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Saint Peter Port, the renowned Guernsey Island’s capital is packed with attractions, ranging from beautiful beaches, lively bars, and great food to historical art galleries. You can fly to and from Saint Peter Port with a private jet to discover the islands' history, including a 13th-century fortification, castle stories, and a link to the 1066 Norman invasion. Your trip to Guernsey will include visiting the colourful capital, Saint Peter Port, which remains home to sculpture parks, botanical gardens, and acclaimed museums.

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As you plan to hire a private jet to Guernsey's Airport at Saint Peter Port, do not forget to stop by the stylish restaurants offering a glimpse into the stunning beach views.

What Can I Do in Saint Peter Port?

It is one thing to think about the things you can do on a luxury trip to the Saint Peter Port and another to explain a myriad of fun activities you cannot exhaust in a single visit. From top travel destinations and delicious cuisines to stunning views, there is no shortage of things for luxury vacationers and beachgoers. Here are some activities and places to make your private jet trip to Saint Peter Port worthwhile:

Visit the Fascinating fortresses: Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet has guarded Saint Peter Port for 800 years. Saint Peter Port - capital of Guernsey - British Crown dependency in English Channel off the coast of Normandy. View from English Channel.
Castle Cornet has guarded Saint Peter Port for 800 years. Saint Peter Port - capital of Guernsey - British Crown dependency in English Channel off the coast of Normandy. View from English Channel.

Get different views of the historical Castle Cornet. The castle exhibits 800 years of Saint Peter Port's history. Learn about the German occupations, the English civil war, and the Second World War by visiting this castle. Luxurious activities at the Castle Cornet include enjoying beautiful scenic views of the Guernsey East coast from the castle. Do not miss a historical routine of gun firing with a 32-pound Cannon every day at noon. The highlight of the visit for luxury visitors that rent a jet to Saint Peter Port is the calm evening weather in the beautiful historic gardens at the castle.

Shore Excursion of Scenic Guernsey

private restaurant in the beach of saint peter port
Enjoy the private beach

Even before your private jet lands in Saint Peter Port, planning a scenic tour around Guernsey Island is time. Find a cruising excursion representative to guide you throughout this tour. Most cruising ships' first stop is at the famous Castle Cornet. You will also get the opportunity to most visited place, the Little Chapel. Have a first-hand experience in this porcelain pottery-decorated miniature church. The cruising ships can also take you to Guernsey Pearl, where you can view the beautiful pearls.

Reward Yourself with a Lifetime Experience at the Victoria Tower

View of Saint Peter Port from Victoria Tower
Climb to the Victoria Tower

A trip to Saint Peter Port is never complete unless you reward yourself with a panoramic view of the historic Guernsey Island from the top of Victoria Tower. Once you get to the Guernsey Museum, remember to climb the Victorian tower for a breathtaking view of the east, west, and north of Guernsey Island.

Spend a Day at the La Vallette Bathing Pools

You and your friends can partake in sheltered swimming at the La Vallette bathing pools. These Victorian Bathing pools have a long history of up to 150 years. Vacationers visiting southeast Saint Peter Port enjoy seawater swimming in these safe pools.

The best hotels in Saint Peter Port

Saint Peter Port abounds with hotels and spas where every luxury traveller can appreciate fine dining options and world-class rooms while enjoying the beautiful sceneries at Guernsey Island.

The Old Government House Hotel & Spa

View of Herm Suite with luxury furiture and accomodation
Stay at Herm Suite in The Old Government House

As you step into the Old Government House Hotel & Spa, you will get a five-star feel of exceptional housekeeping. Every room has a private balcony that opens your world to a panoramic sea view. Its location on a hill, creative cuisines, and beautifully designed rooms makes it a hotel for luxury visitors coming to Saint Peter Port via private jet.

La Fregate

This occupies the most elevated position in the hotel and enjoys breathtaking views from both the lounge and the bedroom. All areas are spacious, light and airy with an incredible degree of comfort.
Stay at La Fregate best Suite

Another popular choice for luxury is the La Fregate, a stylish townhouse hotel with a great view of the Guernsey island channel and harbour. You can enjoy your stay in any of their spacious rooms equipped with soft furnishings.

Where to Eat in Saint Peter Port?

La Fregate Restaurant

The restaurant overlooks the St. Peter Port docks, which is one of Guernsey's best restaurants. It has a meticulously curated wine list and offers a private dining area.

Le Nautique

Le Nautique is a top-notch seafood restaurant that has the title of Guernsey's longest-running restaurant. If you are not feeling seafood, there is vegetarian and beef options too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Saint Peter Port from Guernsey Airport (GCI)?

Guernsey Airport is 6 kilometres away from St. Peter Port.

How Can I rent a charter flight to Guernsey Airport?

Contact an aviation broker and you will get your charter in no time.

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