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Breathtakingly beautiful views, fantastic summer weather and a regal marina brimming with luxury yachts? Sounds like Calvi, nestled on the rugged coast of Corsica, known for its pristine beaches and historic citadel, Calvi is a jewel best approached from the skies, where its full grandeur unfolds beneath you.Arriving via private jet not only enhances the journey with unmatched comfort and privacy but also sets the tone for an exclusive adventure in one of France's most charming towns.

Arriving via private jet not only enhances the journey with unmatched comfort and privacy but also sets the tone for an exclusive adventure in one of France's most charming towns.

What are the closest airports to Calvi by private jet?

The Sainte Catherine Airport can accommodate all types of jets and is ideally located for private jet travellers to easily reach the city of Calvi, only 6 km away. LunaJets also arranges private helicopter charters for a scenic flight to your villa, yacht or hotel in and around Calvi.

Calvi Sainte CatherineCLYLFKC

Selecting the Perfect Aircraft for Your Private Flight to Calvi

Calvi's Sainte-Catherine Airport, with its shorter runway and unique location, requires aircraft that are capable of landing and take off quicker than larger planes. Here are four types of aircraft that are ideally suited for flights to and from Calvi, each offering unique advantages:

Seats: 5

Speed: 367 kts | 680 km/h

Range: 1180 nm | 2185 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 539 kts | 1000 km/h

Range: 2348 nm | 4348 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 485 kts | 900 km/h

Range: 2062 nm | 3818 km


The Learjet family is renowned for its speed and performance, making it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce travel time. Its compact size allows for swift operations on shorter runways like that at Calvi. The Learjet also boasts a sophisticated cabin with luxurious amenities, perfect for relaxing or working while en route to your destination. Its agility and efficiency make the Learjet a popular choice for business and leisure travellers alike, ensuring a quick, comfortable, and efficient journey.


The Pilatus PC-12 NGX stands out for its versatility and capability to land on shorter and more rugged runways, which is ideal for destinations like Calvi. This aircraft is particularly well-suited for travellers who value comfort and space, as it offers a spacious cabin with flexible seating configurations. The PC-12 NGX is also equipped with advanced avionics that enhance safety and performance. Its ability to combine comfort with rugged functionality makes it a top pick for those travelling to locations with challenging airport infrastructures.

Citation V

The Citation V is a light jet known for its economic efficiency and comfort, making it a smart choice for smaller groups travelling to Calvi. It strikes an excellent balance between cost and luxury, offering a comfortable cabin environment with ample room for passengers to relax. The Citation V's performance on shorter runways, combined with its cost-effectiveness, provides a practical yet plush option for travellers seeking a private flight experience without extravagance.

Falcon 7X

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and long-range capability, the Falcon 7X is the aircraft of choice. This jet is distinguished by its advanced technology, exceptional comfort, and impressive cabin size. It's particularly suited for long-haul flights to Calvi from distant locations. The Falcon 7X can comfortably accommodate larger groups and offers amenities such as lie-flat beds and a stand-up shower, ensuring that passengers arrive in Calvi refreshed and relaxed. Its ability to land in challenging conditions, combined with its extensive range, ensures that even the most discerning travellers can travel in utmost comfort and style.

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An Introduction to Calvi: Corsica's Hidden Gem

Calvi invites with its blend of lush landscapes and cultural richness. This small town on the northwest coast of Corsica is reputed for its stunning vistas and tranquil environment, making it a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the bustle of mainstream tourist spots. With a private jet charter, travellers can begin their luxurious journey with ease, enjoying the breathtaking approach over the Bay of Calvi, promising clear blue waters and endless skies.

Exploring Calvi: A Blend of Culture, History, and Leisure

Calvi is not only a feast for the eyes but also rich in history and culture. The town is famed for its impressive citadel that dates back to the 13th century, perched majestically above the harbour and offering panoramic views of the Corsican coast. Visitors can explore the cobbled streets, discovering the quaint shops and cafes, or indulge in outdoor activities like sailing and diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. The annual Calvi on the Rocks music festival draws a chic crowd, adding a vibrant layer to its serene atmosphere.

Calvi landscape
Enjoy the views from the sky to the sea

Calvi's Luxury Hotels

La Villa

Accommodation in Calvi speaks volumes of its dedication to luxury. The five-star La Villa Calvi, set in the hills with commanding views of the bay, offers not just a stay but an experience. With its private beaches, infinity pools, and spa services, guests are treated to top-notch amenities.

The five-star La Villa Calvi
Enjoy the Villa deluxe

Hostellerie de l'Abbaye

Similarly, the Hostellerie de l'Abbaye, a converted monastery, combines historical charm with modern luxury, making it a serene haven for rest and rejuvenation. 

Hostellerie de l'Abbaye
Stay at the Abbaye Appartment

Culinary Delights: Calvi's Premier Dining Experiences

For gastronomy enthusiasts, Calvi presents a tantalising scene. Restaurant Le Quai, renowned for its seafood dishes sourced straight from the local waters, offers a menu that complements its seaside setting. Diners can expect exquisite preparations of lobster and sea bass, enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the marina. Another culinary gem, A Punta, serves traditional Corsican cuisine with a modern twist, providing an authentic taste of the island's rich flavours in a sophisticated, contemporary setting.

Visiting Calvi by private jet is the epitome of luxury travel. Every aspect of the journey, from the bespoke flight experience offered by private aviation companies like LunaJets to the exclusive experiences available in Calvi, is tailored to ensure maximum comfort and privacy. Calvi is not just a destination but a promise of enchantment and exclusivity, making it a perfect match for discerning travellers seeking privacy, luxury, and a unique travel story. Whether it's the historical allure, the gourmet offerings, or the serene landscapes, Calvi awaits to offer a memorable escape, best commenced from the skies.