Private jet charter between Milan and Rome

If you’re travelling to Milan for business or Rome for the sights, taking a private jet means you will experience the best of what these cities have to offer, all while travelling in luxury and style.

What Can You Do in Rome?

With historical sites from the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel, elegant restaurants and entertainment options, Rome has something for everyone.

Tour the Colosseum

View of the Colosseum during the day
Visit the Colosseum

The Colosseum is a global icon when it comes to recognizable landmarks. Completed around 70 AD, it’s the largest amphitheatre ever built and could seat over 50,000 spectators and hosted gladiator battles, theatrical performances and naval exercises. Combine your entrance tickets with entry into the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill.

See Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel

The square of Saint Peter in Rome
Saint Peter's Square

Every trip to Rome should include visiting Vatican City and marvelling beneath the Sistine Chapel, which was painted by world-famous artist Michelangelo. You can take guided tours and be awe-struck at the elegant grandeur and the handcrafted marble facades that adorn the outside of St. Peters Basilica.

What Can You Do in Milan?

Milan is home to many high-end restaurants and boutique shops and is rooted in a deep history.

Explore Milan Cathedral

View of the Cathedral of Milan at night with stars in the sky
Visit the Cathedral of Milan

Taking over 600 years to complete, Milan Cathedral is famed for its architecture. Centrally located, visitors can marvel at the exterior facade, towers and statues. Step through the grand front doors and experience an interior that is just as impressive as the outside.

Take in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Church of Saint Maria delle Grazie
Visit the Church of Saint Maria delle Grazie

While the exterior of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie may not be as prominent or glorious as Milan Cathedral, it’s the inside that makes this a must-visit on any trip to Milan. The Church houses The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, which is one of the most renowned masterpieces anywhere in the world.

Where Should You Eat in Rome? Pergola has been rated one of the best restaurants in Rome and is the only one in the city with three Michelin stars. The views from the top of the Rome Cavalieri Hotel is the perfect way to enjoy one of the 53,000 bottles of wine for selection. La Terrazza is another fine dining option with stunning vistas of the skyline. Indulge in the likes of veal broth ravioli with horseradish or calamarata pasta with coconut, rocket and steamed oyster.

Where Should You Eat in Milan?

One of the best and most awarded fine-dining restaurants in Milan is the Michelin-starred Cracco Ristorante. The cuisine is constantly being updated by Chef Carlo Cracco and often includes renowned egg yolk spaghetti with garlic or black cod glazed with honey. Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia is another 2-star Michelin restaurant that includes a love of Tuscan cuisine. The Italian flavoured dishes can include the likes of sirloin of veal mountain fassona.

Where Should You Stay in Rome?

With many excellent areas to stay in, Rome offers the best in luxury and boutique hotels.

The St Regis Rome

Situated within a 19th-century building near Piazza della Republica, The St Regis Rome is a lavish accommodation option. The interior is classically styled and includes butler service and a spa, meaning you can return to be pampered and relax after a day exploring the city.

Hassler Roma

The legendary five-star hotel is located close to the city centre and overlooks the famed Spanish Steps. Hassler Roma seamlessly blends exquisite attention to detail and the highest quality of service and has been operating in Rome for over a century.

Where Should You Stay in Milan?

Sophisticated visitors will have no problem choosing from many of the luxury accommodations.

Bulgari Milan

Bulgari Milan is housed in a renovated 18th-century palace. Only a kilometre from Milan Cathedral, guests will enjoy the proximity to the best sights to see, restaurants and shops to explore. The luxury hotel also includes a 4,000-square-meter private garden and an on-site restaurant that specializes in traditional Italian cuisine.

Palazzo Parigi

Close to the Brera district, Palazzo Parigi is luxury at its finest. An elegant lounge and bar area allows guests to relax or unwind, and the hotel restaurant means you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Other amenities include an indoor pool, a fitness centre and a grand spa.

Travel Between Rome and Milan with LunaJets

Renting a private jet is the best way to travel between Rome and Milan, whether it’s for business or pleasure. LunaJets is here to provide everything for you when you hire a private jet to ensure that you have the time, freedom and flexibility to focus on what’s most important for your journey.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Milan to Rome?

Chartering a private jet from Milan to Rome cost approximately from €5,600 to €17,610.




Estimated Price

it flagMilan

Graphical representation of an aircraft

it flagRome

Aircraft: Citation MustangVery Light Jet

Seat: 4

Estimated Price: €5,600

it flagMilan

Graphical representation of an aircraft

it flagRome

Aircraft: Learjet 45 XRSuper Light Jet

Seat: 8

Estimated Price: €10,620

it flagMilan

Graphical representation of an aircraft

it flagRome

Aircraft: Challenger 850Super Large Jet

Seat: 13

Estimated Price: €17,610