Hire a Private Jet to Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany is located in the northern part of the country and is as well known for its bustling port as it is its quaint cafes, historical sites and delicious German cuisine. Visitors can enjoy perusing the local shops for handmade goods, locally-sourced cheese and sausage and enjoying the unique aspects of Hamburg's decidedly German culture.

Getting to and from Hamburg is made infinitely easier for luxury travelers who opt to travel via private jet.

What Can You Do In Hamburg?

There is so much to do in Hamburg that it may seem impossible to pack it all into one trip. Narrowing down the options depends on what experience you want to have in this German metropolis.

Harbour Tour

Aerial view of the Elbe River and ships in the city of Hamburg during sunset. Geramania in the summer
Take a tour of the port

Boat tours of the Harbour in Hamburg is among the most popular options for travelers because of the spectacular beauty surrounding this area of the city. Because it is a bustling port, there is plenty to see during the boat tour, from stately yachts to water-based sport competitions to wildlife and more.

The Speicherstadt

The warehouse district (Speicherstadt) in Hamburg, Germany, at dusk. View of Wandrahmsfleet. The world's largest warehouse district is located in the port of Hamburg in the HafenCity area.
Visit the Speicherstadt

Otherwise known as the City of Warehouses, the Speicherstadt started as a group of structures built on a pile of oak wood and designed in a Gothic Revival aesthetic. However, it is now a World Heritage Site and attracts travelers who want to walk through this historical landmark.

There are canals surrounding the structures, and some of the warehouses have been turned into living spaces. There are also small shops and other eclectic businesses found here.

Miniatur Wunderland

Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany
Visit the Miniature Wonderland

This is an attraction found in the Speicherstadt and fills one of the warehouse spaces. Miniatur Wunderland has scale models of Austria, central parts of Germany and a unique portion, Knuffingen. Elements have been added to represent Italy, the United States and more.

All parts of the Miniatur Wunderland have moving parts, from people to traffic. There is also a huge railway track. It is also significantly interactive because visitors can flick the switches on and off to control elements of the model.

Planten un Blomen

Rock wall with small waterfalls in the park Planten un Blomen in Hamburg, Germany
Enjoy Planten un Blomen Park

This is one of the most expansive and visually-appealing greenspaces in the region. The Planten un Blomen is a 47-hectare of property boasting botanical gardens, greenhouses, ponds and expanses of lush, green lawn.

The summer is the time in which the Planten un Blomen really attracts travelers to Hamburg because the rose gardens are in full bloom.

Where Should You Stay in Hamburg?

One of the interesting things about Hamburg is that there is an array of luxury properties ready to cater to your lodging needs.

Hotel Atlantic Hamburg

The stately Hotel Atlantic Hamburg appears aristocratic at first glance, beckoning travelers with unparalleled opulence. Situated in the heart of Hamburg, the hotel offers luxury travelers amenities like world-class concierge services, a business center and on-site restaurant.

The Fontenay

The Fontenay is a lakefront property that draws luxury travelers with its modern architecture and aesthetically-pleasing guest rooms. There is an on-site spa offering a full menu of personal care services and special packages for those embarking on specialty vacations.

Hotel Louis C. Jacob

Also situated on the water, the Hotel Louis C. Jacob offers exterior dining replete with candlelight and harbor vistas, spacious guestrooms and live entertainment to keep guests engaged. The concierge services ensure that luxury travelers have access to services to enhance their trips.

Grand Elysee Hamburg

The Grand Elysee Hamburg is located in the heart of the city, offering centralized access to a number of local attractions. There is an on-site sauna, spa and pool, as well as a solarium. The property also has a restaurant and bar for luxury travelers to enjoy without leaving.

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Whether you are traveling with just a few people or in a larger group, booking a private jet allows you to create your own itinerary to enjoy the best that Hamburg has to offer before moving on to the next leg of your trip or returning to home base.

What are the closest airports to Hamburg by private jet?

Uetersen HeistQSMEDHE

What is the best airport to travel to and from Hamburg?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Hamburg Airport for travel to and from Hamburg.