Hire a Private Jet to Valletta

A trip to beautiful Valletta offers plenty of opportunities for rest and rejuvenation. In approximately a few hours, you’ll make your way in style from England to the island. Taking a private jet to the capital city of Malta allows you to feel comfortable from the moment you step foot on your flight. This guide explains all the remarkable things you can do, see, and experience in Valletta. It also helps you learn why LunaJets is the best option you have for private jet flights to and from Malta.

What to Do in Valletta?

Valletta is a place where luxury exists en masse. You’ll find the following activities perfect for the duration of the trip you have booked. Each offers you a glimpse into Maltese life.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Co-Cathedral a gem of Baroque art and architecture interior. Valetta, Malta
Visit the St. Jhon's Cathedral

Featuring the finest Baroque art and architecture, St. John’s Co-Cathedral has been standing since 1577. It took four years to build and has two Caravaggio masterpieces inside of it. The cathedral remains a very important place of worship for Malta’s people.

Upper Barakka Gardens

Valletta Grand Harbor and Saluting Battery from the Upper Barrakka Gardens Malta December 2017
Stroll in the upper Barrakka gardens

With its stunning view of the Grand Harbour, the Upper Barakka Gardens provides a tranquil space to know Valletta better. You can easily take stunning photographs of the island, sit and read a book, and even enjoy a snack sold at the kiosk inside the gardens.

Valletta Waterfront

view on Valletta with its architecture from the sea
Walk arround the waterfront

The Valletta Waterfront offers outstanding views of the island and its rich and interesting history. From the Chapel of the Flight to Egypt to the Historic Quay Wall, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Taking a cruise puts you in the middle of the waterfront and closer to the Child Migrants’ Memorial and iconic Pinto Stores, the work of Grand Master Pinto.

Casa Rocca Piccola

Dinning room in the Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta, Malta
Take a tour of Casa Rocca Piccola

Called a ‘Living Museum’ by the Maltese people, the Casa Rocca Piccola is a sight to behold. It’s existed since the 16th Century and belonged to the ninth Marquis de Piro. Guided and Private Tours last approximately 45 minutes, are spoken in English and provide you with an insider’s view of one of the most incredible homes in Valletta.

Where to Stay While Visiting Valletta

Exquisite accommodations make your stay in Valletta even more memorable. The following hotels are among the best the island has to offer. From world-class amenities to the softest beds you’ve ever slept on, you’ll find your dream suite, villa, or resort from the list included below.

The Phoenicia Malta

Regarded as one of the top hotels in Malta, the Phoenicia Malta is considered “Mediterranean Luxury.” The 5-star hotel has been the place to stay for celebrities and other important people for decades. Its landscaped grounds, spacious rooms, and incredible views are hard to say, “No,” to while visiting the island.

La Falconeria

Modern furnishings and outstanding views make La Falconeria one of the top choices among travelers for accommodations in Valetta. Rooftop views of the waterfront and the buildings among it make an excellent backdrop for photos. Another outstanding feature that you’re going to love is the hotel’s swimming pool surrounded by rock in a cave-like structure.

The Barrister Hotel

The Barrister Hotel prioritizes outstanding customer service through its world-class amenities. The moment that guests step foot in the hotel, they feel comfortable and welcome. Breakfast is available, and rooms come stocked with complimentary beverages and snacks.

Domus Zamittello

The 17th Century palazzo known as the Domus Zamittello is among the finest places to stay in Malta. The classic rooms differ in size and décor, making each stay unique and memorable. The courtyard allows you to explore the weather on the island while remaining close to where you’re staying. Shopping the most sought-after boutiques and stores is possible because they’re within walking distance of the premium accommodation.

Why Choose LunaJets for Your Trips to and from Valletta?

Airports in major cities throughout the world are packed full of people. They’re crowded, unpleasant, and come with delays and cancellations. Even when you fly first class, you don’t know who you’re traveling with at any time. When you hire a private jet, you don’t worry about lost luggage or poor dietary options. LunaJets provides outstanding comfort, excellent extras, and plenty of legroom.

Rent a private jet for yourself or a group of people. A trip to Valletta has never been more convenient and accommodating. See for yourself what luxury feels like from start to finish of your trip. LunaJets provides you with the experience of a lifetime and many positive memories, too!

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