Hire a Private Jet from / to Saint Helier

Saint Helier, the capital of Jersey in the Channel Islands, combines the luxury of a resort town with the culture and heritage of a historical town that’s been around since Roman times.

You’ll find beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, award-winning museums, exquisite restaurants and luxurious hotels in Saint Helier.

For discerning travelers, the best way to get to Saint Helier is to rent a private jet. You can avoid the crowd of a commercial flight and arrive in style and on your own schedule to experience the charm and magic of Saint Helier.

What Can You Do In Saint Helier?

Whether it’s visiting landmarks with hundreds of years of history, relaxing on tranquil beaches or dining in high-end restaurants, there’s always something for everyone in Saint Helier.

Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle (1594) - castle and tourist attraction on a tidal island within parish of Saint Helier, Jersey, UK.
Visit the Elizabeth Castle

Sitting on a tidal island surrounded by deep blue water just off the coast of Saint Helier, Elizabeth Castle is a breathtaking sight to behold. Construction of the oldest part of the castle began in 1594, with additional structures added in the 17th and 18th centuries. You can get to it by foot during low tide, or you can take a ferry ride that lasts about 15 minutes.

Located inside the castle, the Regimental Museum of the Royal Jersey Militia has countless fascinating historical artifacts on display and is a must-see for history lovers. Every Sunday, there is a recreation of the garrison of 1781 during the Battle of Jersey.

Saint Helier Marina

Port for yachts in Saint Helier Jersey Island. Late sunset orange color saturation.
Stroll in the marina

Saint Helier Marina is the best place in Saint Helier to take in the views of the ocean and enjoy the cool breeze. Feel free to get on the pier to walk out into the ocean. You will see a wide variety of sailing boats and luxury yachts moored along the way.

During low tide, you can even walk from Saint Helier Marina to Elizabeth Castle.

Saint Helier Beach

Saint Helier capital city panorama with port and marina in the foreground, bailiwick of Jersey, Channel Islands
Wander on the Saint Helier Beach

Located right next to Saint Helier Marina, Saint Helier Beach offers fine sand, crystal clear water and a great place to sunbathe.

You can walk along the beach and enjoy a stunning view of the Elizabeth Castle across the bay, or lie down on a towel and work on your tan. If you want a place to sit, you can grab a meal or a drink at one of the many restaurants and cafés located next to the beach.

No matter what you do here, Saint Helier Beach is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.

King Street

King Street is the central shopping district of Saint Helier. On this pedestrian-only street, you will find many unique stores and boutiques. DeGruchy and Voisins, two department stores founded in 1810 and 1837 respectively, are local institutions in their own right. Hettich and Aurum offer exquisite watches and jewelry. If you are a wine lover, make sure you check out La Mare Wine Estate, a renowned local wine producer.

Where Should You Stay in Saint Helier?

Saint Helier offers plenty of options for those who are looking for a luxury hotel to stay.

Longueville Manor

Occupying a 14th-century manor house sitting on 18 acres of private woodland just a mile from Saint Helier Beach, Longueville Manor is widely regarded as the most luxurious hotel in Saint Helier. It comes with its own private garden, croquet lawn, tennis court and jogging trails.

Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa

Grand Jersey Hotel & Spa is a 5-star hotel featuring a stunning view of St Ausbin’s Bay and Elizabeth Castle. You can stay in one of the many ocean-view suites, relax at the award-winning luxury spa, have afternoon tea at the Champagne Lounge or enjoy gourmet meals at one of the fine-dining restaurants.

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