Hire a Private Jet to Riga

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and convenience with an exclusive Riga private jet charter. The crown jewel of the Baltic States awaits you, brimming with opulence and enchantment. Famous for its world heritage-listed old town and city centre, Riga’s timeless charm is becoming increasingly attractive to private jet travellers. Fly at the pinnacle of comfort and sophistication, effortlessly turning the journey itself into an unforgettable experience.  

What is the best airport to travel to and from Riga?

For business or leisure trips, hire a private jet with LunaJets and let us comfortably fly you to Riga International Airport (RIX, EVRA). It is the largest airport in the Baltics, designed to accommodate all types of aircraft with well-equipped FBOs dedicated to private jet travellers. It lies about 10 kilometres from the city centre and LunaJets can arrange for your private transfers to be carried out by car or helicopter.

What kind of aircraft may I use to go to Riga?

Here is a selection of aircraft you may use to go to Riga. For more details you can contact one of our dedicated Private Aviation Advisor.

Seats: 6

Speed: 404 kts | 750 km/h

Range: 1325 nm | 2453 km

Seats: 5

Speed: 367 kts | 680 km/h

Range: 1180 nm | 2185 km

Seats: 7

Speed: 519 kts | 963 km/h

Range: 2270 nm | 4204 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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Our Private Jet Advisors are available 24/7 to help you through every step of your booking process.


What Can You Do in Riga?

For travellers landing in Riga via private jet charter, the city unfolds as a playground of upscale leisure and cultural richness.

Latvian National Opera

A stunning photograph of the iconic Latvian National Opera, a must-see landmark for private jet travellers in Riga.
The Latvian National Opera: Riga's Cultural Jewel

An evening at the Latvian National Opera is a symphony of artistic magnificence. Here, the air is thick with cultural richness as you enjoy the best in classical music and ballet, curated to meet the highest standards of taste and refinement. With an illustrious history dating back to 1782, this iconic institution is a must-visit for any cultural enthusiast.

Golf at Ozo Golf Club

An aerial view showcasing the lush and expansive Ozo Golf Club in Riga.
Experience world-class golfing at Ozo Golf Club

Ozo Golf Club presents an exceptional blend of elegance and sport. With manicured greens and state-of-the-art facilities, the golf club offers panoramic views that serve as a vivid backdrop for your golfing exploits. The meticulously maintained 18-hole course offers a challenge to seasoned players while also being accessible to newcomers.

Yacht Voyage on Daugava River

Captivating image of a luxury yacht on the Daugava River.
Set sail on the Daugava River for a luxurious nautical experience

Chartering a yacht for a voyage along the Daugava River provides a unique vantage point for appreciating Riga’s picturesque skyline and architectural wonders. Ideal for both relaxation and entertainment, a yacht experience is perfect for those who relish the finer aspects of leisure and comfort.

Where Should You Stay in Riga?

Accommodation in Riga is replete with lavish hotels that parallel the luxury of private flight.

Hotel Bergs

Photograph of a luxurious penthouse suite at Hotel Bergs, embodying the pinnacle of comfort for private jet travellers.
Elevate your Riga stay with the sumptuous interiors of Hotel Bergs

Retreat to the sublime elegance of Hotel Bergs, a sanctuary of luxury nestled in the heart of Riga. From the concierge service to the in-room amenities, every facet of your stay is sculpted to perfection. The interior boasts a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design, ensuring a truly timeless experience.

Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga

An elegant snapshot showcasing the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga adjacent to the iconic Latvian National Opera, embodying the essence of luxury travel in Riga.
Where elegance meets culture: Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga and the Latvian National Opera

The Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga is nothing short of a dream. Boasting amenities of the highest calibre and an atmosphere of unequivocal grandeur, the hotel offers an experience that is not to be missed. Conveniently located adjacent to the Latvian National Opera, you'll find yourself at the heart of Riga's cultural epicentre. The opulent spa and wellness centre further elevate your stay into a holistic experience of relaxation and luxury.

Dome Hotel

An intimate look into the elegant room interiors at Dome Hotel, serving the needs of private jet charter clients.
Enjoy ultimate relaxation and historic ambiance at the Dome Hotel

Suffused with history yet invigorated with modern amenities, the Dome Hotel offers an intimate setting, featuring sumptuous décor and impeccable service. The property itself is a 400-year-old architectural marvel, reimagined with 21st-century finesse and elegance.

Where Should You Eat in Riga?

The culinary scene in Riga offers gastronomic experiences that are well-suited for those arriving via private jet hire.


Photograph of an exquisite dining table for eight at Vincents.
Reserve your table at Vincents for an unforgettable culinary journey

A reservation at Vincents is non-negotiable for food connoisseurs. This iconic establishment epitomises fine dining with its intricate, farm-to-table dishes that are as visually striking as they are flavoursome. Since April 2022, the establishment has been under the culinary leadership of Chef Uvis Janicenko, an alumnus of prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and Japan. Maintaining Vincent's celebrated "slow food" culture, Janicenko serves modern, urban, seasonal, and organic dishes that give centre stage to local produce.

3 Chefs Restaurant Riga

Interior view of 3 Chefs Restaurant in Riga showcasing a blend of modern design and elegant ambiance.
Dine in the elegant setting of 3 Chefs Restaurant

At 3 Chefs Restaurant Riga, you'll find a fusion of traditional Latvian flavours and international culinary innovation. This high-end establishment ensures that each dish is not only a feast for your taste buds but also a work of art, impeccably plated to please the eye. From sourcing local ingredients to maintaining an ambience of luxury, the restaurant ensures a dining experience that aligns with the finest tastes.

Skyline Bar

Panoramic view from Skyline Bar, offering breathtaking cityscapes.
Sip cocktails high above Riga's skyline at the iconic Skyline Bar

Skyline Bar offers a heightened dining experience—literally. With panoramic vistas of Riga, this restaurant provides an ambience that is as spectacular as the menu. Their cocktail menu, curated by expert mixologists, offers an array of choices that perfectly punctuate your luxury experience.

LunaJets Riga: Your Local Connection for Exceptional Private Aviation Services

Situated in a historical building on 3 Valnu iela (3 Wall Street) in the heart of Old Town Riga, our LunaJets Riga office is your go-to for all your private jet charter needs in Latvia. Managed by Eriks, our Baltic and Scandinavian Manager, the team offers unparalleled local expertise.

Whether you require flight reservations, airport transfers, or additional VIP concierge services, we have you covered. Through our extensive network, we can secure exceptional hotels and dining experiences, and even assist in hiring highly-trained drivers and security personnel.

Experience the convenience and luxury of having every request personally and promptly attended to by our international team. For immediate assistance from our local office in Riga, contact us at +371 2613 0455.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jets can I charter to Riga through LunaJets?

We offer a diverse fleet of aircraft, ranging from light jets to long-range jets, each tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences.

What makes LunaJets the premier choice for business jet charter to Riga?

LunaJets is revered for its exemplary customer service, extensive fleet, and bespoke travel solutions, making it the go-to choice for business jet charters to Riga.

Can I customise my in-flight experience when I charter a jet to Riga with LunaJets?

Absolutely. We offer a plethora of customisation options to enhance your in-flight experience, including gourmet catering and specific in-flight entertainment choices.

How does LunaJets ensure top-notch safety and luxury?

Our rigorous safety protocols are complemented by a commitment to luxury, ensuring a travel experience that is both safe and indulgent.

What concierge services does LunaJets Riga offer to enhance my stay?

LunaJets Riga offers a gamut of VIP services, from airport transfers to exclusive hotel and restaurant reservations, making your trip to Riga truly memorable.

Can I book a last-minute private flight to or from Riga with LunaJets?

Absolutely. While we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance for a wider range of options and availability, LunaJets is adept at handling last-minute reservations. Our 24/7 service ensures a seamless travel experience.

Can LunaJets accommodate last-minute flight changes?

Absolutely. Our operational team is on hand 24/7 to accommodate any last-minute changes to your flight itinerary. However, it's important to be aware that these changes are subject to aviation regulations, aircraft availability, and potential additional fees. We strive for maximum flexibility to meet your travel needs while adhering to industry standards.

How can I reach LunaJets for immediate assistance when I’m in Riga?

For immediate assistance while you're in Riga, you can either contact our local office at +37126130455 or reach out to our main office in Geneva, available 24/7, at +41 22 782 12 12. Our teams are on standby to personally handle any of your needs.