Private jet charter between Frankfurt and Zurich

Frankfurt to Zurich and Zurich to Frankfurt, are popular private jet routes, frequently flown for business purposes. Weekend breaks and leisurely jaunts happen mostly during the warmer months of the year. Private jets can fly you between Zurich and Frankfurt in about one hour and 10 minutes.

LunaJets assists you in hiring the ideal private jet for your trips between these European financial centres. Our experts act fast and efficiently in response to your requests, for you to charter the aircraft model that matches your needs, at the best price.

You can get in touch with our team 24/7 and receive advice on the best options for your private jet charter flights between Frankfurt Am Main and Zurich Airport. We also offer empty legs at unbeatable prices, and take care of our clients’ airport transfers by car or helicopter if they wish to take advantage of this personalized service.

Contact LunaJets to hire a private jet from Frankfurt to Zurich, and back.

Recommended Private Jet Airports

QEF - Frankfurt Egelsbach
FRA - Frankfurt am Main International
HHN - Frankfurt Hahn

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