Hire a Private Jet to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fast-paced city that characterizes the spirit of the Netherlands. There is no shortage of activities in which to engage during a visit, from museums to shopping to Dutch cuisine and beyond.

One of the best ways to travel to and from this capital city is via private jet because it mimics the luxury found in the various activities available in the city.

What Can You Do In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a multicultural mecca and is known as a travel destination where travelers can dabble in any number of interests, from viewing fine art to ambling through the Red Light District.

Shop on Nine Little Streets

Beautiful sunset at one of nine little streets, a popular touristic destination in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wander in the Nine little streets

One of the best parts about shopping on Nine Little Streets in Amsterdam is that it is a collection of funky little shops, high-end boutiques and fusion cuisine that makes spending time here an interesting excursion in culture.

There is plenty to see and do here, so keep that in mind when planning an excursion to the area during a trip to Amsterdam.

Museum Hop

Van Gogh museum building outstanding with design architectured in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Visit the Van Gogh Museum

There are so many museums to visit during a trip to Amsterdam that it can be challenging to narrow down the options to just one. The Van Gogh Museum is an art space entirely dedicated to this art master, while the Amsterdam Museum offers assorted art collections for visitors to enjoy.

The National Maritime Museum is also a frequent stop for travelers who want to learn more about Dutch maritime history.

Walk the Red Light District

Red-light district in Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are about three hundred cabins rented by prostitutes in the area.
Take a tour at the Red Lights District

The Red Light District of Amsterdam has something of a seedy reputation, but the truth is, there is plenty more to see here than what happens after dark. There are shops, eateries and museums in the district as well.

It is well worth the inclusion on an Amsterdam itinerary to have a truly immersive experience.

Visit the Ann Frank House

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Statue of Anne Frank by Pieter d'Hont, next to Anne Frank Huis.
Remember history at the Anne Franck House

This is a historic inclusion on an itinerary of Amsterdam. The Ann Frank House is a museum dedicated to the life of Ann Frank. Visitors can read her diary entries, see the secret annex and learn more about her unique and significant experiences of survival.

Where Should You Stay in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is home to a diverse array of lodging options, from high-end properties to unique boutique options.

Ambassade Hotel

The Ambassade Hotel is cheerful, colorful and plenty of bright light and luxury amenities. The walls of the property are adorned with art, and there is an on-site bar for patrons to enjoy. Koan Float is the on-site spa that offers a bevvy of personal care services, while the guest rooms are just as eclectic and aesthetically-pleasing as the rest of the property.

Hotel Estherea

Hotel Estherea is dripping with opulence with its elegant interiors, unique guest rooms and designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The historic property is a boutique property that is locally-owned and operated. The guest service and concierge options are personalized, which offers each guest a unique experience.

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam

The Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam property is centrally-located in Amsterdam. A Radisson brand hotel, the Park Plaza has a modern feel despite the historic elements of the area in which it is situated. Everything about the Park Plaza is modern and upscale, which attracts luxury travelers. Smart TVs and top-of-the-line coffee machines are included in the guest rooms, while on-site amenities are meant to make guests feel more comfortable.

Hotel Pulitzer

Situated on one of the streets with the infamous canals that characterize Amsterdam, the Hotel Pulitzer is an upscale property with luxury amenities. The guest rooms offer spacious options for guests, an on-site cafe, garden spaces and more.

Use LunaJets To Get To and From Amsterdam

Amsterdam is ideal for luxury travelers because there is so much to do and see. Because of this, traveling here via private jet is ideal. It not only allows you to come and go on your schedule, but also, ensures that your mode of travel is the most luxurious option.

Take a private jet into the city to enjoy everything that Amsterdam has to offer until you've drained every drop of fun from your visit. Then, you can jet to your next destination.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Amsterdam?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for travel to and from Amsterdam.