Private Jet Hire

What is private jet hire?

Private jet hire, or private jet charter refer to the rental of an entire aircraft. Air charter companies like LunaJets allow travellers to rent a private jet on demand. Hiring a private jet entails a number of advantages. It is flexible, efficient, convenient, enjoyable and in most cases, the best (or only!) way to reach remote corners of the planet. Airport terminals dedicated to private jet travellers, called FBOs, offer a much faster and exclusive service than commercial aviation terminals; they are made to cater to VIPs.

The flexibility of private jet hire

You can book private flights any time. The flight follows your schedule and not the other way around. When you hire a private plane you can choose the airport you’d like to depart from and the FBO you’d like to land at. LunaJets’ Private Aviation Advisors provide you with all the information you might need to make the most suitable choice. You can avoid traffic, you can avoid crowds, by choosing an alternative airport even at the last minute. LunaJets helps you coordinate any changes you might wish to make and deals with essential aspects such as respecting restrictions and ensuring that the runway is sufficiently long and/or large for your jet. You can also select the jet model that best suits your trip every time, according to the travel purpose, to the number of passengers, the flight duration, and any detail that you may wish to discuss with LunaJets’ experienced advisors.

The efficiency of private jet hire

Private plane rental means saving time; not only because some private jets can fly faster than commercial airliners, but mainly because of all the waiting time you skip. Your jet departs as soon as you are on board and there is no need to arrive at the airport hours before departure, a few minutes for your own comfort suffice. Also, since diverse airports can accommodate different types of private aircraft, LunaJets can arrange for your private jet flight to land as close as possible to your home, hotel, ski resort or yacht, making the commute time even shorter. Efficiency also refers to business travellers being able to have conferences on board and attend meetings in different cities during the same day.

The convenience & comfort of private jet hire

You can relax: if you are running late, your jet will wait for you. You can drive your own car if you wish to, onto the tarmac and up to your aircraft, where it can be picked up for you, parked and even washed while you get on board and the crew loads your luggage into the plane. With private jet rental, every aspect of your flight is tailored to your needs and wants, for you to enjoy personalised business and leisure solutions, dining options, amenities, entertainment and much more.

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