Hire a private jet charter between London and Cannes

A private jet is one of the best ways to travel between London and Cannes because of the convenience, luxury and comfort this mode of travel provides. London's Heathrow Airport can be busy, which can make commercial travel stressful. There is no airport located directly in Cannes. However, Nice Cote d'Azur Airport is a mere 15 miles outside of the city, while Mandelieu Airport is just three miles outside of the city. 

Here are some tips for traveling between London and Cannes via private jet: 

  • Book with a company that allows both long-term reservations or last-minute travel: LunaJets allows for pre-planned bookings as well as last minute arrangements. This makes it easier to plan a last-minute jaunt between London and Cannes or a bigger and more well-planning intinerary. 
  • Plan accomodations in advance: While you may be able to book your private jet at the last minute, accomodations of your choosing may not be as available. This is especially true in Cannes, which is a popular vacation destination. Book your accomodations in advance by at least a day if possible. This will ensure that when you arrive in Cannes, you have your accomodation of choice. There are more options in London because it is a larger city with more accomodation types. So travelers have more booking choices given the size of the city. 
  • Use a private jet for group travel: If you are traveling between London and Cannes with a group, then a private jet is the ideal option. One of the challenges of group travel on commercial flights is the complexity of coordinating so many different schedules. Using a private jet means that you don't have to worry about this coordination process. Everyone in the group can agree on a specific time for leaving to travel between the destinations without having to worry about flight delays or connecting flights. 
  • Rely on a private jet for business travel between the destinations: Because Cannes is just a popular vacation destination, commercial flights can be congested. A private jet ensures that commercial travelers can get in and out of each of the destinations without worrying about the hassle of a crowded commercial airport. 
  • Plan your itinerary in advance: The two destinations are very different. Cannes is a more laid-back vacation destination. Plan your itinerary in advance because there are many different activities to enjoy while in Cannes. This ensures that everything that you want to see while in Cannes is available to you, especially if you are traveling as a group. You may not need to stick as closely to your itinerary in London because it is a bigger city with even more options for activities. Because of this, you may have be able to enjoy more flexibility with your travel plans. 
  • Plan mode of travel in and out of each city: Cannes is smaller, which means that it is not possible to fly directly into the city. Book a private helicopter to get into the city to make the process quicker and more efficient. Consider doing the same in London because Heathrow is so busy and traffic congestion can sometimes be an issue for those that have time constraints. A private jet may get you to the destination, but don't forget about transportation in and out of each city as well. 
  • Plan the best time of year for a visit between each city: The best time for travel between London and Cannes depends on the reason for visiting each city. For example, Cannes is best enjoyed June, July and August because the weather is warm and inviting. This is also the peak busy season for this destination, so keep that in mind if you are trying to avoid crowds. London is ideal for any time of the year, though the rainy season occurs during the spring months. Depending on your reason for travel, especially if you are looking for a leisure trip, choose your time for travel accordingly. 

Traveling between London and Cannes does not need to be stressful, especially if the travel in question is meant to be leisurely. A private jet can ensure a faster and more efficient trip

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