Hire a Private Jet to Turin

Contact LunaJets to hire your private jet to Turin, Italy’s first capital in 1861 (until 1865) and today’s capital city of the Piedmont region.

Alp-fringed and located along the western bank of the Po River in northern Italy, Turin is an important business and cultural centre where Italy’s most iconic car was born, the Fiat. Turin attracts numerous visitors every year, travelling for professional and leisure purposes, eager to walk in its art-nouveau cafes, admire the city’s architecture and historical palaces, and experience joyful live-music and Italian slow food.

Private jet passengers can land at Aeritalia Airport (LIMA) or Torino Airport (TRN), both lying relatively close to Turin’s downtown area. Turin-Aeritalia Airport, also called, Edoardo Agnelli Airport, is located off Corso Marche, about five kilometres to the west of the city centre while Turin Airport, also named Turin-Caselle Airport, lies about 16 kilometres from the city.

Your LunaJets advisor can source the private jet most well suited for your trip along with VIP airport transfers meeting your preferences.

May it be for a business meeting or a family vacation, LunaJets offers personalised private aviation services and unbeatable rates for your private jet charter flights to Turin. Our Private Aviation Advisory team is available 24/7, ready to assist you with your upcoming private jet hire to Turin.

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