Hire a Private Jet to Copenhagen

Copenhagen was built upon the islands of Zealand and Amager. An ancient Viking fishing village, it is now the symbol of Scandinavian design. LunaJets transports you by private jet to the Danish capital, a city where the modern is married with the ancient in the purest Nordic tradition.

At the entrance to the Baltic Sea, Copenhagen is a fishing city that surprises with the modernism of its architecture. Take the time to have breakfast and watch the city quietly come to life over some Danish pastries. Get around on foot or bicycle like the locals.  There are many local designer boutiques to discover in its small, charming streets. In particular, you will find Stroget, a well-known high street, with the most prestigious stores in local and international fashion. If you're a fan of sleek, contemporary design, the Kodbyen district is full of art galleries, each more incredible than the last. Don't forget that Copenhagen is also famous for its green lifestyle; so, you will find magnificent parks, such as the King's Garden, where you can wander among the sculptures and the splendid flowers of the rose garden. As Copenhagen is a maritime town full of character, there is also a port and a seafront to walk along. You can admire the famous bronze statue inspired by the Andersen stories, The Little Mermaid. But what would Scandinavian life be without a trip to a spa? Make a point of getting some time to relax and visit one of the top establishments in the city. And of course, don't forget to try the local gastronomy. There are no less than 13 Michelin-starred eateries awaiting you. Book a table, for example, at Noma on the seafront, where the chef dishes up his reinterpretation of Nordic cuisine. With two stars, this is known as the best restaurant in the world.