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Seeing the world in style just got a lot easier with LunaJets and their convenient and user-friendly app for renting a private jet. Travelling through Switzerland is on many people’s bucket lists. There are tours galore to sign up for, or there is the Eurail for adventurers who want to see the continent by train. But what if you don’t want to be held to a strict itinerary? What if you don’t want to take a train filled with strangers? What if you want to go wherever you want to go as soon as you think of it, and not three months later? Hiring a private jet is the way to make your trip your own. Until now, there has never been a way to call all the shots on your travelling adventures and be able to do it in luxury. Lunajets has changed the face of European travel. Thanks to their model, Basel, Switzerland is within a short flight of anywhere in Europe. Whether it’s for a week long vacation or an overnight visit, the world’s elite can have both adventure and refinement at their fingertips with the click of a button.

Which kind of Aircraft is available to land in Basel?

The aircraft models that can land in Basel are:

Seats: 17

Speed: 530 kts | 982 km/h

Range: 7700 nm | 14260 km

Seats: 6

Speed: 440 kts | 815 km/h

Range: 1800 nm | 3333 km

Seats: 12

Speed: 515 kts | 955 km/h

Range: 5490 nm | 10167 km

Seats: 4

Speed: 406 kts | 752 km/h

Range: 1178 nm | 2181 km

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Why take a flight to Basel?

Basel, Switzerland. Old town with red stone Munster cathedral on the Rhine river.
Visit the old town of Basel

Basel is a beautiful city in Switzerland, right along the Rhine River. It is the third largest town in the country, and although it may be lesser known than its sister cities of Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland), it has a unique personality that makes it stand on its own. Add to that the fact that in contrast to the snow-capped Alps that so many picture when they imagine Switzerland, Basel has a Mediterranean climate and an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Bordering France and Germany, it is actually possible to be in three countries at once with a visit to the Border Triangle in Basel. All of this makes a visit to town well worth the flight.

Basel is known for its art and architecture that can be found throughout the city. Old Town Basel is a must see spot when visiting. 15th century architecture can be seen easily by foot so that visitors can truly experience Basel as it once was. That architectural beauty and history can specifically be found during a visit to the Basel Minster, a medieval church built in 1356. To top off a day of exploring, find out why Basel is considered the center of culture in Switzerland by taking in the art in one of the city’s 40 museums, including Kunstmuseum Basel.

Places to Stay in Basel

Les Trois Rois Hotel

Hotel Les Trois Rois with its beautiful balcony overlooking the river Rhine
Hotel Les Trois Rois with its beautiful balcony overlooking the river Rhine

Basel has luxury five star hotels and quaint, high end boutique hotels for whatever a guest desires. Staying true to the history of Basel, Les Trois Rois started out as a hotel for men in 1681 and was eventually redone to become a large hotel for those in search of the finer things. Located on the Rhine, right in Old City, Les Trois Rois has everything from luxury suites to a 3 star Michelin rated restaurant.

GAIA Hotel

A room in GAIA Hotel
Stay at GAIA Hotel

The GAIA Hotel brings a different spin on luxury accommodations with a facility that touts its environmentally friendly, sustainable getaway. With the namesake of Mother Earth, this hotel is proud to be doing its part to leave the world a better place. But don’t let their principles fool you into thinking this hotel is anything less than luxurious. With rooms that are both comfortable and beautiful, GAIA also includes a spa and restaurant that is Vegan-, vegetarian- and allergy-friendly.

Where to eat in Basel?

Krafft Basel

Is a great pick for lunch or dinner on a terrace overlooking the Rhine.The menu food is delicious and creative. Krafft Basel is located on a lively walkway along the riverfront, you'll spend the entire meal captivated by the sparkling river.

Kunstmuseum's bistro

The Kunstmuseum's bistro is a beautiful and delicious place to relax and refuel before or after your museum visit—or even if you don't plan to visit the museum at all. This bistro, located in the fabulous and world-famous museum's interior courtyard, offers unique and tasty lunch options.

Why charter with LunaJets?

Clients who have the power and influence to hire a private jet expect high quality and personal attention to detail when arranging their flights and LunaJet delivers on those expectations. Add to that the ease and convenience of request through an app and LunaJet is second to none.

LunaJet provides an advisory private team who handles all aspects of the flight, from VIP arrivals to transportation to and from hotels. A trip to Basel from Paris, Barcelona, Munich or Luxembourg becomes as simple as booking the jet and walking on board. LunaJet handles the rest of your private jet charter. Decide weeks or months in advance or make a last minute request to your itinerary. LunaJet allows you to be free to go where your heart leads you at a moment's notice.

Aerial view of Basel

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Basel airport from the city centre?

The distance from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (IATA: MLH, BSL, EAP, ICAO: LFSB) to the city centre is 6 kilometres.

How far is Basel from Gstaad?

Basel and Gstaad are 122 kilometres apart. The driving distance is 180.3 kilometres.

Does Basel have two airports?

Yes, there are, but you will most likely arrive at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (EAP).