Hire a Private jet between Faro and Edinburgh

Experiencing the same things day after day can get a little tiresome, especially if you're dealing with gray weather or nothing to do all day. One of the best ways to add some excitement to your life again is to take a trip. If you want to rent a private jet between Faro and Edinburgh for your next vacation, here's what you need to know.

Luxurious Activities in Faro

Beautiful sunset view over Faro town in Portugal
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Faro's close proximity to the water means there are lots of fun ways to spend a sunny day. Here are some of the most popular luxurious activities in Faro.

Day Cruises

If you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with minimal effort, a day cruise is a good choice. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise once you've booked it.

Cathedral of Faro

Like many historical cities, Faro has a cathedral that thousands of people come to see every year. The Cathedral of Faro offers tours, so make sure you set aside some time to check it out.

Forum Algarve

For those who love shopping, a trip down to Forum Algarve is in order while you're in Faro. This area is filled with lots of shops, so there's something there for everybody.

Luxurious Activities in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is known more for its history than its luxury, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of fun things to do while you're visiting. Here are some of the best ideas.

The Royal Yacht Britannia

While the Royal Yacht Britannia hasn't been in service since 1997, you can still get a firsthand look at the former royal yacht and see what makes it so special. You can even enjoy tea and sandwiches while you're there.

National Museum of Scotland

If you want to learn more about the history of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole, the best thing you can do is spend a day at the National Museum of Scotland while you're in town.


Everybody loves delicious food, and it doesn't get much better than Condita in Edinburgh. Even better, there are always new specials so every guest gets a different experience.

Where to Stay in Faro

Being close to the beach, there are lots of great places to stay in Faro. Here are some ideas if you're looking for a luxurious place to stay in the city.

AP Eva Senses

AP Eva Senses is exactly what you'd expect from a luxury hotel, complete with queen-size beds and spacious rooms. If you want a comfortable place to relax and sleep at night, this is the one.

Hotel Monaco

Hotel Monaco is a bit more involved, with more stuff to do at the hotel itself. If you want an all-inclusive hotel, this is a good choice.

Hotel Faro & Beach Club

For the best in luxury, Hotel Faro & Beach Club is the only way to go. Stunning suites, incredibly delicious food and easy beach access make this a great place to stay in Faro.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Sunset over the City of Edinburgh
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While Edinburgh is known more as a historic city, a rise in tourism means you can find plenty of luxury hotel options if you're looking for a good place to stay.

The Scotsman Hotel

The Scotsman Hotel is everything you're looking for if you want an easy and luxurious hotel stay. As a matter of fact, The Scotsman Picturehouse means you can enjoy a film while you're at the hotel, too.

The Edinburgh Residence

If you're looking for something that's both quaint and luxurious, The Edinburgh Residence is where it's at. Lovely food, beautiful rooms and a great location make this a premier spot to stay.

Cheval the Edinburgh Grand

Who doesn't like a delicious meal with a grand view of the city? If you want to get an authentic Scottish dinner and see the city from a higher point of view, make sure you try Cheval the Edinburgh Grand while you're in the city.

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