Hire a Private Jet to Dubrovnik

Located right on the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik has become one of the most popular destinations for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you're looking to plan a summer vacation or a last-minute weekend getaway, book a private jet to Dubrovnik today for the perfect trip.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Dubrovnik?

The Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) is located just 30 minutes from the city's old town and is often referred to by locals as the Čilipi Airport. Book a private jet to DBV and start planning the perfect vacation today.

Which kind of aircraft is available to land on Dubrovnik?

Here is a selection of private aircraft that you can use for your private flight to Dubrovnik. Selecting the right aircraft is essential to making the most of your trip. The ideal aircraft will vary according to your specific needs and chosen destination. For more details, contact one of our business aviation advisers.

Seats: 10

Speed: 440 kts | 816 km/h

Range: 4000 nm | 7408 km

Seats: 9

Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

Range: 3682 nm | 6819 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 431 kts | 800 km/h

Range: 2450 nm | 4537 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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What can you do in Dubrovnik?

The perfect blend of modern upgrades and medieval charm, Dubrovnik has something for everyone to do during their stay. Spend one day on the water in a luxury charter and take a tour of historical landmarks the next—Dubrovnik has it all.

Capture Breathtaking Views in a Cable Car

Old town and harbor of Dubrovnik Croatia
Discover amazing views

Experience the beauty of Dubrovnik from above as you soar above Old Town in the Dubrovnik Cable Car. You'll cherish the view from this 10-minute ride up to Srd Hill, the area you'll have free rein to explore once you reach the top.

Lounge in the Sand at Banje Beach

Dubrovnik. Banje beach and historic walls of Dubrovnik view, famous destination in Dalmatia region of Croatia
Relax at Banje Beach

Treat yourself to a day of luxury at the famous Banje Beach. Whether it's by taking a stroll along the water or trying out windsurfing, you'll find a way to relax at Banje Beach.

Visit the Historic Old Town Walls

Old town and harbor of Dubrovnik Croatia
Visit the Old Fortress

Built in the 10th century, these formidable walls that once protected the city from intruders now attract tourists for their feature in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

Where should you stay in Dubrovnik?

The city of Dubrovnik boasts numerous residencies that are so luxurious, you'll never want to leave your suite. Each villa or hotel offers a wide range of amenities to enjoy during your stay.

Villa Dubrovnik

Villa Dubrovnik
Stay at the Villa Dubrovnik

Built into a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Villa Dubrovnik is a modern retreat amongst the historic city. Here you'll enjoy your own sea-view terrace and private beach access.

Villa Orsula

Villa Orsula
Stay at the Villa Orsula

This 1930s white-stone villa is ideal for those looking for a romantic getaway, with its perfect sea views and vibrant gardens.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Stay at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Built into a seaward slope, guests of this 10-story hotel enjoy stunning views, contemporary suites, and a long list of facilities.

Where should you eat in Dubrovnik?

Known for its fresh Adriatic seafood, Dubrovnik features numerous luxury restaurants with stunning views and delicious food.

Restaurant 360

The first Michelin-starred restaurant in Dubrovnik, Restaurant 360 is located on Dubrovnik's historic Old Town Walls.

Proto Fish Restaurant

Located in the city's historic old town, Proto Fish Restaurant is famous for its fresh, indulgent seafood.


Sitting on a seafront cliff just outside city walls, Nautika stands out with its blend of tradition and creativity.

Events to Attend in Dubrovnik

With countless festivals and celebrations, Dubrovnik offers visitors entertainment any time of year.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The city's oldest cultural event, the Summer Festival is a mix of arts, entertainment, and culture.

Good Food Festival

The fall season's biggest event, the Good Food Festival provides visitors with four days of fun activities, good food, and great wine.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Featuring seasonal decorations and entertainment, the Winter Festival also includes cultural events, city tours, and -performances.

Why Charter a Private Jet to Dubrovnik with LunaJets?

Choosing LunaJets means opting for unmatched elegance and flexibility in private aviation. Our access to an extensive fleet of over 4,800 aircraft worldwide ensures that your private flight to or from Dubrovnik is tailored perfectly to your needs, offering a seamless blend of luxury and convenience.

Our advanced jet comparator and booking application allow you to effortlessly select the ideal aircraft for your journey, complemented by our dedicated team of aviation experts available 24/7. With LunaJets, you can expect nothing but the highest standards of service, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to your comfort and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ideal time to visit Dubrovnik via private jet?

The ideal time to visit Dubrovnik via private jet is during the late spring and early autumn, specifically in May, June, September, and October. During these months, the weather is pleasantly warm and sunny, perfect for exploring the city's historic ramparts and beautiful Adriatic coast, whilst avoiding the peak summer tourist crowds.

What is the nearest airport to Dubrovnik for private jet landings?

Dubrovnik Airport (DBV), also known as Čilipi Airport, is the closest airport, located about 15.5 kilometres southeast of Dubrovnik. This distance translates to an estimated driving time of approximately 30 minutes, providing quick and convenient access for private jet travellers arriving in Dubrovnik.

Why should one opt for Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) when travelling to or from Dubrovnik by private jet?

Dubrovnik Airport is ideally equipped for private jet travel, offering tailored services that enhance the travel experience for such passengers. These services include rapid check-ins, heightened privacy, and access to exclusive lounges. Its proximity to Dubrovnik, coupled with efficient service, makes it a preferred choice for private jet passengers seeking comfort and convenience.

What are the luggage restrictions on a private flight?

Private flights offer generous luggage allowances, but specifics can vary depending on the aircraft. LunaJets will ensure your requirements are met with no hassle.

Can LunaJets arrange for ground transportation upon arrival in Dubrovnik?

Absolutely. LunaJets offers a complete travel solution, including luxury ground transportation arrangements to ensure a seamless journey from air to ground.