States

4th of July

fireworks for the 4th of july celebrations
Attend the 4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most important holidays in the United States. It commemorates the day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was adopted, declaring the United States as an independent nation. As a result, the 4th of July is celebrated with great fervour across the country, with parades, fireworks, and patriotic festivities taking place in cities and towns throughout the nation. In major cities like New York and Washington D.C., large-scale celebrations include concerts, fireworks displays, and military pageantry, drawing large crowds of both locals and tourists. The holiday is also a time for barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings, with many Americans taking advantage of the long weekend to travel and enjoy the summer weather. Overall, the 4th of July is a time for Americans to come together and celebrate their shared heritage and national identity.

Getting there:

This nationwide event can be enjoyed from anywhere in the States. Below is a list of the busiest airports in the country:

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO Code
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AirportATLKATL
Los Angeles International AirportLAXKLAX
O'Hare International AirportORDKORD
Dallas/Fort Worth International AirportDFWKDFW
Denver International AirportDENKDEN
John F. Kennedy International AirportJFKKJFK
San Francisco International AirportSFOKSFO
McCarran International AirportLASKLAS
Seattle-Tacoma International AirportSEAKSEA
Orlando International AirportMCOKMCO

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on flying to the United States?

Feel free to ask our business aviation advisors for help. Our private aviation advisors are at your entire disposal, 24 hours the clock.

How many hours is the flight time to the United States?

From Miami to New York, it is about a 3 hours 5 min private flight. From Chicago to Paris, it takes about 8 hours on a private plane. We can arrange any charter flights you may need. Charter a private jet to the United States with LunaJets and you will not regret it.

Which aircraft does LunaJets offer?

LunaJets fleet offers an extensive range of Heavy Jets, Large Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Light Jets. No matter your needs and wants, we have just the right aircraft for you.

When is the best time to visit the United States?

The United States is a huge country offering different climates and ambiences. Depending on where you want to fly, our private advisors can counsel you accordingly.