Hire a Private Jet to Saint Tropez

By flying with Lunajets, you can arrive in Saint Tropez in ultimate luxury and style with a private jet. From there, you can indulge in the finest dining experiences, explore the charming cobblestone streets of the old town, and bask in the Mediterranean sun on the pristine beaches. Our dedicated team of aviation advisors can help you select the best jet option to arrive in class and style, as well as provide VIP transfers, hotel recommendations, and other services to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience in Saint Tropez. With LunaJets, you can sit back and relax, take off and land, making your journey to this exclusive destination as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

What is the cost of a helicopter flight to Saint Tropez La Mole?

FromToEnginePrice Range*
NiceLa MoleSingle€ 900-1200
NiceLa MoleTwin€ 1700-2100
MarseilleLa MoleSingle€ 2200-2800
MarseilleLa MoleTwin€ 4000-4800
MilanLa MoleSingle€ 4400-5000
MilanLa MoleTwin€ 8000-9500
MonacoLa MoleSingle€ 1200-1600
MonacoLa MoleTwin€ 2200-2800

*The price may vary depending on the number of passengers and pilots.

How long is the helicopter flight from St Tropez to the nearby airports?

From ToFlight time
NiceLa Mole25-30 min
MarseilleLa Mole1h 0 min
MilanLa Mole2h 30 min
MonacoLa Mole35-40 min

What is the best airports to fly from and to St Tropez by private jet?

Our team of aviation advisors recommends the The Airport of the Golfe of Saint Tropez (La Môle – Saint-Tropez Airport)

Which kind of aircraft is available to land on St. Tropez?

The aircraft models that can land in St. Tropez Airport are:

Seats: 6

Speed: 404 kts | 750 km/h

Range: 1325 nm | 2453 km

Seats: 6

Speed: 440 kts | 815 km/h

Range: 1800 nm | 3333 km

Seats: 5

Speed: 367 kts | 680 km/h

Range: 1180 nm | 2185 km

Seats: 4

Speed: 406 kts | 752 km/h

Range: 1178 nm | 2181 km

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What Can You Do in St Tropez?

Travelling to and from Saint Tropez via private jet charter lets you easily access the town and enjoy all of its great attractions. After landing in Saint Tropez La Mole, take a walk and visit some Michelin-starred restaurants and other A-list places you can find here in our guide.

Otherwise, if you want to know more about how to hire a private jet, discover our private jet charter guide.

Visit the Musée de la Gendarmerie nationale

Museum of the gendarmerie and cinema of Saint-Tropez. One of the most visited places in the city.
Visit the Museum of the Gendarmerie and Cinema

This sunny enclave by the sea has been a favourite for film directors and actors. Saint Tropez was the location of Iconic films such as And God Created Woman (1956) and Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez (1964). The Musée de la Gendarmerie nationale, with its temporary exhibition hall and eight rooms, reflects the role that Saint Tropez played in French Cinema.

Sunbathe on Pampelonne Beach

crystal clear water on Pampelonne beach near Saint Tropez in south France
Take the Sun at Pampelonne beach

The nearby Ramatuelle beach is the most famous beach within the vicinity of Saint Tropez. Ensconced by scrub-stubbed dunes and the glistening Mediterranean, this 5km stretch of sandy white beach has many spots for you to sunbathe, swim or just watch other beachgoers, some of whom may be world-renowned celebrities.

Visit the Château Barbeyrolles Vineyard Winery

Bottles of wine from Chateau Barbeyrolles next to flowers
Taste high quality wine at Chateau Barbeyrolles

First made by the Sumeire family in a Gassin village vineyard in 1982, Château Barbeyrolles is among the town’s best wines. The winery started by making pale rosé wine and now makes white and red wine. Visit the Château Barbeyrolles Vineyard Winery and sample the award-winning wines as you learn the process of making them.

Stroll on the Sentier du Littoral

Trail along the sea
Walk on the Sentier du Litorral at the French Riviera

After you've had enough local rosé wine and buttery tarte tropézienne, take a stroll along the coastal path. Step outside La Ponche and take the windy, rocky path around the peninsula as you pass the lush villas, vast beaches, and sequestered coves. Remember to pack a picnic lunch and wear rugged shoes.

Where Should You Stay in Saint Tropez?

Hôtel Pastis

On your arrival at Saint Tropez, you will see PASTIS facing the Mediterranean. Just a short stroll away from the town's centre, harbour, or beach. We have built a really remarkable area that is simply waiting to be found behind the plain exterior of a typical Provençal home. A delightful boutique hotel with 10 rooms that is full of character, warmth, and intrigue.
Stay at this charming suite

Located on the peninsula’s port side, Hôtel Pastis features a private garden, pool and secluded beach. This boutique hotel has ten uniquely furnished bedrooms, each with artwork from the owner’s personal collection lining the walls. It has exceptional services, including serving children’s meals in the evening to let parents go out.

Hôtel Sezz

35 rooms make up the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, together with 2 "villa-style" suites with pools.

Every room has a charming terrace with views of the own garden and an outdoor shower in the bathroom extension.
Get your own green space at the hotel suite

This five-star hotel offers cocoons or bungalows, each featuring an outdoor shower. Some even have a plunge pool. The hotel has two villas, each with its own swimming pool. Other amenities at Hôtel Sezz include a Dom Perignon bar, Colette restaurant, heated outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, spa, steam room and more.

Best restaurants in Saint Tropez

Table du Marché

Downstairs, La Table du Marché is a gourmet bakery that features a tearoom and terrace. Upstairs, it’s a modern bistro. Celebrity chef Christophe Leroy owns this venue, which is a short walk away from the old port. It serves delicious gourmet bites, patisseries and pastries all day.

Hôtel de La Ponche

At La Ponche, expect a remarkable gourmet experience. As you dine, take pleasure in the view, which owner Simone Duckstein has preserved since pre-WWII. Francois Sagan, the author of Bonjour Tristesse, was famously photographed here, and Pablo Picasso is said to have sat on the La Ponche terrace for hours sipping anisette.

L’Auberge des Maures

This renowned restaurant Auberge in Saint Tropez is a favourite among visitors and locals alike. It’s the town’s oldest restaurant. This beautiful old Provençal house serves gourmet dishes, which you can savour on its fantastic terrace. Greta Garbo, David Nixen, Brigitte Bardot and Charlie Chaplin were among its regular visitors.

La Vague d’Or, La Terrace, La Résidence de la Pinède

Spoil yourself a little with gastronomy in La Résidence de la Pinède, a three-star Michelin restaurant owned by France’s 2013 Chef of the Year Arnaud Donckele. The restaurant serves elegant, world-class French cuisine. Indulge in extravagant sandwiches at La Terrace and main courses at La Vague d’Or.

Rent a helicopter or jet for your journey to St Tropez

Landing by helicopter or jet in St Tropez is an exhilarating experience that offers a breathtaking view of the French Riviera. As you approach the landing pad, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea come into view, along with the charming coastal town of St Tropez. The helicopter as well as the jet provide a smooth and comfortable ride, allowing you to sit back and take in the stunning scenery below. Once you touch down, you can explore the town's many attractions, including its historic port, luxurious shops, and lively nightlife. Overall, landing by helicopter in St. Tropez is a unique and memorable way to experience the beauty and glamour of the French Riviera.

Which aircraft to use to travel to St. Tropez?

In addition to the Challenger 300, Citation CJ2, and Citation Latitude, the PC-12 is also a very popular aircraft for landing at St. Tropez La Mole Airport. The PC-12's versatility, efficiency, and ability to access smaller airfields have made it a top choice for private jet travellers to this destination. Its spacious cabin, capable of accommodating up to 8 passengers, and excellent performance on both short and long-haul flights have made it a favourite among frequent flyers. It is worth noting that the PC-12 is the most frequently used aircraft for a landing at La Mole Airport due to its agility and ability to access smaller runways. Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, the PC-12 is an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable and efficient private jet experience.

Which helicopter to use to travel to St. Tropez?

St. Tropez La Mole Airport is not only a destination for private jets but also for helicopters, and among the most popular models landing at the airport are the AS350B2 and the H155 Dauphin. The AS350B2 is a single-engine helicopter with a spacious cabin and high-performance capabilities. It can carry up to 6 passengers and is renowned for its excellent manoeuvrability, making it an ideal option for aerial sightseeing and photography. The H155 Dauphin, on the other hand, is a twin-engine helicopter with a spacious cabin and exceptional range, capable of transporting up to 13 passengers in style and comfort.

Charter a flight to and From St Tropez with LunaJets

LunaJets specialises in providing private aviation brokerage services to affluent travellers who aspire to explore the world in luxury. With a diverse fleet of jets and helicopters at their disposal, clients can choose the most suitable aircraft for their travel needs. With a dedicated private aviation team to manage all aspects of your flight, LunaJets offers a seamless and stress-free travel experience. From selecting your desired destination to finalising the flight arrangements, LunaJets takes care of everything, ensuring a comfortable and opulent journey. Whether it's a leisurely getaway or a business trip, LunaJets ensures that the journey is just as remarkable as the ultimate destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Saint Tropez Airport from the city centre?

The La Mole Airport is 15 km from Saint Tropez.

Is the Saint Tropez Airport available for private jet flights?

Yes, you can find a private jet terminal at this airport.

How many airports are there in St. Tropez?

Saint Tropez has just one airport, known as La Môle - Saint-Tropez Airport (IATA: LTT, ICAO: LFTZ).

Is there any empty-leg flight available from or to La Mole Airport in St Tropez?

In the peak month, you may have a great chance of getting an empty leg from and to La Molee, however, you have to get in touch with our private aviation advisors for further information.