Private jet charter between St. Petersburg and Moscow

  Why not hire a private jet from LunaJets, sit back, relax, and enjoy the short 1.5 hr. flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg? Now is the best time to hire a private jet! Have you ever considered renting a private jet from Moscow to St. Petersburg?  

Which are the best airports to travel between St.Petersburg and Moscow?

Our private aviation advisors recommend Pulkovo for travel to and from St.Petersburg ; and the recommended airport for Moscow is Vnukovo

Pulkovo, St Petersburg, Russia (ULLI, LED)


Vnukovo, Moscow, Russia (UUWW, VKO)


Which kind of Aircraft is available to land in St. Petersburg or Moscow?

The aircraft models that can land in St. Petersburg Moscow are:

Seats: 4

Speed: 421 kts | 780 km/h

Range: 1381 nm | 2557 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 485 kts | 900 km/h

Range: 2062 nm | 3818 km

Seats: 6

Speed: 542 kts | 1004 km/h

Range: 2900 nm | 5370 km

Seats: 5

Speed: 367 kts | 680 km/h

Range: 1180 nm | 2185 km

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Why spend 10-12 hours riding in a car or train? Get there in luxury and spend more time enjoying the beautiful art galleries, splendid churches, and refined foods of St. Petersburg.

What to see and do in Moscow

The home of luxury and high-level events always has something interesting to do. Here you have some ideas.

The Red Square and the Kremlin

St. Basil's Cathedral on Moscow's Red Square and the autumn morning sun
St. Basil's Cathedral on Moscow's Red Square and the autumn morning sun

Before you leave for St Petersburg, take a little time to visit Moscow. The main attraction, of course, is Red Square, which is quite impressive in real life. There you can find the Kremlin, also known as the house of the government and principals in the russian churches.

Luxury shopping at G.U.M.

Interior of GUM (main store) on Red Square, Russia. GUM is one of the oldest supermarkets in Moscow and a tourist attraction. Luxury interior with a beautiful fountain inside the mall.
Visit the GUM main store on Red Square, Russia.

If it's shopping you want, GUM is your destination. It's a department store filled with small boutiques, all of which are high-end. In fact, there are more than 200 brands represented here. The architecture of the space is as interesting as the shops inside, due to the glass ceiling. There are also views of Red Square and plenty of dining options.

Best hotels in Moscow

For the best choice in hotels, here are the top three most often booked luxury hotels around Moscow:

Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya

View of the Hilton in Moscow, breaking the skyline
Admire the hotel from the city or the city from the hotel

Located in a landmark building, this polished hotel offers posh dining, an ornate cocktail lounge, and an indoor pool.

Lotte Hotel Moscow

One of the chambers on the royal suite of lotte hotel in Moscow
Feel like a prince in this Royal Suite of Lotte Hotel.

This upscale hotel is well-appointed with very stylish quarters. The luxurious hotel offers 300 rooms and suites, two splendid restaurants, an executive Club Lounge, and a world-famous Balinese Mandara Spa. LOTTE HOTEL has earned numerous prestigious international awards.

Dine at Moscow's finest restaurants

Grand Cafe Dr Zhivago, Beluga, and Chef's Table are the three top-rated restaurants in Moscow. These upscale fine-dining eateries offer some of the best Russian, European, and Fusion menus. Enjoy fabulously prepared foods and fantastic views across the city.

Grand Cafe Dr Zhivago

Located in the luxurious National Hotel Moscow, Grand Cafe Dr Zhivago has a superb view of the Kremlin. They serve Russian cuisine with a contemporary flair in a contemporary ambience that could be truly haute cuisine.


The restaurant Beluga's offers something truly unique: two dozen varieties of caviar and outstanding Russian delicacies. This is an elegant and ingenious version of modern Russian cuisine. Additionally, they have one of the world's largest vodka lists.

Chef's Table Restaurant

This is one restaurant you don't want to miss. Chef's Table restaurant in Moscow is a cosy place with a horseshoe-shaped bar that seats about 20. There is a kitchen in the middle where you will be treated like royalty with a 13-course tasting menu, starting with dishes like lardo, made from strips of coconut, scallops with eucalyptus snow on top, and homemade black bread with three types of caviar.

Aerial view of Moscow

Saint Petersburg – What to see and do after your charter

Russia, Saint Petersburg - Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood with the rainbow
Wonder yourself with the russian architecture

Did you know that St. Petersburg was once the capital of Russia—for over 200 years?

St. Petersburg often reminds people of Paris or Vienna. The people are amiable in St. Petersburg.

When you get to St. Petersburg, a three-day stay is a must—there is so much to do and see. This city is Russia's Cultural Capital.

St. Petersburg is home to the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres, which host Russia's famous ballets. Buy tickets to Mikhailovsky Theatre here.

Catherine's Palace, The Peterhof Grand Palace, The Hermitage, The General Staff Building, and other museums have outstanding collections of true masterpieces of painting, Impressionist and Postimpressionist, with works by Matisse, Picasso, and other world-renowned artists; the sculptures and jewellery are exquisite—the magnificence and opulence will take your breath away.

The artwork is spread across six buildings: Winter Palace, Small, Old and New Hermitage, General Staff Building and Theatre.

Due to their sheer size, the Hermitage and General Staff Building take over 3 hours each, so allow a whole day to complete the self-guided tour.

Fabergé Museum

Interior of the Shuvalov Palace, which houses the Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg.
Visit the Fabergé Museum

The Fabergé Museum contains the world's largest collection of luxury objects created by the famous Carl Fabergé. The exhibition even includes nine unique Easter eggs that were created for the last two emperors. You will be able to see these impressive pieces and other items made by famous artist. His work was short-lived, as he was disrupted by the First World War. He died soon after, and his art has been treasured ever since.

White Nights Festival

If your itinerary takes you to St. Petersburg this summer, you will be awed by the White Nights Festival. Due to its high latitude, St. Petersburg never gets completely dark during summer, and the whole city takes on a 2-month continuous celebration!

And For Adventure...

What can be more exciting than going off the beaten track, visiting incredible places, and finding a perfect adventure for you? Kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkelling provide a great opportunity to get out on the water, or you can seek out an adventure and climb Mt. Elbrus, one of the top adventures in Russia.

Where to Stay in St Petersburg?

Hotel Astoria

Deluxe Rooms have city views and are furnished with two single beds.
Stay at a big spaced suite in Astoria

In the heart of St. Petersburg, there lies a posh hotel called Hotel Astoria. It features large rooms, marble bathrooms, and vintage fixtures. You can use the exercise facility or request room service. You can eat and drink whatever you want. A classy hotel bar, a delectable Italian restaurant, and even afternoon tea are available.


lobby room of hotel corinthia in st Petersburg
Stay at the best St Petersburg hotel

In the centre of St. Petersburg, the Corinthia Hotel offers opulent lodging. A solitary room or a sizable family suite are both options. Don't forget to eat at the upscale Imperial Corinthia restaurant, which offers everything from hamburgers to regional cuisine. There will undoubtedly be something to your liking. 

Dining in St. Petersburg

Be sure to stop and grab some lunch at one of the local's favourite stops.

The Stolle pie shop

This is where pies are made from old Russian recipes, and the cafe is decorated according to the 19th & 20th centuries. The pies come in about 40 varieties, including savoury chicken, salmon, spinach, and cheese as well as sweet raspberry and apple pies.


For a treat, stop by for cheerful service at Pyshechnaya--their Russian doughnuts are the best!--it's a popular place with locals and tourists. Don't miss this experience.

Aerial view of St. Petersburg

Why choose LunaJets?

LunaJets, the Private Jet Charter service, offers 24/7 worldwide service and is recognized as a leader in the industry. We offer the best prices based on proprietary technology, flight volume, and independent advice.

Our company is comprised of more than 70 employees, four offices (Geneva, London, Paris, Gstaad), and eight exclusive agents. LunaJets' professionals and working ethic culture have been recognized four times in a row (2018-2021) by the Swiss Economic Magazine Bilan award.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the airports near St. Petersburg?

The primary international airport for St Petersburg is Pulkovo Airport, which is 23 kilometres south of the city's centre. With VIP lounges and other upscale amenities, the airport accommodates all types of aircraft and offers great service to private jet travellers.

What are the airports near Moscow?

Bykovo, Moscow Domodedovo , Sheremetyevo Int'l , Moscow Vnukovo Int'l , Zhukovsky and Ostafyevo Int'l