Hire a Private Jet to Hvar

Located off the Dalmation Coast of the Adriatic Sea, the island of Hvar is one of the most luxurious travel destinations in Croatia. With plenty of beaches, entertainment, and historical structures to see, Hvar is the perfect location for a summer vacation or a last-minute weekend getaway. Book a private jet to Hvar today and experience everything this beautiful island has to offer.

Things to Do in Hvar

Rich with historical sites and breathtaking scenery, there is no shortage of things to do or see in Hvar. With museums, galleries, island tours, and beaches to explore, you'll be tempted to extend your stay just to take in more of the island's gorgeous attractions.

Explore the Famous Blue Cave

Blue cavern in Hvar
Explore the Blue Cave

With a quick boat ride to the shoreline of Bisevo Island, you'll arrive at the entrance to Croatia's famous Blue Cave. Due to a narrow shaft of sunlight reflecting off the sand on the cave's floor, the entire cave is bathed in a neon blue light; a truly enchanting sight to behold.

Visit the Tvrdava Fortica

Famous touristic and travel destination. View from the Tvrdava Fortica (Spanjola) fortress at sunset. Green islands, blue lagoons and fantastic harbor, Hvar, Hvar island, Dalmatia, Croatia, Europe
Visit the Tvrdava Fortica

North of Hvar's Square of St. Stephen lies the city's main gates, which you can pass through and make the hike up to the Tvrdava Fortica—the Fortica Fortress. Built under Venetian rule in the 16th century, the Tvrdava Fortica now acts as a museum of the Middle Ages. Take in the unforgettable architecture and the panoramic view of Hvar and its surrounding islands.

Relax at Mlini Beach

Adriatic village of Mlini waterfront and beach aerial view, Dubrovnik coastline of Croatia
Relax at Mlini Beach

With crystal-clear waters and picturesque white sand, Mlini Beach is the perfect place to spend a day of relaxation. Lounge in a cabana or under the beach's natural shade and take in the beauty of Croatia's waters. For a little excitement, head into town for some shopping or book a private tour of the nearby islands.

Where to Stay in Hvar

Hvar is home to numerous luxury hotels and resorts that are fit to accommodate you on your vacation. The gorgeous architecture of each residence will make you feel like Croatian royalty. Plus, the long list of amenities and features will leave you tempted to cancel your returning flight home.

Palace Elisabeth

Palace Elisabeth
Stay at the Palace Elisabeth

A historical landmark with stunning Venetian and Austrian architecture, the Palace Elisabeth is located in the heart of Hvar and overlooks the main square. Named after the Austrian Empress Sisi, this hotel offers 45 luxury rooms to choose from, each with its own unique details.

Hotel Park Hvar

Hotel Park Hvar
Stay at the Hotel Park Hvar

A heritage hotel right in the center of town, the Hotel Park Hvar offers luxury food, wine, and entertainment. Combining traditional architecture with modern design, you'll get a taste of past and present Croatia during your stay at this hotel.

Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel
Stay at the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel

This stylish boutique hotel offers the most spectacular panoramic views of the city and its surrounding waters. Enjoy Adriana's numerous amenities, such as the spa suite and the rooftop seawater swimming pool. The hotel also features a restaurant, tap bar, and multi-level garden terraces—perfect for a romantic getaway.

Where to Eat in Hvar

Hvar offers a wide variety of gourmet restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Experience traditional flavors with a modern twist, and don't forget to try the seafood straight from the Adriatic Sea.


A small, family-owned restaurant with international acclaim, Gariful is one of the most luxurious seafood restaurants on the island. Numerous VIP guests have come to sample the fresh seafood and the outstanding wine.


A family-owned restaurant, Dalmatino is an upscale gastropub specializing in steak and seafood located just off the water.


A gastronomy restaurant located in what was once a Franciscan monastery, Giaxa features dishes prepared with local seafood and vegetables and an extensive wine cellar.

Events to attend in Hvar

Hvar hosts numerous events and festivals each year, perfect for visitors who are interested in the local culture.

Jelsa Wine Festival

Attend this end-of-summer festival to celebrate Croatian wine and crown the best wines of the year.

Forska Pulena

Gather to watch the meeting of traditional Croatian ships, complete with an exhibition and a regatta show.

Velo Grablje Lavender Festival

Celebrate the Hvar-grown flower by learning about the harvesting process and sampling various lavender products.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Hvar?

Those looking to visit Hvar can reach their destination through the Brac Airport (BWK), less than a three-hour drive away, or the Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)—nearly a five-hour drive away. Book a private jet to start planning your trip to Hvar today.