Guide to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) by Private Jet

Discover the allure of Amsterdam's premier airport, Schiphol, a hub that promises seamless experiences for discerning travellers opting for private jet charter services.

Private Jet Routes from Schiphol Airport

Travelling by private flight from Amsterdam Schiphol opens doors to Europe’s finest destinations. Here’s a glimpse of exclusive routes available for the elite traveller:

Departure AirportAircraft ModelFlight Duration
Paris Le BourgetChallenger 3001 hour
London FarnboroughGulfstream G65045 minutes
GenevaFalcon 8X1 hour 30 minutes
Milan LinateCitation X1 hour 15 minutes

Schiphol Airport Factsheet

For those invested in the nuances of their transit points, here’s a concise overview of Amsterdam Schiphol:

GPS Location52°18′00″N 4°45′54″E
Elevation-3 m
Number of Runways6
Number of Terminals2

Ideal Aircrafts for Private Flights from/to Amsterdam Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol, with its world-class amenities and location, is perfectly suited for various types of private jets. Whether you're on a short hop across Europe or a transatlantic journey, choosing the right aircraft can amplify your experience. Here are some top aircrafts to consider and their specific benefits:

Cessna Citation XLS+

Why It's Ideal: The Citation XLS+ is one of the best-selling business jets globally. It offers the ability to land on shorter runways, which can be advantageous if you're connecting from Schiphol to smaller airports. With a comfortable cabin, it's perfect for short to mid-range trips.

Potential Inconvenience: Its range is limited to about 2,100 nautical miles, so it's not suited for very long-haul flights.

Bombardier Global 7500

Why It's Ideal: For those long-haul flights, especially transatlantic routes, the Global 7500 stands out. It offers a range of over 7,500 nautical miles, ensuring a non-stop flight from Amsterdam to almost any destination worldwide. The spacious cabins, luxury amenities, and fuel efficiency make it a top pick for lengthy journeys.

Potential Inconvenience: Its size means it requires longer runways, and it might be an overkill for shorter European routes in terms of cost and fuel efficiency.

Embraer Phenom 300

Why It's Ideal: This light jet is a popular choice for intra-European travel. It offers a fine balance between performance, comfort, and running cost. With a range of about 1,971 nautical miles, it's well-suited for quick hops across the continent.

Potential Inconvenience: The cabin might feel compact for travellers used to larger, ultra-long-range jets.

Gulfstream G650ER

Why It's Ideal: As one of the fastest and longest-range jets in the world, the G650ER is perfect for those who don't compromise on luxury. With a range of 7,500 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.925, it ensures you reach from Amsterdam to far-off destinations swiftly and in style.

Potential Inconvenience: Its premium features come with a premium price tag. It's best suited for those who value luxury and speed above all else.

Dassault Falcon 8X

Why It's Ideal: This tri-jet offers a blend of performance, luxury, and flexibility. It's known for its ability to land at challenging airports with short runways. If your journey from Schiphol includes tricky terrains or high-altitude airports, this might be your best pick.

Potential Inconvenience: Its operating costs are slightly higher, given its three-engine design.

The choice of aircraft should be tailored to your specific journey needs, duration, and preferred level of luxury. Amsterdam Schiphol, with its advanced infrastructure, is equipped to handle a diverse range of private aircraft, ensuring your journey begins or ends on the perfect note.

Flight Solutions at Amsterdam Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol stands not just as an airport but as an emblem of luxury travel. For the privileged traveller, Schiphol's private jet terminals are just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Once onboard, the true essence of VIP services comes to life. First and foremost, the ambiance onboard is tailored to individual preferences, whether it's the cabin's lighting, the temperature, or the music. Each aircraft ensures spacious seating arrangements, offering plush seats that can often be converted into fully flat beds, ensuring a restful journey.

Onboard gourmet dining takes flight experiences to another level. Personalised menu options curated by top chefs offer a range of delicacies, from caviar and truffle dishes to bespoke meals catering to specific dietary needs. The wine and champagne selection are carefully curated to pair perfectly with the in-flight meals, and each glass is poured to perfection by trained onboard attendants.

Entertainment is also personalised. From the latest blockbusters, music albums, to video conferencing facilities, everything is at the fingertips of the traveller. Wi-Fi onboard ensures you're always connected, allowing for last-minute business presentations or a simple catch-up with loved ones.

Beyond this, an essential part of VIP services on board is discretion and privacy. Soundproof cabins ensure private conversations remain confidential, while personal attendants ensure that all needs are met with utmost care and minimum intrusion.

Returning to Schiphol's offerings, beyond the flight, the airport boasts executive lounges exclusively designed for private flight patrons. The comfort extends from the air to the ground, with seamless procedures for Amsterdam jet charter services ensuring efficiency, minimising ground time, and enhancing the overall travel experience.

LunaJets: The Gold Standard in Amsterdam’s Private Aviation

With a commitment to elevating every journey, LunaJets redefines private aviation at Schiphol. Our exceptional customer service ensures your needs are anticipated and met with precision. From a streamlined booking process to exclusive partnerships with Schiphol’s finest luxury services, your travel with LunaJets promises exclusivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LunaJets ensure privacy during transit at Schiphol?

Our collaboration with dedicated terminals and service teams at Schiphol prioritises your discretion every step of the way.

What sets Amsterdam’s private jet terminals apart?

Beyond functionality, these terminals offer unparalleled luxury and comfort, ensuring each traveller is met with tailored services.

How are flight durations calculated for the Amsterdam exclusive air charter?

Durations are meticulously determined, considering optimal routes and prevailing conditions, ensuring timely arrivals.

Can I access Amsterdam's city centre easily from Schiphol?

Absolutely. Schiphol is conveniently located just 20 minutes from Amsterdam's city centre by train, making it an excellent gateway to explore the city’s marvels.

Is customs and immigration quicker for private jet travellers at Schiphol?

Yes, one of the many advantages of travelling by private jet charter is expedited customs and immigration processes. At Schiphol, dedicated teams ensure swift and hassle-free procedures for LunaJets clients.

What if I have special requirements or needs for my flight?

LunaJets prides itself on tailoring each flight to the individual needs of our clients. From specific in-flight meals to medical requirements, just let us know, and we'll arrange everything for you.

Is it possible to book a last-minute private jet hire from Schiphol with LunaJets?

Certainly. LunaJets has a robust network and partnerships, allowing us to accommodate last-minute bookings to and from Schiphol with relative ease.

How do I handle ground transportation after my private flight at Schiphol?

LunaJets offers comprehensive services, including arranging luxury ground transportation upon request. We ensure a seamless transition from air to ground for our esteemed clients.

Are pets allowed on private flights with LunaJets?

Yes, LunaJets understands that pets are part of the family. We accommodate pets on our flights, ensuring they travel comfortably and safely.