Private Jet Flights

LunaJets’ private jet charter services are available 24/7: contact our team of Private Aviation Advisors who will personally assist you in booking the private aircraft that meets your needs.

The perks of private jet flights

There are numerous advantages to private jet hire compared to commercial flights. Some travellers will mention the freedom of bringing as many pieces of luggage as you like (depending on the aircraft), the ability to fly with your pets or the luxury of safely transporting special items on board with you, like music instruments or art. However, the top three advantages highlighted by our clientele* are: comfort, privacy and speed.

Comfortable, private and fast

Clients opting for private flights particularly appreciate the comfort of being served by a dedicated crew, eating well, and making the most of their flight thanks to customisable cabin configurations allowing to bring your whole boardroom overseas for instance, and hold important meetings while in the air. Indeed, private jet flights offer passengers the ability to discuss confidential matters without the risk of compromising sensitive information. Besides benefiting from high levels of privacy, clients who hire a private plane save a considerable amount of time: there is no queueing, immigration and security procedures are quickly and smoothly taken care of, and since private aircraft are usually designed to rise faster than commercial airliners, they're above miserable weather sooner and they often fly at higher speed, too. Resulting in a faster and more comfortable journey, away from unwanted attention.

Private jet flights, 75% cheaper than usual

Booking private flights can be cheaper if you take advantage of our empty legs. For every private plane rental involving a one-way flight, an empty leg becomes available for the return journey of the rented aircraft. Our team can therefore help you charter a private jet at a rate up to 75% lower than ‘standard’ private jet rental prices. We might have an empty leg flight for the route you are looking for, call +41 22 782 12 12 to find out more.

Private flights to travel around the world

Ever wondered how far private jets can fly without stopping to refuel? The answer has become quite simple lately: across the globe. Boeing’s latest business jets BBJ 777-8 and BBJ 777-9 can take you anywhere, without stopovers. These high-performing flying palaces boast a world-hopping range of over 11,000 nautical miles; in other words, you could book a direct flight from London to Sydney or Seattle to Dubai.

However, since every jet model and jet category present different ranges, please contact our advisors for more detailed information.

Flying private with LunaJets

Booking your private flights with LunaJets is easy: browse our website, call our HQ and local agents, send un an email or download our app to hire the private jet you need. Our experienced team sources a jet from LunaJets’ available charter fleet counting over 4,800 modern airplanes to choose from. Get in touch.