Hire a Private Jet from / to Teterboro

Teterboro is a private jet hub located in Bergen County, NJ and has some of the most used airports in the world. It is also home to several exciting activities, including jet-skiing, food tours, museums, and other attractions. Downtown Teterboro has more than 21 airports within a 50-mile radius and jet renting companies thrive as a result. You can easily hire a private jet to or from Teterboro and there are great deals and loyalty benefits offered to retain clients.

Luxurious activities to do in Teterboro

Many tourists who rent a private jet to Teterboro are attracted to the diverse destinations, which accommodate kids, partners, business travelers and regular tourists. Some of the top activities to do during your time in Teterboro include:

Kayaking and jet skiing

Water activities are some of the coolest in Teterboro and you can enjoy guided kayaking lessons or wear a life jacket to join Jet Ski enthusiasts. Classes are available for newbies and rentals for those with experience.

Visit the museum

If you love history and legends, the Tribute Museum is a must-visit during your time in Teterboro. The museum was established to preserve New Jersey's aviation heritage and offers a great collection of historic aircraft, equipment, photographs and artifacts.


If you rent a private jet to Teterboro, you might as well fancy shooting some arrows, especially on the weekend. Archery is enjoyed by many local tourists and residents alike and offers a laid back experience ideal for weekend getaways.

Get on a helicopter

A helicopter crosses Manhattan South
Get on board an helicopter

Airplanes and NJ are bound in history and a helicopter ride is one of the coolest experiences. You can hire a private jet at any time, thanks to the many companies chartering aircraft in the region. Most tourists come to Teterboro to get on a helicopter ride and there are several airports and private jet chatter services to conveniently move you around. Teterboro Airport is also close to other popular airports like Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark, which is convenient when hiring private jets for business meetings.

You can do several other things in Teterboro, including taking the walking tour, visiting the best pizzerias and breweries, The Adventure Park and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not at Time Square.

Where to stay during the trip?

Teterboro has busy airlines throughout the year and boasts all types of airport accommodation options. Whether you prefer staying closer to the airport of fancy luxurious cottages, there are various places to stay. The best include:

Airport hotels

Teterboro has airport hotels located just a few minutes away from the main airports. There are all major accommodation categories, including single suits, double, triple, king, queen and condos. The region is also home to many top-rated airport hotel deals.

Luxury hotels

If you prefer plush living conditions, state of the art technology and exceptional services, luxury hotels offer premium accommodation options. These hotels focus on high-quality services and elegance only matched by the best five-star hotels in the country. Some of the best luxury hotels in Teterboro include Baccarat Hotel, Hilton Hasbrouck Heights and Holiday Inn Hasbrouck Heights.

Cottage and palace

Teterboro offers cottages and palaces for those seeking ultimate royal treatment and convenience. These palaces are befitting a jet life and feature five-star services, meals, top security, and necessary amenities. One great example is Hampton Inn Teaneck by Hilton, but there are several luxury cabins to explore.

Why choose LunaJets?

Many companies rent private jets to and from Teterboro, so renting aircraft shouldn't be a problem. However, not all charters are equal. It is essential to rent a private jet from trusted companies that can guarantee the best deals and services. At LunaJets, we focus on providing premium quality private jet renting services customized to your needs. Here’s why you should choose us whenever you need a private jet:

24/7 services

We are available whenever you need to rent a private jet to or from Teterboro. Our chartered flights operate around the clock and can pick or drop you from any country worldwide. We deliver quality services every time, wherever you are, whichever plane you choose. LunaJets doesn't require any minimum notice, so you can hire a private jet at any time, day or night.

Over a decade of experience

It is recommended to rent a private jet from a reliable company that has experience chartering safe aircraft and providing other required services. LunaJets has chartered private jets for more than ten years and takes pride in profound knowledge about the industry. Our goal is to help clients get the best jet rental experience and satisfy their needs.

Guaranteed high-quality services

When you hire LunaJets, you are guaranteed high-quality services, transparent contracts and a reliable team to help you throughout the process. We have a smooth framework to resolve any arising issues and ensure the client gets to their flight on time.

Safety and insurance

LunaJets is a credible private jets charter company, licensed, bonded and insured. You are guaranteed well-maintained aircraft and safety, so you can fly with peace of mind. You and any luggage you bring along will be safe.

Reliable team

Our team is our pride and we invest in training to ensure all employees are ready to provide help whenever you need it. From the start, you will get assistance on how to rent a jet and what's involved. The support desk also answers all inquiries to provide clarity.

Are you looking to rent a private jet to or from Teterboro? Contact LunaJets today to get started and find your preferred aircraft.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Teterboro?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Teterboro Airport for travel to and from Teterboro.