Privatflugzeug mieten Cessna Citation V Light Jet

The Cessna Citation V belongs to the category of Midsize Jets and was launched in 1987 as the successor to the Citation II, offering a greater overall performance thanks to a wide range of upgrades. It features a more spacious cabin that can comfortably accommodate 7 passengers in its standard configuration and up to 9 in certain versions. The interior is well soundproofed to make for a very relaxing flight. Its high-performance engines give it one of the most impressive ranges of any aircraft in its class and the Citation V also benefits from an advanced avionics system to ensure a comfortable flight experience. Development and upgrading of the Citation V led to the creation of the Citation Ultra and Citation Excel, providing the perfect balance between price, efficiency and comfort for which the Citation range of aircraft is well known.

Cessna Citation V

Spezifikationen der Kabine




Länge: 5.64 meters

Höhe: 1.73 meters

Weite: 1.68 meters




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