How sports clubs can maximise their members’ time by chartering a private jet for tournaments, retreats and events.

Whether you’re an exclusive golf club, an elite team of runners or simply a group of enthusiastic sporting friends, why not consider chartering a private jet to transport members to your next sporting event, tournament or wellness meetup?

At LunaJets, the costs of hiring a private jet for your group may come as a pleasant surprise, and there are myriad benefits that you may not have thought of, from easily transporting bulky and valuable equipment (sports clubs, elite bikes), to members arriving rested and refreshed, and ready to bring their A-Game.

Sports enthusiasts and those who passionately embrace wellness know that it doesn’t get much better than jetting off somewhere new for their favourite sport.

Whether it’s conquering a top-tier Masters golf course, trying out exciting new running trails or getting to a secluded beach to achieve those sunrise asanas, a getaway that includes sport is sure to get members fired up and excited.

Sports holidays: arrive with passion and a purpose

Sports holidays are unique in that everyone arrives with a purpose: each individual not only has something to do, they usually come away with a real sense of achievement at the end. What’s more, sporting breaks give people quality time away from the busy-ness of life to really focus valuable time on improving their game, skills or technique. All of these are key reasons to really make the most of a group sports trip, as they can significantly propel members forward, and take their practice up a level.

Given the real appeal of organising sports groups abroad and the significant benefits they bring, why not make the most of your sporting break for your club, resort or team and consider travelling to your destination by private jet, with LunaJets?

“Sporting breaks give people quality time away from the busy-ness of life to really improve their game, skills or technique.”

A group of golfers watch a golfer tee off in the sunshine
Chartering a private jet for a golf trip with plenty of clubs!

Forget the fear of lost or delayed valuable sports equipment Chartering a private plane from one of the many high-end aircraft in the LunaJets fleet absolutely guarantees your sports club trip will be a success. Private aircraft travel not only represents the epitome of luxury and comfort, but ensures a wonderful, hassle-free experience. This is particularly relevant when transporting premium sports equipment, such as golf clubs, high-end bicycles, skiing equipment or even climbing gear, which we know adds up to thousands of dollars per item. Group members will want to know that their precious equipment, which is not only valuable, but is highly personal to them, is safe and secure at all stages of their journey. Travelling by private jet guarantees safety and security of equipment as it is placed in the plane at the same time as passengers, and it can even be accessed mid-flight, if required.

A woman practises yoga in an exotic location by a poolside
Get everyone to the destination stress-free

New to private jet travel? Get familiar with aircrafts and costs

If you’re a luxury sports club or resort and are new to the world of organising events and trips abroad that include private jet travel, we invite you to browse the LunaJets fleet and get familiar with the different types of aircraft available. We also recommend discussing your needs with one of our highly experienced LunaJets agents, available 24/7, who can guide you through costs, process and our young and varied fleet.

If you have already travelled by private jet and know which aircraft might be suitable for your group’s needs, check out the LunaJets jet comparator tool and compare different models.

Take your team to the next level with private jet travel

Organising a special sports trip, tournament or event away is a real high point for many sports and wellness associations, especially when travelling by private jet. It’s a chance for teams and individuals to bond, enjoy the comfort and convenience of luxury travel and really feel that their needs are being catered for, so they can focus on finding peak performance.

Private jet travel: not just for clubs, for friend groups too

As so many more of us look to healthy lifestyles to prolong longevity, combat stress and, in the wake of the covid pandemic, to really focus on our health and wellbeing, sports breaks are also a fantastic opportunity for active groups of friends to elevate their trip to a whole new level of comfort and efficiency, and add a special touch to their time together. In addition to the sheer comfort and convenience of travelling by private jet with LunaJets, there are significant practical benefits, too.

Two sporty couples smile on a tennis court around the net
Fly your group to warmer weather to extend your practice

Here are just some of the many benefits of chartering a private jet with LunaJets for your sports or wellness trip:

  • Practicality: by travelling together on a single private jet, you will eliminate the hassle of coordinating everyone’s schedules, thanks to LunaJets’ dedicated door-to-door service from your home or hotel to the private airport terminal. This ensures that the whole group arrives at the airport at the same time for a coordinated departure, and arrives at the destination together. Your group can get going without waiting for late or delayed flights or even lost luggage.

  • Performance: LunaJets’ door-to-door transport service to the private airport terminal is by luxury vehicle transfer, eliminating the hassle of early morning taxis, airport drives or having to rely on public transport: your group can simply concentrate on their performance and their time ahead. The seamless, convenient mode of flying by private jet makes travel enjoyable once again, meaning your members remain in peak condition, without becoming exhausted by travel and delays.

  • Protection: if you’re travelling with sports equipment such as high-end golf clubs, climbing gear or ski equipment, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your precious luggage is safely stowed in the private aircraft and will not be lost or mislaid. LunaJets’ aircraft cover a database of 6,000 planes, offering ample luggage stowage capacity, and you can even check on or access your luggage in-flight. You are certain to find an aircraft tailored to your needs.

Interested? Ready to discuss your needs?

If we’ve already piqued your interest, call and speak to one of our expert LunaJets agents, available 24/7. You can explore costs, pricing options, and the type of aircraft that would be suitable for your group and any equipment requirements.

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Golf caddies and clubs parked outside a golf club restaurant
Travel private with LunaJets and take all the equipment you need

What kinds of sports associations charter a private jet for their trip?

At LunaJets, our customers include upscale sports associations, such as golf clubs and resorts that choose to use private jets to transport their members, or simply groups of individuals who wish to charter a private aircraft to fly their yoga group or walking group more quickly, luxuriously and comfortably to their chosen destination. The speed and efficiency of private aircraft travel is absolutely ideal for professional teams and amateur groups as well as informal members of sports clubs or enthusiastic sporty groups of friends, including:

  • Golfing groups

  • Cycling groups

  • Running groups and marathoners

  • Tennis clubs

  • Skiing clubs

  • Surfing and wakeboarding groups

  • Yoga groups

  • Climbing groups

  • Hiking and walking groups

  • Fishing groups

  • Sailing groups

Private aircraft are ideal for bulky, valuable equipment

In particular, the convenience of private air travel is especially attractive for sports groups that need to transport valuable or bulky equipment. The capacity of a private jet’s baggage hold, combined with absolute security of your equipment is ideal for those travelling with:

  • Golf clubs

  • Mountain bikes or road bikes

  • Skis and snowboards

  • Surfboards, windsurfs or wakeboards

  • Paddleboards

  • Fishing rods and tackle

  • Climbing ropes and gear

  • Specialist sports equipment, such as paragliding

A group of cyclists going downhill in a scenic lake location
Charter a private jet and safely transport bikes to your dream destination

With a private jet, you keep an eye on your sports equipment

When you travel by private jet, you will always have an eye on your luggage or specialist equipment. At a private air terminal, there are no lengthy security queues or time wasted waiting. Check-in typically takes around 15 minutes, and you will see your luggage stowed in the hold of the LunaJets’ aircraft. You can even access your equipment or luggage in-flight, if desired.

A well-planned sports trip to sharpen skills and technique

By practising your favourite sport in a new place, whether within your home country or abroad, club members or friends can challenge themselves in new conditions, adapting to new terrain or different weather. Adapting to new environments will sharpen your overall skills, deepen your practice, not to mention adding a renewed and reinvigorated dimension to your favourite healthy hobby.

Some of the benefits of taking club members to a new destination abroad include:

  • Optimum temperatures: enjoy different - perhaps more reliable - weather, such as cooler or hotter temperatures in which to play your sport (tennis or running, for example).

  • Inspirational landscapes: yogis can be inspired by new mountain or ocean landscapes to enhance their practice; climbers will also be thrilled at new terrains.

  • Extend the season: skiers can seek new slopes or extend the season by flying to higher peaks and glaciers.

  • New challenges: climbers can challenge themselves in new terrains.

  • New conditions: sailing groups can literally try out new waters!

Private jet travel is ideal for challenging terrains and hard-to-reach areas

For skiers and climbers in particular, chartering a private jet can get you to remote or hard-to-reach areas. It can also be combined with helicopter charters to get you closer to your destination or difficult-to-reach areas. We encourage you to call on LunaJets’ experienced agents who can offer and advise on concierge services, such as hotel or restaurant bookings, as well as helicopter charter and accessing out-of-the-way mountain resorts.

Did you know? Some remote areas are accessible by specific aircraft, which can land on difficult terrain, mountainous areas, or short runways. View the capabilities of the Pilatus PC-24, for example, a fantastic “off-road” plane.

LunaJets has an exceptionally comprehensive and young fleet, with many other similar aircraft suited for off-road or remote areas. Browse some of these aircraft options, below:

In the Turboprops category:

In the Light Jets category:

In the Midsize Jets category:

In the Large Jets category:

In the Long Range Jets category

Don’t forget that you can contact a LunaJets private aviation advisor directly, and request guidance on choosing the right aircraft for your needs, as well as choosing an aircraft based specifically on luggage capacity, passenger size, cabin configuration or technology onboard.

A helicopter and private planes at a snowy mountain resort
Chartering a jet with LunaJets is particularly suited for skiers

10 benefits of chartering a private jet for sports clubs or groups:

  1. Get everyone to the destination on time

  2. Save time by avoiding lengthy security and check-in queues

  3. Avoid crowded terminals and stay away from crowds

  4. Build team spirit and bond over shared experiences

  5. Quick, seamless travel means everyone arrives ready and refreshed

  6. No worries about lost luggage, cancellations or delays

  7. Safely transport valuable sports equipment such as skis or golf clubs

  8. Keep everyone in peak health thanks to roomy cabins and fresh-air filters

  9. Make the trip unforgettable thanks to the private jet flying experience

  10. Travel quickly and efficiently - save on overnight and hotel costs

  11. Make use of in-flight technology such as WiFi for up-to-date weather reports

Get inspired with the World’s Best travel ideas: LunaJets can take you there

If we’ve whetted your appetite and are keen to explore the idea of chartering a private jet with LunaJets as an ideal way of transporting your loyal club members or pro sports team, take a look at our round up of the world’s best sporting destinations. All of these, however far-flung, can be easily reached via LunaJets’ global network of destinations, and global fleet

Do I need a large group to book a private jet?

No. Even if you just wish to fly a small group, you will gain time and may even make cost savings by coordinating everyone’s flights to the destination. Once you have a date in mind and know the size of your group, please call LunaJets to discuss the best private aircraft options for your party.

  • Browse the LunaJets fleet.

  • Compare private aircraft with our Jet Comparator, which displays different private aircraft types, sizes and passenger capacity.

What if my passenger numbers change - will I need to change my aircraft choice?

If your passenger group size changes, call your LunaJets representative: we can organise another small aircraft to depart at the same time and transport your extra guests, or change your booking to that of a larger jet, or a smaller aircraft. LunaJets agents are available 24/7, and are totally dedicated to superior customer care, offering ultimate flexibility and responsiveness.

What are the hygiene measures onboard a private jet?

Depending on which private aircraft you select, the cabins will offer a variety of high-tech air recirculation systems or HEPA air filters that remove the cabin air while removing allergies, viruses, and germs. Your team will likely feel more at ease knowing that they are not sharing the space with numerous other passengers and that they are avoiding crowds at commercial terminals because crowded environments are a likely vector for the transmission of viruses and colds. Travelling by private plane is a lot more comfortable and hygienic in terms of reducing bacterial risk and exposure.

Read our dedicated article on private jet cabin air quality.

What if members in my team need to travel at different times?

Depending on the size and needs of your passenger group, LunaJets can easily arrange either for two separate aircraft departing at different times to transport passengers, or for the aircraft to execute two or three return trips.

Is food available on the LunaJets aircraft?

If you’re travelling with a sporty, health-conscious crowd, you will want to know what menu and snack options are available. Catering options onboard are as numerous and diverse as the LunaJets fleet of aircraft, although do note that Light/Very Light jets typically do not have galley kitchens on board, thus snacks and meal options are restricted on these types of aircraft. You can ask your LunaJets consultant to prepare something special, bring or request your favourite healthy treats onboard, or order from a nearby restaurant. Once you know the type of aircraft your group will be travelling in, you can decide the types of meals you will opt for onboard.

Who oversees our flights and travel coordination?

Your LunaJets representative will act as a single point of contact for your flights, and inform you well in advance of the check-in times and documentation requirements. LunaJets provides a luxury vehicle as standard from your guests’ home or hotel to the private airport terminal, as well as providing luxury vehicle transportation for your onward journey, as standard.

How cost effective is it to hire a private jet with LunaJets?

LunaJets guarantees the best price for private jet charter, with no additional or hidden costs. Choose from three different pricing options depending on the availability of a private jet for your itinerary and date of travel: