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Embark on an unparalleled journey to Gothenburg, where luxury and convenience converge, crafting unforgettable experiences. With LunaJets, step into a realm tailored to your utmost comfort and preferences, ensuring every detail of your journey is nothing short of perfect.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Gothenburg?

For private jet travellers to and from Gothenburg, Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) stands out as the optimal choice. Positioned approximately 20 kilometers east of the city centre, Landvetter Airport is the region's primary international gateway, offering exemplary facilities tailored to the needs of private aviation. The airport is equipped with dedicated services for private jet passengers, including exclusive lounges and streamlined customs procedures, ensuring a seamless and discreet travel experience. 

Which kind of aircraft is available to land on Gothenburg?

Here is a selection of private aircraft that you can use for your private flight to Gothenburg. Selecting the right aircraft is essential to making the most of your trip. The ideal aircraft will vary according to your specific needs and chosen destination. For more details, contact one of our business aviation advisers.

Seats: 10

Speed: 440 kts | 816 km/h

Range: 4000 nm | 7408 km

Seats: 9

Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

Range: 3682 nm | 6819 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 431 kts | 800 km/h

Range: 2450 nm | 4537 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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What Can You Do In Gothenburg?

Discover Gothenburg, a city that combines vibrant urban life with breathtaking natural landscapes, offering exclusive experiences for the discerning traveller. From the tranquil archipelago to innovative scientific explorations and prestigious golf clubs, Gothenburg promises a diverse array of activities designed to complement your luxurious lifestyle.

Archipelago Adventure

Explore the serene Gothenburg Archipelago, a perfect blend of tranquility and natural splendor, ideal for a private jet traveller's retreat.
Embrace Serenity in Gothenburg's Archipelago

The Gothenburg Archipelago, with its pristine natural beauty, offers an idyllic escape accessible only by boat. These tranquil islands provide a serene retreat from the bustling city life. Engage in kayaking, seal watching, or take leisurely strolls through charming villages. This archipelago adventure is a testament to the peace and connection with nature that only Gothenburg can offer, making it an ideal leisure activity for those accustomed to the exclusivity of private jet travel.

Exploring the Universe at Universeum

Step into Gothenburg's Universeum for an awe-inspiring journey through science and nature's marvels.
Unleash Curiosity at Gothenburg's Universeum

Dive into the wonders of science and nature at Universeum, Scandinavia's largest science centre, located right in the heart of Gothenburg. This sprawling complex offers a fascinating journey through exotic rainforests, vast oceans, and the far reaches of space, all under one roof. Engage with interactive exhibits, marvel at the indoor rainforest, or get up close with marine life in the aquarium. Universeum provides a captivating experience for those who seek knowledge and adventure.

Golfing at Delsjö Golf Club

Experience Gothenburg's Delsjö Golf Club, where golfing perfection meets natural splendor.
Tee Off Amidst Gothenburg's Greenery

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Gothenburg, Delsjö Golf Club stands as a beacon of golfing excellence. The club presents a challenging course, with well-maintained greens and fairways ensuring a premium experience for all who visit. Beyond the sport itself, the serene environment and stunning views of Delsjö offer a peaceful retreat. Here, the pursuit of leisure and luxury finds a perfect setting, inviting enthusiasts to enjoy a day of golfing surrounded by nature's beauty.

Where Should You Stay In Gothenburg?

In Gothenburg, the selection of accommodation speaks directly to the desires of the world's most discerning travellers.

Upper House

Immerse in the elegance of Upper House, Gothenburg's pinnacle of luxury accommodation.
Ascend to Luxury at Upper House

Perched high above the city in Gothia Towers, Upper House epitomises luxury accommodation. It offers guests more than just a place to stay; it provides an experience. With its spa in the clouds, fine dining, and rooms boasting panoramic views, Upper House ensures every moment of your stay is infused with unparalleled elegance and serenity.

Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant

Discover the lavish interiors of Dorsia Hotel, Gothenburg's luxurious haven of opulence.
Experience Dorsia's Extravagant Elegance

Dorsia Hotel & Restaurant is a testament to extravagant living, transporting guests into a world filled with opulence and meticulous design. Situated in the heart of Gothenburg, this boutique hotel offers an intimate and luxurious stay. Catering to a serene and adult-oriented ambiance, Dorsia provides an exclusive retreat for guests aged eight and above, ensuring a tranquil and memorable experience tailored to the discerning traveller seeking a haven of luxury.

Hotel Pigalle

Step into the Parisian charm of Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg, where every detail whispers luxury.
Slumber in Hotel Pigalle's Opulent Embrace

Hotel Pigalle brings the allure of Parisian chic to Gothenburg, offering a stay that is both unique and sensual. The hotel's decadent decor and luxurious comfort create a sanctuary for those who seek experiences beyond the ordinary. Hotel Pigalle's distinctive ambiance and sumptuous accommodations make it an ideal choice for travellers who prioritise exclusivity and elegance.

Where Should You Eat in Gothenburg?

Gothenburg's culinary scene is as diverse as it is exquisite, offering dining experiences that cater to the refined palates of those who travel in the lap of luxury. Each restaurant selected represents the pinnacle of gastronomic excellence, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Thörnströms Kök

At Thörnströms Kök, indulge in the pinnacle of modern Nordic cuisine within a Michelin-starred setting. The restaurant's commitment to seasonal ingredients and innovative culinary techniques creates a dining experience that is both sophisticated and groundbreaking.


Positioned by the water's edge, Sjömagasinet is a haven for seafood lovers, blending traditional Swedish flavours with contemporary flair. This Michelin-starred establishment not only offers a feast for the taste buds but also scenic views that add to the dining experience. Its reputation for excellence and the luxurious ambiance makes it a must-visit for those accustomed to the finer things in life.


Experience the avant-garde of Scandinavian cuisine at Bhoga, where each dish is crafted with precision and creativity. This Michelin-starred restaurant is celebrated for its innovative approach to traditional ingredients, offering a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious. Bhoga's commitment to culinary excellence reflects the high standards of private jet travellers, who seek out only the most exceptional experiences.

Why Book My Private Flight to/from Gothenburg with LunaJets?

Choosing LunaJets for your travel to or from Gothenburg means opting for an unmatched level of luxury and flexibility. Our extensive access to over 4,800 aircraft worldwide ensures we can offer the perfect jet for every journey. Our innovative jet comparator and booking application allow clients to easily compare jets and select the ideal option, simplifying the booking process while ensuring a match to their specific needs.

Our dedication to excellence extends to our customer service, available 24/7 and manned by experienced business aviation experts. We prioritise your comfort, flexibility, and attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of your journey exceeds expectations. With LunaJets, every flight is more than just a trip; it's a bespoke experience designed around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most suitable season for private jet travellers to explore Gothenburg?

For those flying by private jet, the best time to visit Gothenburg is during the summer months of June to August. This season offers extended daylight hours and mild weather, ideal for enjoying the city’s numerous parks, outdoor cafes, and cultural events.

How far is Gothenburg Landvetter Airport from the city centre?

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) is around 20 kilometres east of the city centre, with a driving time of about 20 to 25 minutes in typical traffic conditions, serving as an ideal entry point for private jet users.

How do I book a private jet to or from Gothenburg with LunaJets?

Booking with LunaJets is streamlined for your convenience. Simply visit our website or use our booking application to select your preferred jet. Our team of aviation experts is also available 24/7 to assist with your booking and tailor your flight to your specific needs.

What makes LunaJets different from other private aviation companies?

LunaJets stands out for its exceptional fleet access, innovative booking technology, and unwavering commitment to customer service. Our ability to offer personalised, flexible, and luxurious travel experiences sets us apart in the world of private aviation.

What are the luggage restrictions on a private flight?

Private flights offer generous luggage allowances, but specifics can vary depending on the aircraft. LunaJets will ensure your requirements are met with no hassle.

Can LunaJets arrange for ground transportation upon arrival in Gothenburg?

Absolutely. LunaJets offers a complete travel solution, including luxury ground transportation arrangements to ensure a seamless journey from air to ground.