Hire a Private Jet to Granada

Having the trip of your life isn’t a far-fetched dream when you end up going to Granada. One of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, Granada has a unique blend of history and culture that’s hard to find elsewhere.

When you’re eager to get your trip started in the lap of luxury, consider getting a helicopter charter from the nearest international airport or book a private jet charter from your origin destination right away. You can even hire a private jet to fly to Granada according to your convenience and comfort.

What can you do in Granada?

There are many attractions to visit in Granada, and you might not be able to see them all before your vacation ends. Make the most of your time by checking out some of the most popular and unique spots at this destination.

Visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Alhambra palace at sunset, Granada, Spain
Visit the Alhambra

The Alhambra is the most visited monument in Spain, and for a good reason too. Also known as the Red Palace, it was built during the 13th century by Moorish rulers. It contains the Nasrid Palaces, the Generalife, and the Alcazaba.

Enjoy the Scenic View at the Granada Miradors

Mirador San Nicolas, famous viewpoint in Granada, Andalusia, Spain
Enjoy the view from the Miradors

When you’re looking to take in the picturesque views of Granada, go straight to the Granada miradors. There are many of them throughout Granada, including the San Cristobal and San Nicolas miradors.

Feel the Presence of Nature at the Carmen de Los Martires Garden

Fountain at Carmen de los Martires gardens in Granada, Spain
Relax in the Carmen de Los Martires Garden

With many fountains and well-maintained greenery, surround yourself with nature’s presence at the Carmen de Los Martires Garden. You can plan a daytime picnic to walk through the entire garden properly

Where to Stay in Granada?

Hospes Palacio de los Patos

Hospes Palacio de los Patos
Stay at the Hospes Palacio de los Patos

A reconverted 19th century building that’s been declared as an Asset of Cultural Interest and the newly built Alabastro Building together form the location for Hospes Palacio de los Patos. Enjoy your stay in this palace-like hotel where you’ll certainly feel like royalty with amenities like Bodyna Spa, Los Patos Restaurant, and much more.

Hotel Casa 1800

Hotel Casa 1800
Stay at the Hotel Casa 1800

Find Hotel Casa 1800 in the heart of Granada, at the foot of the UNESCO site Alhambra. Boasting of excellent hospitality service along with it’s ideal location, you can walk to all famous monuments and tourist spots from this boutique hotel. Enjoy their complimentary afternoon tea while you’re taking a break from your tourist activities.

Where to Eat in Granada?

Damasqueros Restaurant

With new weekly tasting menus, you’ll never be bored while you’re eating at Damasqueros Restaurant. Taking inspiration in art, each dish is specially presented using the finest quality raw ingredients to ensure the best dining experience each time at this Michelin star destination.


Experience the local flavors of Granada at this award-winning Michelin-star restaurant. Steeped in history and culture, each dish presented at this restaurant is influenced by Granada’s various landscapes and architecture. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience that’ll be sure to delight your senses.

Alvaro Arriaga

Featuring local ingredients, Alvaro focuses on making sure each dish is top-quality without sacrificing the authenticity of the ingredients. Hours of dedication combined with the fresh ingredients produce culinary masterpieces that are a star in their own right.

What events to attend in Granada?

Granada International Jazz Festival

The whole city of Granada comes alive to jazz music during the Granada Jazz Festival. With concerts playing live all over the city, you won’t find a dull moment while seeing the streets and famous monuments come alive with throngs of people appreciating the popular genre of music.

Corpus Christi Fiesta

When you visit Granada during the time of the Corpus Christi Fiesta, expect to find it filled with concerts, exhibitions, and various shows. You may even get the chance to see a real-life bullfighting fair at the bullring!

Granada International Music and Dance Festival

Held in different locations around the city, the festival originated in 1883. The program includes concerts held at different stages through various historical and cultural venues. Appreciate the music along with the artistic beauty of Granada

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Granada?

The Federico Garcia Lorca Granada Airport is located in Granada and is accessible by domestic airlines. It’s named after the renowned poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Located 18 km away from the city center, you can reach there through a cab within 25 minutes. When you’re looking for the most efficient way to get to Granada, consider a connecting helicopter transfer after your international flight to reach there faster and comfortably.

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