Hire a Private Jet to Macau

Macau or Macao is a major playground for the rich and famous. The Chinese city located 62 km away from Hong Kong is known as a gambling paradise in Asia.

Being a former Portuguese colony Macau offers an exciting fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. You can find mixed culture, a wide range of delicious gastronomy, wonderful shopping and the biggest casino resort in the world. Macao also offers a range of UNESCO World Heritage sites that are a must-go when in this city. With LunaJets you will be able to charter the aircraft of your dreams to Macau international airport in no time. Charter to Macau International Airport today.

What can you do in Macau?

The activities in “Eastern Las Vegas” are endless. Below are some of the top-notch activities to do when in Macau. The former Portuguese colony was transferred back to China in 1999 and includes all kinds of luxurious stays and activities.


Woman gambling in the casino of macau
Go gambling

Macao has 41 Casinos and more than 8900 slots and 3500 gaming tables. It would be hard not to see a Casino, especially the Venetian Palace. Besides the Venetian Palace, there are other casino resorts. 6 operators are in charge of the 41 Casinos, MGM Grand Paradise, Galaxy Casino, Venetian Macau, Melco Resorts Macau, Wynn Resorts and SJM Resorts. What better way could there be to arrive at these renowned resorts than by Private Jet Charter?


Shopping facilities at the venetian palace in macau
Go shopping in Macau

Depending on your preferences you can find basically everything in Macau. Macau has some of the most luxurious shopping and a lot of shopping malls. If you feel like local Chinese garments, a lot of markets are available. Try the Rua de S. Paulo Area, to find some antique furniture and porcelain or go to the neverending jewellery shops.

Visit Hong Kong

view of Hong Kong flying with a helicopter
Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for being the centre of financial trade and a popular destination for our clients to reach by business jet. Apart from being a financial hub, Hong Kong offers culture, luxurious stays, amazing nightlife and much more. The ferries from Hong Kong to Macau depart every one and a half hours, however, why not Charter a Helicopter and enjoy the astonishing views from above? The roughly 60 km distance is covered in only 15 minutes.

Where to Stay in Macau?

The options for luxurious places to stay in Macau are extensive, below are some of LunaJets' favourite stays.

Venetian Palace

If you want to have the real Macau experience, why not stay at the Venetian Palace and of course, arrive by private jet? The Venetian Palace offers 3000 suites and is the world's largest casino Resort. Amongst the resort, there are 30 dining options and a shopping area, in case you are not a fan of gambling. There is also a wide variety of shows available for every taste.

Mandarin Oriental

Located in the heart of Macau with stunning views over the Nam Van Lake, Macau Tower and the South China Sea, this hotel is a spectacular choice if you are looking for something smaller than the Venetian Palace. The sophistication of the modern yet elegant interior will invite you to an urban retreat. The Mandarin has fabulous restaurants and offers excellent service.

Four Seasons

For a more classical stay, the Four Seasons is always a great option. The elegant interior is mixed with Chinese touches. The hotel is equipped with a luxurious spa and 5 swimming pools. Use the time to relax, go to the spa and dine at the hotel Michelin star restaurant.

Where to Eat in Macau?

Macau offers countless local Chinese food but also has a great variety of international and fusion dishes.

Robuchon au Dome

Situated at the Grand Lisboa Hotel, Robuchon au Dome is a 3-star Michelin Restaurant that will make you discover the finest wines and incredible creations. With the divine interior and French-like cuisine, you will want to come back to Macao.

Wing Lei Palace

If you feel more like an authentic Cantonese dinner, try Wing Lei Palace in the Wynn Palace Hotel. Executive chef Tam Kwok Fung will bring you tempting creations while preserving the rich Cantonese cuisine and awarded one star. The interior is a traditional Chinese interior that will combine perfectly with your glorious flaming wok.

Pearl Dragon

Situated on the second floor of Studio City, this Restaurant is another exquisite choice when wanting a Chinese experience. Also awarded with one star, Pearl Dragon offers a refined taste of China and a very classic ambience.

What events to attend in Macau?

Macau and its surrounding areas flourish with countless events for all tastes. Here are some of LunaJet's top events:

Macau Grand Prix

The Grand Prix which is held annually since 1954, is one of the only Grand Prix that is not part of the Formula One World Championship. Besides that, it is the only street circuit racing event in the world that allows both, cars and motorcycles to participate. The highlight of the weekend is the Grand Prix Formula Three champions. Get your jet to this unique event today!

China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition

Every two years the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition is held at Zhuhai Airport. It is the largest airshow and aero-trade expo in China and is open to exhibitors and the public. For aeroplane lovers, it is a wonderful event, especially when reached by private jet.

Use LunaJets To Get To and From Macau

Chartering a private jet with LunaJets has never been as easy as this. Ask any of our business aviation advisors for the best possible flight to any city of your preference. LunaJets can arrange an on-demand charter at your convenience. You can either go to our webpage, download the LunaJets app or call directly. Our buisness aviation advisors stand at your disposal 24/7 and with our fleet of over 4800 aircraft models, you can charter any option you can think of.

Stop thinking and get on a jet to Macau International Airport today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on flying to Macau?

Feel free to ask our aviation consultant for help. As government restrictions often change, at LunaJets we will ensure all of the requirements are met for a successful trip to China. Just sit back and relax.

How many hours is the flight time to Macau?

LunaJets can organise any Charter Flights you may need. The Average flight time from Tokyo to Macau for example is 4 hours. From London, it takes around 11 flight hours and a helicopter charter from Hong Kong to Macau is 15 minutes.

Which aircraft does LunaJets offer?

LunaJets fleet offers an extensive range of Heavy Jets, Large Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Light jets. No matter your needs and wants, we have just the right aircraft type for you.

Which private jet do you suggest for long-haul flights?

We can arrange any aircraft type. For longer flight hours the Bombardier family has some excellent choices. Bombardier Challenger and Bombardier Global depending on the number of passengers are great choices for your private flight to Macau. We can also organise multi-legs in case you want to do some pitstops.

When is the best time to visit Macau?

Anywhere, in spring and autumn are highly advisable to visit Macau, as the temperatures are mild and delightful.

Which airport is availabe to land on Macau?

Macau, like Beijing and Shanghai, also offers two airports. Macau International Airport (MFM, VMMC) and Zhuhai Sanzao (ZUH, ZGSD). Even though Macau Airport is closer, Zhuhai Airport has better facilities and is more convenient for business jet travellers. It hosts the largest airshow in China, China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

Macau Intl, Macau, Macau(VMMC, MFM)


Sanzao, Zhuhai, China(ZGSD, ZUH)