Hire a Private Jet to Florence

Florence, Italy, is a city famous for its opulent art, world-class food, and breathtaking scenery. When you hire a private jet to whisk you away to Florence, you will be able to start your vacation the way you intend to enjoy it: in luxury.

What Luxurious Activities Does Florence Have to Offer?

When you visit the capital of Italy's Tuscan region, you will have the chance to soak up the culture in a myriad of ways. Luxurious palaces, phenomenal museums, elegant churches, and beautiful gardens are scattered throughout Florence, just waiting to be explored.

Palazzo Pitti

Boboli Gardens and Pitti Palace summer day in Florence
Stroll in the Boboli Gardens

Located on the opposite side of the Arno River from Florence's other palaces, Palazzo Pitti's sprawling grounds boast more than 100 acres in the beautifully maintained Boboli Gardens. The palatial estate is also home to one of the finest collections of artwork in all of Italy.

Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze

Tourists look at David by Michelangelo on November 10,2010 in Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. Italy.
Discover some fine arts

Also known as the Accademia Gallery, this museum contains some of the most well-known sculptures and artwork in the world. In one visit, you can see Michelangelo's David, Bartolini's plaster casts, paintings by Botticelli, and even some of Stradivari's beloved stringed instruments.

Santa Maria del Fiore

Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore and Bargello in the morning from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Visit the Santa Maria

The third-largest church in the world, this historic building is also known as the Florence Cathedral and Duomo. Visitors will notice that the cathedral features a variety of materials, building techniques, and design features that seem to be from different eras because construction on Duomo started in the late-1200s and continued until the 1800s.

What Are Florence's Finest Restaurants?

Italian restaurants have a reputation as being the greatest in the world, and Florence's are no exception. Florence is one of the few places in the world where modern cuisine is served alongside century-old recipes. No matter what kind of dining experiences you'd want on your luxury vacation, you'll find what you're looking for in this celebrated city.

  • Enoteca Pinchiorri Serving innovative modern dishes inspired by Italian culinary traditions, Enoteca Pinchiorri is one of the most elegant restaurants in Florence. If you're feeling adventurous, try one of the restaurant's famous Discovery menus, available with either five or eight courses.

  • Teatro del Sale For an exclusive dining experience like no other, head to this members-only club. Located inside an old theater, diners serve themselves appetizers and beverages while waiting for the main course. After your meal, you can socialize and watch a live performance on Teatro del Sale's stage.

What Are the Best Places to Stay in Florence?

Often considered to be one of the finest cities in Europe, Florence has a variety of luxurious lodging options for travelers to choose from. Whether you are looking for historically elegant accommodations or an upscale, modern hotel, you're sure to find something that surpasses your dreams in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

The St. Regis Florence

Built during the Renaissance, this luxury hotel was originally designed by Brunelleschi as a palace. While staying at the St. Regis you can enjoy butler service, dine at the Winter Garden restaurant, or enjoy being pampered at the on-property spa.

Bellmond Villa San Michele

Located in a former monastery dating back to the 1400s, Villa SanMichele is one of Florence's premier luxury hotels. Many guest rooms feature private gardens or balconies and the hotel's Ristorante la Loggia is world-renowned. For a unique experience, try your hand at authentic Italian cooking by taking classes in the Villa San Michele's cooking school.

San Firenze Suites and Spa

Recently restored, this breathtaking building in the heart of Florence was built in the 1600s. The hotel dedicates itself to treating each guest like a member of the family and offers personalized services with a smile. Luxury suites, a private spa, and efficient concierge service are guaranteed to make your stay at the San Firenze as memorable as your flight on a private jet was.

Why is LunaJets the Best Choice for Traveling to Florence?

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Florence?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Florence Peretola Airport for travel to and from Florence.