Frankfurt am Main’s Private Aviation

Discover the allure of flying privately to one of Europe's busiest hubs. As Europe's financial epicentre beckons, find out why Frankfurt am Main International stands unparalleled in luxury aviation.

Exclusive Routes to Frankfurt International Airport

Departure AirportAircraft ModelFlight Duration
Paris Le BourgetChallenger 3501h 20m
London LutonCitation X1h 40m
Milan LinateFalcon 20001h 10m

Frankfurt am Main International at a Glance

GPS Location50.037933, 8.562152
Number of Runways5
Number of Terminals3

Frankfurt's Elite Aviation Experience

Frankfurt am Main isn't just a gateway; it’s the epitome of a grand entrance for the discerning traveller. Beyond the gleaming runways and state-of-the-art facilities, it's the subtle nuances of the private aviation experience that genuinely distinguish Frankfurt.

Onboard the VIP Experience

When you opt for a private jet charter to or from Frankfurt, the luxuries aren’t confined to the ground alone. The onboard VIP experience starts long before the plane leaves the tarmac:

Bespoke Catering: Whether you fancy a Michelin-starred meal or have specific dietary preferences, onboard catering ensures gastronomic delight at 40,000 feet. Savour dishes curated by renowned chefs, paired with vintage wines or your favourite cocktail.

Unmatched Comfort: The aircraft interiors are crafted meticulously, blending luxury with ergonomics. Fully reclining seats, exquisite bed linen, and personalised entertainment systems are staples.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Essential for many of our patrons, the cabins are designed to ensure utmost privacy. Hold confidential meetings, or relax in solace, knowing that your journey is discrete.

Dedicated Cabin Crew: Your comfort is paramount. A trained and courteous cabin crew is at your beck and call, ensuring your needs are met — be it a particular beverage, adjusting cabin conditions, or assistance with entertainment options.

Connected Always: With state-of-the-art satellite communication systems, you’re never out of touch. Whether you need to make business calls, check emails, or simply browse the web, the onboard connectivity rivals any modern office.

When you step aboard a private jet hire for Frankfurt, it's more than just a flight; it’s an experience, a statement, and a testament to your choice of the finest in aviation.

Beyond the VIP onboard amenities, Frankfurt am Main International Airport ensures that the transition from ground to air (and vice versa) is seamless. Exclusive terminals and lounges, designed with an opulent flair, mirror the city's global prominence. From the plush seating areas to fast-track services, every moment radiates luxury.

Together, these moments coalesce to define what private aviation at Frankfurt truly represents: a symphony of luxury, precision, and exclusivity.

Preferred Aircraft for Private Flights to Frankfurt am Main International

Frankfurt am Main International Airport, with its expansive runways and facilities, can accommodate a range of private aircraft, from nimble light jets to the more capacious long-range giants. Here are some top aircraft options for private charters to and from Frankfurt, along with their merits and potential limitations:

Bombardier Global 7500

Why it’s Ideal: As one of the most coveted ultra-long-range private jets in the market, it offers an incredible range, lavish interiors, and superior performance. Its capability to fly nonstop on longer routes like Frankfurt to New York or even further makes it perfect for transcontinental flights.

Potential Limitations: Due to its size and the resources it commands, hiring the Global 7500 can be on the pricier side. Moreover, its size might be an overkill for shorter European routes.

Cessna Citation X

Why it’s Ideal: Celebrated as one of the fastest civil jets, the Citation X is great for those looking to make quick hops across Europe. The combination of speed, comfort, and efficiency is unmatched, making it perfect for business trips.

Potential Limitations: While efficient, its range isn't designed for ultra-long-haul flights. It's best suited for intra-European destinations.

Embraer Legacy 500

Why it’s Ideal: A midsize jet that doesn't compromise on comfort. The cabin is spacious with a flat-floor and excellent headroom. Its range and speed are admirable, making it a good fit for both short hops and slightly longer jaunts, like Frankfurt to Dubai.

Potential Limitations: While it’s a stellar midsize jet, it doesn’t have the range of larger counterparts for intercontinental journeys.

Gulfstream G650ER

Why it’s Ideal: It's the crème de la crème of business aviation. The G650ER boasts an incredible range, luxurious amenities, and remarkable speed. For those looking to fly from Frankfurt to far-off destinations like Singapore or Los Angeles non-stop, this is your jet.

Potential Limitations: Similar to the Global 7500, the G650ER can be more expensive to charter. There may also be more aircraft than needed for shorter, regional trips.

Pilatus PC-24

Why it’s Ideal: This light jet is unique because of its versatility. It can land on both paved and unpaved runways, making it perfect for those looking to visit more remote destinations from Frankfurt. The interiors are plush, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Potential Limitations: Being a light jet, its range is limited. It’s perfect for short to medium-haul flights within Europe but not for longer intercontinental routes.

When selecting the ideal aircraft for a private flight to or from Frankfurt am Main International Airport, one must weigh the journey's purpose, the range required, desired amenities, and budget. With LunaJets, rest assured, you'll find a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Why LunaJets is Frankfurt's First Choice for Luxury Flights

Choosing LunaJets isn't just about booking a flight; it's about experiencing a legacy. Our tailored and responsive service has been fine-tuned to the wishes of those who prefer the skies less travelled. We've fostered premier partnerships with Frankfurt am Main operators, ensuring every detail of your journey is taken care of. With LunaJets, you get round-the-clock support, ensuring a seamless and luxurious private flight experience every time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities can I expect at Frankfurt's private terminals?

Exclusive lounges, personal concierge services, and fast-track customs clearance are just a few of the luxuries awaiting.

How early do I need to arrive before my private flight?

The beauty of private aviation is the flexibility. Generally, arriving 15-30 minutes prior to departure is ample.

Are pets allowed on a private flight to Frankfurt am Main?

Yes, many private charters allow pets on board. However, it's essential to inform LunaJets in advance to make the necessary arrangements and ensure all travel regulations are met.

How does luggage capacity vary with different aircraft?

Different aircraft have varying luggage capacities. For example, while light jets might have limitations, larger jets like the Bombardier Global 7500 have ample space for luggage. It's advisable to discuss luggage requirements when booking your charter.

Can I change my flight details or itinerary once booked?

One of the perks of private aviation is flexibility. While changes are subject to aircraft availability and potential additional costs, LunaJets aims to accommodate any modifications to your plans.