Hire a Saab 340 Turboprop Airliner

Saab began production of the 340 in partnership with Fairchild Aircraft in 1983 and the aircraft quickly became a popular Turboprop Airliner, used by a wide variety of different civil operators and commercial airlines. The Saab 340 offers similar performance capabilities as the Dornier 328 Turboprop and is also of a similar size, seating up to 33 passengers in an economy configuration, although variations to this formation exist, with some aircraft having 34 or 36 seats. Being a turbo-propeller powered aircraft, the Saab 340 has limited range, restricting it to short-haul flights. With a large capacity and excellent price, the Saab 340 represents a great solution to short-haul journey requirements.

Saab AB Saab 340

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Saab 340 turboprop

Length: 10.4 meters

Height: 1.8 meters

Width: 2.2 meters



Range Map