Last Minute Flights

Did you know that by getting in touch with LunaJets now, you can take off within the hour?

The flexibility and time-efficiency granted by private aviation is difficult to beat and our experienced team regularly responds to urgent flight requests with private jets ready to fly less than an hour after the client’s enquiry. In other words, as soon as we receive your call, our team members join forces to accomplish the mission of getting you on board as soon as physically possible.

No short notice is too short when it comes to sourcing “go-now” charters for our clients. Our technology, large network of aircraft and highly-responsive team allow us to source a private jet in 60 minutes or less.

By booking their private jet charter flight online and signing the necessary documents via our mobile app, clients have managed to depart in a record time of 23 minutes after contacting us.

In case of airport strikes, congestion and flight cancellation, or when traffic hold-ups cause you to miss your flight : get in touch with LunaJets to minimize potential delays.

If you’re travelling to an event that you cannot miss or in charge of a special delivery the event’s success depends on, contact us: we will organise the quickest alternative for you to make it on time.

We are ready to assist you 24/7, and help you solve any travel emergencies or unexpected situations you might face; very quickly.

Our advisors’ effective approach has already helped numerous customers from the aeronautical and automotive industries for example, solve time-sensitive issues related to rapid components and spares delivery.

LunaJets’ team is also experienced in promptly arranging “go-now” flights in case of urgent medical evacuations and repatriations by air ambulance.

Call our private aviation advisors on +41 844 041 844.

LunaJets’ dynamic team of experts is at your disposal to arrange last minute private jet charter flights anytime, anywhere.