Hire a Private Jet to LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience and luxury with LunaJets at LaGuardia Airport, situated a mere 18 km northeast of New York, in the vibrant borough of Queens. While predominantly catering to commercial flights, the airport also serves as a welcoming hub for private jets, facilitating smooth transitions for those making connections or seeking direct access to the city's pulsating heart.

General Facts about LaGuardia Airport

Before delving into the world of private aviation at LaGuardia, let's explore the essential details of this key New York hub:

GPS Location40.7769° N, 73.8740° W
Elevation21 ft (6 m)
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals4
Runway Size7,000 ft (2,134 m)

Private Aviation at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York City, runway, aircraft and facilities.

Private flights at LaGuardia Airport are a suitable option for private jet travellers. Although private aviation is accommodated, it does not take precedence over commercial operations. The airport’s dual runways stretch to 7,000 feet, accommodating VIP airliners and offering an alternative entry point to New York, especially for those connecting to commercial flights or heading straight into the heart of Queens.

For travellers seeking a more secluded and streamlined experience, alternatives such as Teterboro Airport or White Plains Airport are frequently recommended.

Why book your private flight from/to LaGuardia Airport with LunaJets?

Comprehensive Fleet and Tailored Services

LunaJets distinguishes itself with an extensive fleet of private aircraft, all available for comparison through our innovative jet comparison tool and user-friendly mobile app. This allows our valued clients to select the perfect jet for their needs, ensuring a match that goes beyond mere travel – it’s about experiencing unmatched personalisation and comfort.

Unrivalled Customer Service and Flexibility

Our dedication at LunaJets extends beyond just flights; it's about providing a holistic travel experience. With a team of private aviation experts at your disposal 24/7, we guarantee a service tailored to your every need.

Our collaboration with LaGuardia Airport ensures that all your preferences are catered to, from the moment you book to your final destination. Whether it’s organising a seamless car transfer or a swift helicopter journey, LunaJets crafts not just a journey, but a memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Laguardia Airport suitable for private jet travellers?

Despite its focus on commercial flights, Laguardia accommodates private jets, offering an alternative for those requiring access to New York City without the exclusive focus of smaller private airports.

How does LunaJets enhance the private flying experience at LaGuardia?

By offering access to a broad fleet, personalised services, and round-the-clock expert advice, LunaJets ensures a premium, tailored experience for every client flying to or from LaGuardia.

Can LunaJets arrange ground transportation from LaGuardia?

Absolutely, LunaJets provides comprehensive travel solutions, including luxury car or helicopter transfers, ensuring your journey remains seamless from start to finish.

Is it better to fly into LaGuardia or another local airport for a private jet charter?

The choice depends on your specific needs; LaGuardia offers direct access to NYC, while Teterboro and Westchester provide more dedicated private aviation services.

What amenities can private jet passengers expect at LaGuardia?

While primarily a commercial hub, private flyers at LaGuardia can expect high-quality service, with access to VIP lounges and expedited security checks ensuring a pleasant and efficient travel experience.

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Concluding Luxurious Journeys: The LunaJets Commitment

In the realm of private aviation, LunaJets stands as a beacon of excellence, transforming ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences. At LaGuardia Airport and beyond, we remain devoted to delivering the pinnacle of luxury, convenience, and bespoke service, redefining what it means to travel in style.

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