Private jet charter between Faro and London

Because it's not a beach town like some of the other cities of PortugalFaro is sometimes referred to as the "Overlooked Capital of the Algarve". But to pass on a visit here would be a mistake, because Faro offers an enjoyable mix of culture, sunshine, great seafoods and small crowds, making it an ideal destination for which to rent a private jet.

What is the best airport to fly to and from Faro?

Our private aviation advisors recommend Faro Airport for travel to and from Faro; and the recommended airport for London is London Biggin Hill  

Faro, Faro, Portugal (LPFR, FAO)


Biggin Hill, London, United Kingdom (EGKB, BQH)


Which kind of Aircraft is available to land in Faro or london?

The aircraft models that can land in Faro or London are:

Seats: 5

Speed: 367 kts | 680 km/h

Range: 1180 nm | 2185 km

Seats: 5

Speed: 377 kts | 700 km/h

Range: 1290 nm | 2389 km

Seats: 4

Speed: 421 kts | 780 km/h

Range: 1381 nm | 2557 km

Seats: 6

Speed: 289 kts | 537 km/h

Range: 1765 nm | 3268 km

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If you're looking for a fun weekend getaway, traveling by jet from London to Faro is a fantastic idea, and LunaJets can make sure that every second of the trip is enjoyable. Whether you're heading from London to Faro or going north from Faro to London to get away from the heat, LunaJets provides on-demand luxurious travel by private jet, allowing you to get the relaxing escape that you deserve.

What Should You Do in Faro?

Faro was once at the center of the Moors' conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, but today's visitors will see more of Portugal's Catholic influences because earthquakes have destroyed some of the older Muslim structures in the city.


Beautiful sunset view over Faro town in Portugal
Arco da vila in Faro. Portugal

Some of the Muslim work can be seen in a blend with Catholic symbols at the Arco de Vila, the gateway to the city. The horseshoe arc dates back to the Muslim period, but the statue is of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of Faro.

Portuguese culture

playing guitar in Faro
Enjoy the culture

Faro is well known as a city that loves its nightlife, so if you're into the party scene, you'll find quality bars, such as O Castelo and Verandas Bar. If you're a seafood lover, you're in the right spot, because Portugal's location gives it access to some of the freshest seafood in the world. Portugal is the world's top exporter of anchovies, and you'll find incredible white anchovies called boquerones at A Venda.

Where Should You Stay in Faro?

Because Faro isn't overrun by tourists like some spots of the Algarve, you'll find several quality options to stay when you step off your private jet.

Hotel Magnolia

suite in hotel magnolia
Rest in Hotel Magnolia

If you'd like to do some relaxing during your trip, the Hotel Magnolia offers you that chance. You'll find 1950s-style decor with plenty of modern conveniences, including an outdoor pool with a bar.

Pousada Palacio de Estoi

a room for family in Faro
Rest in Pousada Palacio de Estoi

If you'd like to stay in a palace and you're willing to go outside the city, you'll enjoy the Pousada Palacio de Estoi. It's located about 20 minutes north of Faro, so you'll have to be willing to travel, but a full-service spa and spacious rooms more than makeup for that.

What Should You Do in London?

London is one of the truly world-class cities, and you'll never want things to do in the capital of the United Kingdom.

West End Theatre

west end theatre during the perfomance of les miserables in london
Visit the Theatre

If you're a culture lover, you'll need to make time for a show at the West End Theatre, and it's always a great idea to follow it up by exploring the shops at the Covent Garden.

Big Ben

big ben at night. High quality
Visit the Big Ben

Of course, no trip to London is complete without making time to visit Big Ben. It's hard to think of any symbol that fits its city better than the famous clock, but if one comes close, it's probably Buckingham Palace. Visitors can take a tour of most of the palace's rooms, and it's an experience that everyone who comes to London should do at least once.

Where Should You Stay in London?

In a world-class city like London, you're never going to lack luxury hotel opportunities.


executive room in 5 star hotel.  Lanesborough’s Executive Rooms are plenty of amenities
Rest in Lanesborough

With 93 suites, a Michelin-starred restaurant and the Lanesborough Club and Spa on-site, you'll feel like royalty with a stay at the Lanesborough.

Goring hotel

splendind room in goring hotel. Belgravia. London
Stay at Goring

If a restful stay in a beautiful building is your top concern, stay like the future Queen of England did by going to the Goring Hotel. Comfortable rooms and top-notch service ensure that the experience here more than earns its five-star rating.

Where to eat in Faro?


Fresh local seafood, beautiful views and a particularly nice wine menu make Ocean a must-do when you visit Faro (Algarve region). Eat here once, and you'll understand why Michelin awarded this intimate eatery two prestigious stars.

Bon Bon

Conveniently located close to the Pestana golf course, Bon Bon boasts a world-class menu along with local Algarvian favourites, including wreckfish, razor clam xerém and fennel sole.

Where to eat in London?

Gordon Ramsay

The Inspiration Table is the perfect spot where dishes are served. A maximum of four guests is available for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday.

Claude Bosi

Nestled within the iconic Michelin House, if you are looking for a wealthy dining experience in London, that's one of the best culinary options. Scottish girolles or Cornish monkfish are one of the most famous dishes in this restaurant.

Why Choose a jet with LunaJets for your trip?

At LunaJets, we know that chartering a flight is one of the best parts of life, and we strive to show our passengers the true meaning of luxury whenever they opt to hire a private jet. When you choose a jet with LunaJets, you'll experience first-class service from the moment you step on the plane until the moment you reach your destination, each and every time.

If relaxing seats, top-notch service and a smooth trip between London and Faro airport sound like your idea of a great vacation, we're here to serve you the best charter. Contact LunaJets today to rent a private jet!

Aerial view of Faro

Aerial view of London

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Faro airport from the centre?

Faro Airport (FAO) is the Algarve's primary international airport, located 7 kilometres south-west of Faro.

When is the best time to visit Faro?

The best time to visit Faro is in the Summer time.

What is the distance from London Biggin Hill airport to the city centre?

Biggin Hill (BQH) is a private jet airport, that takes about 30 minutes to the centre without traffic.

What is the best time of the year to visit London?

London is a busy city with plenty of activities and events, but if you want to escape the rain, travel between March and October.

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