Hire a Turboprop Airliner

Convenient and reliable Turboprop Airliners are high capacity aircraft, which represent the most affordable solution for group air charter. Their spacious cabin can transport large groups and can also serve as cargo for furniture, materials and artworks to be transported to your residence, events or concerts weather on short-haul or medium-haul flights.

Widely renowned for its reliability and affordability, the Dornier 328 turboprop can offer up to 32 seats and can transport 16 luggage pieces and 16 carry-on. With a 1,352 km range for a 620 kph cruising speed, it enables its passengers to accomplish most intra-Europeans flights and can access most airports thanks to its relatively short take-off and landing distances of respectively 1,088m and 1,075m. For a higher seat capacity, the Fokker 50 will enable from 46 to 56 passengers according to its configuration (Business, Commuter, Tourist) to comfortably fly privately to their destination. Comparable to the Boeing 737 or 757, its large cabin has a low noise level and is equipped with vibrations absorbers, making it quieter than many regional jets and turboprops. With a cruising speed of 500kph and a range of over 2000km, it is the perfect aircraft for its multi-hop capacity allowing for 3 flights of 400km without refuelling.

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Turboprop Airliner