Hire a Private Jet to Stuttgart

Frequent European travelers know that the beauty of the continent is the proximity of one country to the next. In the distance that it takes to travel through a few states in America, one can see several countries in Europe. But for those that want to travel in style and luxury, getting to see the more off-the-beaten-path locations in Europe has not been that simple. That changed when Lunajets began offering private jet rentals throughout Europe all with the click of an app. Now explorers can decide to visit a city like Stuttgart for a day or a week with ease. Hiring a private jet puts cities like this at the fingertips of anyone adventurous enough to climb aboard.

Why Visit Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital of the southwest Germany's Baden-Württemberg state. It is a city of dichotomies. Sleek yet historic, it boasts vineyards, breweries and urban professionals. Surrounded by the famous Black Forest, Stuttgart appeals to far reaching interests. It is both a cultural destination with acclaimed arts and performances as well as an automotive marvel.

Birthplace of Luxury Automotive Innovation

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL cabrio german oldtimer car at the Cars & Coffee event at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Germany is known for the luxury cars that are manufactured there and Stuttgart is home to two of the most prestigious ones around. Porsche and Mercedes Benz originated in Stuttgart and there is plenty to do their to honor that. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum to experience that history.

Urban Green Space

 the beautiful grounds of the Wilhelma zoological and botanical gardens in Stuttgart
Take a tour of the Willhelma garden

Stuttgart takes the environment seriously and puts their money where their mouth is. 60% of Stuttgart is open space and almost 40% is protected. The Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Garden is a wonderful way to enjoy the nature of Stuttgart. Running since 1846, it is home to 1000 species and the largest magnolia grove in Europe.

Window Shopping

Königstraße is German for King Street and the name does not disappoint. The third most popular street for shopping in all of Germany, this street offers all the top shopping chains in a pedestrianized setting that is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Revisit History

Ludwigsburg Palace and gardens "Blossoming Baroque" in Ludwigsburg , Germany.
Visit the Ludwigsburg Palace and gardens

While Stuttgart is a city of newness and innovation it is also a city filled with a rich history. Visit the Ludwigsburg Palace which is the largest palatial estate in Germany with 452 rooms. It has been called the "Versailles of Swabia" and started out as a hunting estate for a German Duke in 1705. While those in residence changed, the palace has remained an important part of German history until now. Today it is open for travelers to visit, tour the palace and walk the gardens.

Places to Stay When Visiting Stuttgart

Waldhotel Stuttgart

Located in the idyllic countryside surrounding a modern city, the Waldhotel Stuttgart has 96 luxurious and private rooms that boast contemporary design. The Waldhotel accommodates travelers looking for a respite in nature as well as those that want to stay active with a jog, tennis match or training in their fitness center. The hotel also offers multiple restaurants that provide fresh and local cuisine.

Jaz in the City

For those who feel a more urban getaway is what they are looking for, Jaz in the City is the place for them. Located in the center of Stuttgart, this hotel chain's sleek and contemporary architecture is a perfect addition tot he city. Jaz in the City has a laid back vibe that incorporates the music, art, culture and music of the city to become far more of an experience than a hotel stay. Jaz in the City Stuttgart has 166 rooms, lots of fitness opportunities and is right next to the shopping mall.

Why Choose Lunajets?

The simplicity of using LunaJet gives you the chance to visit any location that enters your imagination. A trip to Stuttgart may have seemed out of the way and hard to reach as compared to cities like Paris, London or even Berlin. But Lunajets has changed all that. Now tourists can take a flight on a high end jet and visit the Porsche Museum for the day or hit a Stuttgart nightclub at night. LunaJets provides state of the art, luxurious jets and a team who organizes your itinerary. With the click of an app, you can hop a flight to anywhere in the world. LunaJet's team handles the hard stuff. You just have to climb aboard and make your dinner reservations.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Stuttgart?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Stuttgart Airport for travel to and from Stuttgart.