Hire Your Private Plane

LunaJets organises private jet charter flights and provides private jet travellers with a broad range of luxury services. Our team takes care of your enquiries any time: our personalised support is available 24 hours a day. Get in touch to hire a private aircraft.

Hire a private plane at the best price on the market

When you hire a private plane with LunaJets, a team of Private Aviation Advisors negotiates the best price for your trip. Our large network of private jets, our innovative technology and in-depth knowledge of the industry allow us to offer the best price on the market. Our pricing strategy is transparent, and you will only be paying the pre-agreed amount, as there are no hidden fees or extra costs.

Dedicated Private Aviation Advisor

If you are looking to book private jet flights for business or leisure travel, contact us: a member of LunaJets’ team will be at your service from the first phone call until after your flight is completed. Our Private Aviation Advisors are multilingual, qualified and trained to offer the highest standards of service and personalised assistance. Your dedicated advisor will provide 24/7 support and help you hire the private jet that suits you best.

No minimum notice period

Private plane rental with LunaJets can be any time and on your demand; it is fast and efficient. Short notice is not a problem, our team is accustomed to sourcing “go-now” charters for clients who need to take off as soon as possible. Our in-house technology, our access to a worldwide fleet and highly-responsive Private Aviation Advisors allow us to help you board your private jet within the hour. It can go as fast as 23 minutes from the moment you confirm your booking on our mobile app until the moment you are in the air flying towards your destination. 23 minutes is our record time so far, perhaps we could beat that with your next request?

No membership needed, no long-term obligations

Simply book your private flights with the help of our team any time. Private jet rental is made easy with LunaJets. You can charter a private plane without subscribing to any membership nor committing to a long-term plan; the aircraft will be yours for the duration of your flight, departing from any airport and landing anywhere in the world. Enjoy private aviation’s advantages without the cons of owning a private jet nor worrying about maintenance costs, the hassle of obtaining permits or finding a crew for your flight. Our team takes care of everything and no obligations bind you to anything else than your chosen private flight. Should you wish to use our services more than once, we would be delighted to serve you again of course and offer perks to returning clients, too, via our loyalty programme.

Give us a call, +41 22 782 12 12, or send an email to lunajets@lunajets.com and hire the jet you need today.