Hire a private jet charter between Faro and Dublin

Visiting Europe's vacation destinations in style just became possible because of LunaJets. Now travelers who aren't willing to trade in style for adventure have an option. Hiring a jet through the LunaJets app has made destinations that were too far away for a spur of the moment weekend getaway into simple stops on a weekend itinerary. When else could a visitor in Dublin, Ireland decide to hop a luxurious plane for an overnight stay in Faro, Portugal? Now these two amazing cities are at your fingertips whenever you feel the desire to start exploring.

Why Travel to Faro?

Beautiful sunset view over Faro town in Portugal
Visit Faro

Parque Naturalda Rio Formosa

Faro is located in the southern region of Portugal, in the Algarve, one of Europe's most popular vacation spots.  Faro is known for the Parque Naturalda Rio Formosa. This is an area of lagoons and mudflats that bring in beautiful wildlife all year long.

Aerial view of the Ria Formosa Natural Park in Olhao, Algarve, Portugal
Ria Formosa Nature Park

Faro's Old Town

Faro's Old Town is a great way to get a true feel for the history of the city. It is a medieval town built on Roman ruins and you can feel the layers of history beneath your feet. While walking through, visit the Arco da Vila which is an archway built in 1812. While commissioned by Catholic Bishop, if you look you will find pieces of the original Arab entrance.

Faro Cathedral

The Faro Cathedral is yet another attraction in the city that reminds visitor of the vast history. of the area. From the Moorish period to  Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque every point of history takes a seat in the cathedral. While it leaves the church looking a little unconventional in style, it is also does a beautiful job of representing the history that has walked through it.

Places to Stay in Faro

Hotel Faro

The Hotel Faro, located right in the city center, is a great location to have access to Faro's history, as well as the beauty of its marina. With sleek and contemporary rooms, the hotel offers views of the ocean, high end dining and an infinity pool.

AP Eva Senses

Staying at the AP Eva Senses in Faro is staying with an establishment that has made luxury European hotels their specialty. Rooms are minimalist in style but never fall short in elegance. Located across the street from Faro's marina, the AP Eva Senses offers high end dining, fitness and spa and a pool that feels as though you are surrounded by the area's famous mudflats.

Why Travel to Dublin?

the harp bridge Dublin city
Visit Dublin

Dublin, located on the Eastern side of Ireland, is the capital of a country that is known for its difficult history, natural beauty and welcoming charm. In recent years, Dublin has gone from a quaint stop on a tour to a tourism hub that caters to the tastes and desires of higher end clientele.

Dublin Castle

Visit Dublin Castle, built on the site of a 13th century Viking settlement. For much of its history it was an English headquarters. In 1922 it became an Irish government complex. Visitors can take tours throughout the day.

Kilmainham Gaol

For travelers that want to be immersed in the history of Ireland's fight for independence, a visit to Kilmainham Gaol is a must see. The jail was closed in 1924, but not before it housed, and executed, some of the most famous participants in the Irish Rebellion.

Places to Stay in Dublin

Fitzwilliam Hotel

Visitors looking for stately elegance in the heart of the city need look no further than the Fitzwilliam Hotel. Their rooms boast a contemporary design with splashes of vibrant color throughout. Their location is second to none with St. Stephen's green on one side and Grafton Street on the other.

Intercontinental Hotel Dublin

For travelers who do not want to be right in the middle of the city, the Intercontinental Hotel Dublin is a wonderful option. Located on two acres in the Ballsbridge neighborhood, the Intercontinental is a short walk to the city. The hotel offers gourmet dining, spa and luxurious accommodations.

Why Travel With Lunajets?

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